Djinn by House of Orpheus
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Djinn is a perfume by House of Orpheus for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is smoky-woody. It is still in production.
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OudOud OakmossOakmoss Canary Islands juniperCanary Islands juniper Haitian vetiverHaitian vetiver


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The ghosts in the garden at night
Was there the breeze of a fleeing cloud, the dying smoke of a sulphur wood? Did it loosen the light at the secretary's desk, move across the ancient dark timbers and out through a crack in the leaded-glass window into the night garden? There, greenish glowing trails unraveled like smoldering nests in the misty grasses, toasty crackles in the earthy roots, withering tracks in the lichens and mosses that led into the distant darkness. Did you follow them?
To where the smoking remains of the tracks lead even deeper into the clay soils, the spicy roasted green earths becoming landscapes of leathery tobacco.
Marcus R. McCoy, perfumer and operator of House of Orpheus, claims to have acquired the language of plants from shamans and the craft of distillation from the origins of alchemy. His creations moved beyond the physical, transcending liminal boundaries. He wrote hymns to Greek gods and burned incense to go with them. Sometimes cigars, too, I suppose.
"Djinn", according to Islamic conception a spirit being made of smokeless fire, is at no time smokeless in this fragrance, yet the cedar juniper at the beginning in combination with the Haitian vetiver reminds me of a match, the smell of the sulphurous smoke, before the sweet grass reveals more of its earthy-rooted and smoky aromas, which are embedded in lichen-like green-brown oak moss. Then the spicy, slightly leathery loam of the oud emerges more and more and the scent, as aptly described by Caligari below, is increasingly reminiscent of dark cigar tobacco. The spirits are quiet and remain in the garden for about seven hours.
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