Cozumel by Laboratorio Olfattivo
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Cozumel is a perfume by Laboratorio Olfattivo for men and was released in 2009. The scent is woody-spicy. It is being marketed by Kaon.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Juicy light green scent
A light green herbal scent with a very warm, sweet, almost fruity note in the heart - perhaps this is the amber and the floral white tobacco which makes this a kind of sweet / juicy green scent to me. I can see this working in warm but not swelteringly hot weather. It's nice but I personally prefer something drier.
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I wish I was Indiana Jones..
Aaah, Cozumel! When I held the sample in my hands here, I thought it sounded like a Mayan or Aztec term. Because these peoples had interested me since my childhood. When I also saw Indiana Jones and the last crusade, where Indy (or rather his father) had made a diary full of great drawings (about the Holy Grail and not about Aztecs, but whatever), I was blown away.

Since then I wanted to create a diary full of drawings of mystical places, mysterious legends, interesting cultures, magic and occultism etc., well,... as children are. And I even made a diary like that! Pages by pages I drew temples of the Mayas and Aztecs, cross-section drawings of the pyramids of the Egyptians, runes and their meanings, signs of the zodiac, the drawings in the desert of the Nazca culture, etc. etc...
Well, at some point the Mayas/Aztecs turned out to be my favorite people, because I just liked the design of their temples and the art in general and so on.

But before I bore you all with it, I just wanted to say that the name Cozumel reminded me a little of my childhood and of this diary. So,... now you know a little bit more about me and that my nerdness (in this case to Indiana Jones) has started since my childhood... :DD

Well then, I'm going to get to the fragrance, which I hope will be reasonably good, because I think the Laboratorio Olfattivo brand is quite good!

The smell:
Hm, the smell begins for me slightly spicy, and slightly green. Even if it is not specified, I find that you can smell a slight vetiver note at the beginning. In the background there is a fresh, citric note, but the fragrance is not really citric, as this citric note actually fades away within a minute.
In the heart note I can confirm what some have already written here: You can smell a (albeit light) fig, apparently dipped in coconut milk :D
Let's face it, fig and coconut are present here and you notice them more and more clearly as the fragrance progresses, even if these two fragrances, like vetiver, are not even mentioned. I almost wondered if the sample for this fragrance was correctly labeled!
Of the fragrances listed, I can at least smell the tobacco and sandalwood notes, which go well with the fig/coconut combination.
Towards the base it still smells of the just described scents, which only weaken a little (the impression of figs, however, even increases for a while). The woody notes, on the other hand, are getting stronger, and I have the feeling that the sandalwood is gradually being replaced by the somewhat more distinctive scent of cedar. There is also some tonka bean, which is less powdery and sweetish here and also less soft than one is used to, which is not bad either. All in all (or rather sniffed) the smell turned out quite nice.

The Sillage and the durability:
The sillage is mediocre, so that it will not be particularly noticeable at longer distances.
The shelf life is more than eight hours, but much later the fragrance becomes more body-hugging.

The bottle! The bottle is cylindrical and the upper part is slightly sloping upwards. It is filled with a slightly greyish/greenish fragrance liquid. On the white, simple label, you can see the name of the fragrance, which has been mirrored once again to the bottom. The lid is black and also cylindrical. A rather simple, plain bottle, but it looks nice.

Soo, as expected I liked the scent. I'm not sure yet if I would classify it among the fragrances I absolutely must have, but I would probably decide to buy it sometime, if I had a cheap offer, because I liked the soft, almost warm fig note here (of course... :D), and it harmonizes well with the coconut. In general, the scent is slightly spicy, green-earthy and slightly sweet (but not in such a way that you would call it really sweet). From the type he seems to me like an all-rounder, so a fragrance that can be worn in every season, even if only as a day scent, or at work / university etc. ... to go out, he is despite beautiful scent a bit too "well-behaved" or unspectacular.

By the way, Cozumel is a small island in front of the coast in the south of Yucatán. More than 40,000 Mayas are said to have lived there at that time (...before they were wiped out by the smallpox disease brought in by the Spanish, i.e. conquistadors...) Today the place is said to be a nice place for holidays, according to Jacques Cousteau you can dive there wonderfully!

Hmm... I was looking at my diary again earlier. I can't believe I scribbled and wrote so many pages. But it's still nice to have it in front of you again and to remember your childhood! Light-hearted days, when you were not afraid or shy of women or women's fragrances. Light-hearted days, on which no perfume existed yet, so that I didn't have to struggle with all of you here like today... :D
Aaaah,... I'd like to be a child again... although some people will say that I am like a child now, because I'm still into nerdy things and screaming "waaaah" or "aaaaah" all the time... waaaaaah!

Anyway, the scent is worth a look, I think :)
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Solid sandalwood
Cozumel opens with a dominant note of nice, juicy, mellow and sweet-woody sandalwood, carrying that warm elegance of fragrances like Santal Noble, well rounded here by herbs (something anisic, and maybe lavender) and a really pleasant, discreetly refined fruity-citrus touch. Tonka is the other key note, tamed down enough but bold, which enhances the nutty-sweet and spicy facets of sandalwood. Shortly an Oriental woody-spicy scent centered on sandalwood with a modern (and kind of trendy) touch of cedar-incense, which means Iso E, that together with something ambery like cedramber (or something equally, mainstream-ish “plastic”) gives Cozumel a contemporary, “posh”, somehow “designer” look – bringing it a bit close to many woody-ambery mainstream scents. Still a totally pleasant scent, just not that creative or particularly “rich”, basically on the fence between more complex and deeper niche scents (Santal Noble, or some of Lutens’ sandalwood works) and more shallow and cheaper designers. Still solid and elegant, just a bit conventional and less interesting than you may think – especially given the (considerably higher) quality of the rest of Laboratorio Olfattivo line.

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