Aoud N°3 by Parfümerie Brückner
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Aoud N°3 is a perfume by Parfümerie Brückner for women and men and was released in 2011. The scent is sweet-fruity. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by M. Micallef.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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The winter time
When I saw or smelled the perfume, it seemed completely unknown to me, because I saw and heard it nowhere else than from the Brückner in Munich
I was positively surprised by the quality of the fragrance during the test or first test.
Fruity, flowery and a little sweet. It smelled like wintertime. Cinnamon and vanilla contribute to this. It has to be said that this perfume is extremely difficult to get as it is only supplied for Brückner.

The fragrance is very unique not extreme as there is a perfume from a brand that smells similar to this - I just can't think of it. But thank God the perfume is also a niche product and is not cheap at over 100 euros.

I am at a field with many flowers around me and a fruit basket in my hand. I walk happily alone straight ahead. It's getting dark and a little colder.
In some distance I see a snowy village with many Christmas stands and well lit streets. All this decorated in Christmas look.
Once there it smells like cinnamon biscuits and vanilla biscuits.
I feel lovely surrounded by nice people and get great anticipation for Christmas.
I continue 2 places and spend time with my family in front of a fireplace, cookies at the table and play community games in the living room.

Wow, time passed a little too fast, but Christmas is still ahead.

For who?
For young and old who are looking for something special.

Carrier: 19 year old (M)
Shelf life: 7-10
Versatility: 7-10

112 Reviews
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Summer Oud
When I was recently recommended this fragrance by my dearest Kankuro and others, I thought: "Did I do something wrong? Kankuro's out of tune? Trouble of which I have no idea?", for I have often mentioned and written that I am not a friend of oud-intensive fragrances. To be honest, till I was blue in the face. But Kankuro is mostly pari with me in terms of taste, so if he's not exactly mad at me (I wasn't aware of any guilt!), then maybe he really thinks I might find Aoud No. 3 good.
I read then that Martine Micallef has the fingers in the game, and Micallef`s handwriting is known to me and from me quite gladly smelled.
So I took the step today and sprayed the 3rd Aoud from Brückner.
Surprisingly beautiful, orange-fruity top note! A little sweet, already slightly oriental, but overall very present! Not to say massive!
Then the scent goes briefly in the direction of oudlastig, but around, shortly before it becomes unpleasant to me, one to me - and also to everyone else on this planet! - to make a known development. At first only slightly cinnamon, but then: One Million - Orange Plantation Edition.
Even my husband, a long-time, persistent wearer of the Ur-One Million, came into my office and snuffled with a transfigured face as he perceived this luxury edition of his formerly (and probably still secretly) beloved signature scent, which I had laboriously talked out to him, in full broadside. After he already pointed out clouds of Ambre Eternel, Santal Royal etc by opening all the windows of the house that could be opened, he seemed to be very well tempered at Aoud No. 3. I'll ask for new shoes right away.
But back to the fragrance: It really is - One million in the heart note is unmistakable, but fortunately the fragrance is not just that. At the same time it has something cool, woody, and the fresh, sweet fruit makes it all the more summery.
Incredible performance, oriental heaviness paired with spicy orange makes it a summery oud scent for fans of this direction.
The most extraordinary thing I've ever smelled in oud!


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