Venezia 2012 Eau de Toilette

Version from 2012
Venezia (2012) (Eau de Toilette) by Laura Biagiotti
Bottle Design Lutz Herrmann
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7.5 / 10 40 Ratings
Venezia (2012) (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Laura Biagiotti for women and was released in 2012. The scent is floral-sweet. It was last marketed by Procter & Gamble / Metropolitan Cosmetics.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang JasmineJasmine RoseRose
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VanillaVanilla AmberAmber SandalwoodSandalwood


7.540 Ratings
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Submitted by Vilma, last update on 03.03.2023.
Variant of the fragrance concentration
This is a variant of the perfume Venezia (2011) (Eau de Parfum) by Laura Biagiotti, which differs in concentration.


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Laura non c'è - a missing person's report in Veneto
Laura is gone, she is no longer here
Laura is no longer a part of me!
And you, who are here asking me why I love her, when she no longer gives me anything...
(free translation from Italian by 4ajbukoshka; original: Nek - Laura non c'è. 1997)
Do you already have an earworm? No? Then please translate the lyrics back into Italian, little hint: it starts with
"Laura non c′è - è andata via
Laura non è più cosa mia!"
So while you're singing to yourselves, humming and hopefully in the right mood for Venezia, I want to tell you the story of Laura.
Once upon a time there was a Nonna who wore Venezia, not this version of Venezia here, but the vintage one from 1992.
This Nonna, called Laura in the rest of the story, didn't know in the 90s of the last millennium that we would look back on her today and call her Vintage.
Because Laura was bubbling over with energy and joie de vivre. She always had an open ear and eye - or two - for everything beautiful, a penchant for romance and drama, a small part of which, it is rumored, rubbed off on her granddaughter.
Adult and independent as she was, she nevertheless always retained throughout her life a dreamy look, a childlike countenance, and the ability to take an interest in and delight in every little thing, no matter how seemingly unimportant.
Likewise, she delighted in her favorite drink, a sweet plum liqueur (no Spriz, even though she liked that too), of which, one didn't look, she was happy to indulge in a glass even during the week.
Laura enjoyed the lightness of being and in her arms you could always feel safe - just like Venezia.

Who is looking for a replacement for Laura, the vintage Venezia in this version, will very likely be disappointed.
Laura still celebrates the lightness here, the spring in Veneto, is (er)tragbar even at temperatures beyond the 30 and 40 degrees Celsius. However, she still does not fit into the clothes of her Nonna, for that she is (still) too petite, not strong enough.
So why a missing persons report?
Well... There are two things that I personally miss here:
1.: Laura. 2nd: the peach and the plum.
On one hand the vintage Laura from Venezia, on the other the new EdT applied, this difference becomes painfully aware: the durability and charisma of the modern Laura are not nearly comparable to her Nonna, the vintage Venezia, and the peach, which wafted in the old version over the day again and again so soft and delicious, is no longer to be guessed, at least not on me. Also the plum is in the vintage version a cracker, like sweet-sugary liqueur from dried plums, whereas it is hardly at all perceptible for me here.
Nevertheless, Laura is still today, without wanting to engage in self-congratulation at this point, beautiful, timeless, elegant and special.
One does not meet a Laura or also her granddaughter Lauretta every day.
Laura non c'è - e andata via
Laura è sempre cosa mia!



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