Stilettos on Lex 2012

Stilettos on Lex by Jul et Mad
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7.6 / 10 134 Ratings
Stilettos on Lex is a popular perfume by Jul et Mad for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is floral-fruity. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Plum liqueurPlum liqueur PearPear LemonLemon
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Violet leafViolet leaf CarnationCarnation IrisIris Rose absoluteRose absolute HeliotropeHeliotrope Lily of the valleyLily of the valley
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Bourbon vanillaBourbon vanilla MuskMusk Atlas cedarAtlas cedar Indonesian patchouliIndonesian patchouli


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Lex Luther wears stilettos?
Hello you snoopers and welcome to my latest comment. Today I describe the fragrance "Stilettos on Lex" by Jul et Mad. I couldn't do much with the name of the fragrance, I mean, what does it even mean? Stilettos on Lex? Who is Lex? What is Lex, anyway? Is it something else I'm not familiar with? The only person I know is Lex Luthor, Superman's arch-nemesis and villain! And I'm pretty sure the bald guy doesn't wear stilettos..
On the website "For the love of fragrance" you won't get smart either, as there is probably only the manufacturer's text (... is an ode to eternal beauty, bla bla bla bla bla, pfft you know such texts ... :D). Google image search is not very helpful either. Whereby... if you are a foot fetishist, you can type stilettos into Google, then you'll see a lot of women's feet in high heels :D There are even photos that not only show the foot, but also the legs, which I like better, of course,... ah, soft, shiny legs, isn't that great? Well, I don't know what you women think about it but you have to admit one thing: Women's legs look much more aesthetic than hairy men's, don't they? :D

Hey hey, all right, let's get back to the scent before you think I'm a pig (which I'm sure I already am anyway, huh? ... sigh...). Well, I'll sniff it out first!

The smell:
The fragrance mainly begins with a sweetish powdery and fruity note or notes. I smell a liqueur-like fragrance that comes across quite nicely. Even more beautiful is the vanilla, which smells sweetish and powdery and also harmonizes very well with the fruity scents. This makes the scent seem slightly fresher than if only pure vanilla would smell. Violets make the fragrance even more powdery, but the iris seems to take over the main task here, as far as the powdery-creamy aura is concerned. Anyway, the beginning is quite nice, and also quite sexy.
Cloves come through every now and then and give the fragrance a little spiciness, musk on the other hand gives the scent a little more sweetness and every now and then I notice a woody spiciness, and if you smell closely you can also recognize the wood as cedar.
In the base, the fragrance continues to smell quite sweet and above all soft and powdery. There is a lot of vanilla in it, as well as violets and iris, woods, musk (which smells as intense as vanilla for a while until the vanilla in the later base easily gets the upper hand) and a tiny little bowl of patchouli, whose earthy scent can only be recognized by sniffing very close to the sprayed area, otherwise the scent appears sweetish and powdery.

The Sillage and the durability:
The Sillage is still quite strong in the beginning, but the fragrance quickly loses much of its charisma. It doesn't become mediocre, but you notice that the scent is not as strong as you might have thought at the beginning. Nevertheless, you will be able to smell reasonably well for a while. The shelf life is quite good, eight to ten hours should be easy.

The bottle! The bottle is thick glass and slightly bulbous. It is filled with a pinkish fragrance liquid. On the front you can see the brand logo and the fragrance name. The cap is chrome-plated and looks quite solid. A nice bottle.

All right, since stilettos can look sexy, the name has been chosen very appropriately for the fragrance, as I think the scent has a beautiful, sexy and (of course... :D) delicious aura. With delicious I don't mean in the eating sense, but in the biting sense, you know what I mean by now.

Anyway, as I said, the scent is very nice. By the way, I would also call it an all-rounder, because even in the base it doesn't smell really heavy and opulent, nor really light and fresh, and therefore fits every season. For me it is one of those fragrances that you could use especially well for going out, dancing, celebrating etc. The only problem might be the charisma itself, because the fragrance is already quite familiar (or how many familiar fragrances) and therefore the scent might not look like something very special. But it's really hard these days to compose new scents that smell good and totally different, don't you think? I for one have the feeling that many fragrances, especially new fragrances, are very similar to each other. But that doesn't matter, because the main thing is that it smells good!

Soo, what else is there to see under Stiletto? Hmmm :)
Hmm... A stiletto is also a kind of dagger... sure, so you women can stab us directly in the heart... I always knew that!!!!! Arrrrrghggh...

Anyway, have a nice evening anyway (it's Santa, oooh! :), and see you next time!
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High heels - high intensions
Several times I read the love-story of "Jul et Mad" which they are seeming to celebrate for advertisement and marketing-strategies. OK, facing the price of these perfumes an extraordinary plot if not in reality had to be invented.
I could not recognize allusions between the title "Stilettos on Lex" and the scents . So I try to describe only what I am perceiving:
Is "Stilettos on Lex" the fabulous and caressing scent the pyramid is promissing I was asking myself after several hours of testing?
First of all "Stilettos on Lex" ist a silent green scent. At the beginning I perceive a slightly green and citric fragrant followed by sweet and bitter notes caused by fruits and davana. Distinctive but not unusual. After about two hours I am guessing a very tender flower-mixture in the backround. "Stilettos on Lex" is nevertheless for hours remaining a mainly clear-green and cool scent. Slowly it is going to be enhanced by a soft and creamy note as well. Even a pinch of patchouli is revealing.
"Stilettos on Lex" is a particular type of scent. "Stilettos on Lex" is a silent perfume. "Stilettos on Lex" is a cultivated fragrance of high quality. "Stilettos on Lex" is a noble perfume.
I want to own it, don't I? Am I attracted by it? No, not at all, this is not my kind of favourite perfume.
To be honest, at least I am glad not to be enthralled by "Stilettos on Lex".
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