Garuda 2015

Garuda by Jul et Mad
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7.8 / 10 89 Ratings
Garuda is a popular perfume by Jul et Mad for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is woody-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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OrangeOrange CuminCumin Pink pepperPink pepper BergamotBergamot
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Cambodian oudCambodian oud RumRum SaffronSaffron
Base Notes Base Notes
PatchouliPatchouli CashmeranCashmeran AmberAmber CedarwoodCedarwood MuskMusk Timbersilk™Timbersilk™ Java vetiverJava vetiver VanillaVanilla


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54 Reviews
I was interested in this one for a long time and I decided to finally pull the trigger.

What I find interesting about this fragrance is that it instantly reminded me of one, much cheaper, performance wise-the same, maybe even better, offering from the house of Bentley and that is Bentley for men Intense which is probably my favorite affordable fragrance ever! But more about similarities between these two some other time. Let's focus on "Garuda" for now.

Opening is peppery orange where orange fades in literally 2 minutes. Now you're being left with the gentle patchouli and rummy woods or should I say really, really westernized oud. I don't mind that much. Amber and vanilla are the main notes in and through the dry-down.

On my skin both longevity and sillage are light moderate. Not heavy and definitely not just a skin scent. Performs alright out in the cold! Not sure about the price tag tough!
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11 Reviews
Helpful Review 7  
good enough to inspire (really bad) poetry!
It came in the post from a fair fragrance swap,
But this blind buy might fail, or so I thought.
The white box and bottle were thoughtfully made,
Rather less bling than J&M normally parade.

I admit I’ve not had the best run with this house
So I wasn’t expecting what was about to come out.
Instead of insipid, wan and flower-fruit bright,
This stuff was perfection, perfume dyn-O-mite!

We all know by now how ubiquitous the oud:
Sometimes it’s fake/lame, sometimes it’s quite good.
Here it’s presented with grace, depth and verve -
Oily smoke agar wood with a cashmeran curve.

But the star of the show is so much more than
This over-used accent that often smells bland.
The saffron… OH SAFFRON! You might hear me say
Is rendered with incense in a novel new way.

So good is this spice, it’s the finest I’ve smelled,
So much more rewarding than safraleine hell.
It’s accented by pepper in a most subtle fashion,
But this ain’t no gourmand, no! but oriental with passion.

Finally, the rum, that sugared liquor,
Imbibing this juice with tremendous vigour.
What a balancing act to juggle such parts,
It so holds together when it should fall apart!

It develops in stages to bedazzle – delight,
Such complexity and balance just always feels right.
Garuda has power, refinement and light
It will keep you good company well into the night.
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15 Reviews
Very helpful Review 3  
Love it!
Garuda is hot. Like liquid lava, covering my skin, melting my heart. The opening is woody, with a velvety oud caressing my senses. There are no asperities, the oud is perfect in here, with no unpleasant medicinal vibe. Soon, a boozy note of rum makes its presence felt and Garuda becomes more intriguing. I am craving for more as I caught by the sleeve a gourmand kind of accord. What could it be? After a couple of hours, here it comes - amber, in all its splendour. It melts into the mixture and now Garuda is even more wonderful. Have you ever listened a saxophone jazzy medley on repeat, on and on, as you sit barefoot next to the fireplace? Well, thats's how Garuda feels. So.... proceed with caution... you may loose your heart tonight.
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HermeshHermesh 8 years ago
Starts fruity-spicy and simply yummy, but then "dries up" to warm powderiness (combination of sweetish oud, amber and mild patchouli).
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