Spanish Leather 1902 Cologne

Spanish Leather (Cologne) by Geo. F. Trumper
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Spanish Leather (Cologne) is a popular perfume by Geo. F. Trumper for men and was released in 1902. The scent is leathery-spicy. It is still in production.
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CloveClove LavenderLavender
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GeraniumGeranium RosemaryRosemary RoseRose
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SandalwoodSandalwood VanillaVanilla PatchouliPatchouli
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"Spanish" "Leather"
"Shit, eggs are out! Well, so much snow is not used to, delivers nothing! Must immediately ask Polly if she can spare what there..."
Suddenly the phone rang.
"Yes, the perfumo superhero here? No, not Don...Yes? How? Working with Dr. No Logne? I mean, he's been a villain in practically every episode! How? He's suing? He's also threatening to dump out the 500 liter splash bottle of some Spanish colognes and over leather too??? Well, I guess we have no choice...that darn scoundrel!"

"Oh, Polly, you here in the supermarket?"
"Yes, annoying, but when the farmer's drunk with the tractor in the barn, what are you going to do?"
"Sure, some straw and feed I got for you. As long as you don't look in my freezer...."
"Pick, cackle?"
"Well...remember your friends, the chickens from Stuttgart? Maybe they didn't disappear at all....Change of subject! We're being blackmailed by Uncle Cologne! He wants a leather cologne created and gives the ingredients, it should be called: Spanish Leather. We'll meet him at the docks at three."
"Gagaacker, Scharr."
"Now you got me, we don't have docks, sounded cooler somehow. Downtown next to the vegan ice cream parlor in some hip studio, we'll meet there."
"Well...Melisse you say call them? Well....I had a tea yesterday and I don't think she can...."

At three at the docks:
"I salute you but where is the faun?"
"Probably frozen next to firs, thawing soon I'm sure. Okay, what's the deal here now?"
"Four ingredients I have for you, and from them you will conjure me a leather....COLOGNE! Harrharr, here are also plenty of canisters, we'll sell them afterwards nicely in the Turkish supermarket and on the Internet at Parfumo!"
"So we are just your work slaves?"
"Yes. To say it with Stromberg: now.....mach!"

They laid out rose geranium, musk, patchouli, and Pringles. No, kidding, rose, of course. In England, the name Spanish Leather refers to a leather that is meant to imitate medieval leather from, say, seating furniture. It is rather strong and dark coloured, and was also used for upholstering carriages at the time when this fragrance was created. Curiously, this goes back to an Italian leather way, is thus originally not Spanish.

"Okay, Polly, I'll try something with the rose...could you please stop picking off the individual flowers?"
"Don't pluss yourself out like that! That doesn't work either, it already smells a lot like rose at first, but tart rose. Then straight to rose geranium, now it smells like unripe rose...I don't think this is going to work, FvCologne."
"It has to! Fittleworth takes off 3,000 litres so 100 splash bottles or canisters. That'll flush money into the pockets of my coat tails!"
"I'm going on, Colognebert Duck!"

*Drink beer*
*Mahatma writing a few whimsical sentences under her statements*
"Sooo, now Spanish Leather is spicier, kinda like the rose geranium is soaked in moss and alcohol. Smells spicy, stale, for the man with ochre corduroy pants, pocket watch, and pale green vest. that smells good..."
"Oh yeah, a brown cologne for my commentary series, just for which one? Colonia instead of Coronia or Kölsch, I mean Neukölnisch or the one I'm still planning? Cravache, I cologned Dolly."

"Captn Cologne, I put some nice musk on there, now we have a soapy touch, still 70s feeling though! So 1870s. Monsieur, test? So you want to test?"
"Give me that! I hope this is any good, otherwise I'll have to think twice about revoking Cautio Criminalis to have you and the chicken barbecued!, is good."

"Phew, can we go?"
"Go ahead, you leather-irritated creatures, you vanilla-decayed chickens!"
Our two heroes were finally able to leave, and it was high time because Spanish Leather's shelf life was rather short.

Spanish Leather is certainly to be seen in the context of the time. The fragrance is tart, masculine, spicy and successful. Amply applied, he also lingers. Myself, the phase of the non-floral rose at the beginning is nevertheless not pleasant, although that is well done. Still, this is a very good, solid scent of a bygone era, as an aftershave I could very well imagine it nowadays. Where olfactory leather should be produced, remains mysterious, perhaps you must have smelled the antique leather / Spanish leather at the time, but I do not think of today's seating furniture.
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Classic leather
A classic leather scent from Trumper. Spanish Leather opens with Patchouli and flowery notes of Rose and Geranium. In the background these notes are underlined with a considerable amount of musk. Overall it is a traditional, smooth patchouli/flowery leather with musk. In the drydown it becomes soapy (thus a little outdated for me). Not a "raw leather" type scent, more of an English Gentleman type to me. Longevity and sillage were good on my skin.
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Syzygy73Syzygy73 7 years ago
I'm sure Andy Tauer has a time machine and went back to make this. The Tauer DNA runs through this beautiful composition. Anyone else agree?
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