Labradorite #13 2017

Labradorite #13 by Olivier Durbano
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Labradorite #13 is a perfume by Olivier Durbano for women and men and was released in 2017. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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CardamomCardamom MarjoramMarjoram Palo SantoPalo Santo
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FrankincenseFrankincense TuberoseTuberose AmbergrisAmbergris
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OpoponaxOpoponax CastoreumCastoreum CivetCivet MuskMusk OudOud SandalwoodSandalwood


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Balancing hum with danger of addiction!
Olivier Durbano's perfume line from Grasse, a real insider tip and really worth testing! Why? You'll find out in the next few lines...

On my holiday in the perfume metropolis in August 2018, I was lucky enough to get to know Olivier and some of his creations. It was an interesting visit and I soon realized that there was more behind these fragrances than just good craftsmanship: pure passion!

Far from marketing and the big "buying hells" that most perfumers have to go to for inspiration, Olivier's studio is located in a small alley leading to the "Place aux Aires", one of the main venues in Grasse. The shop itself looks relatively inconspicuous from the outside, but I became aware of it through the pleasant smell of incense that gently streamed onto the street and of course could not resist to take a look inside. Thanks, nose, you can be relied on!

After a short conversation and some stealthy glances at the collection, which now comprises 13 fragrances, we got down to brass tacks. I said what I liked for notes and first some scents were sprayed on test strips. Labradorites and chrysolites fascinated me directly. The idée behind the perfumes is to capture and olfactorily reproduce the characteristics and smells of the respective stones. Accordingly, behind each of his works is a story that is often closely linked to mythology. For each of his scents the master takes a year time, and you can smell that.

Since 2005, as already mentioned above, 13 creations have been created in this way, all of which are unique and very interesting in their own way. Labradorite starts with Palo-Santo, marjoram and cardamom, which for me is a very idiosyncratic top note that I have never smelled in this form before. Even the oily consistency on the skin shows that this is a very high-quality product, which consists mainly of natural essences. For the animal components, of course, we use replicas because we attach great importance to ethics and sustainability.

The top note dissipates after about 15 minutes and I can easily perceive tuberose, incense and civet. An amazing combination, I think. It reminds me far away of "Kouros" from YSL, but this in top quality and without compromising on raw materials. It's just what it says on the label and no sludge from the laboratory.

After a few hours I smell Zibet, Bibergeil and Oud in the base, all very animalistic and expressive. It's definitely not a pussyfooter and the wearer should also have cojones in his pants, because otherwise, in my opinion, he won't come across authentically. I am only in my mid-twenties, but somehow the scent reminds me of past times and waters that were worn in the 90s and are no longer available... probably because of the down-to-earth mixture of Animalia, incense and woods.

The durability is definitely above average and the Sillage has it all! Care should be taken when dosing, otherwise you could be greedily attacked by strange women (grin).

All those who like animal and woody scents should definitely try this one! The quality speaks for itself, no compromises were made and this can be felt....
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