LP No.9 for Ladies 1998

LP No.9 for Ladies by Penhaligon's
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6.8 / 10 131 Ratings
LP No.9 for Ladies is a perfume by Penhaligon's for women and was released in 1998. The scent is floral-spicy. The production was apparently discontinued.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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LavenderLavender GeraniumGeranium BergamotBergamot TarragonTarragon LemonLemon
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CarnationCarnation JasmineJasmine RoseRose
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Escoffier's bearnaise sauce
Contrary to the opinion that Sauce Bearnaise comes from Bern - no it comes from Bearn, a region in France. I learned the classic French cuisine. Even my master always had the Escoffier at hand. That's the Guide Culinaire, standard literature for cooks - everything you need to know about cooking is in there. August Escoffier wrote this masterpiece - as a little boy always watching the pot at grandma's, then learned to be a cook, enlisted as a soldier ..........and at some point he was the head chef at the Ritz Carlton. Ho Chi Minh is even said to have been a kitchen assistant under his direction.

Sauce Bearnaise, quite simply formulated, is Sauce Hollandaise with tarragon, is gladly given to meat and fish. For me personally, it goes particularly well with lukewarm roast beef or even chateaubriand. You boil a reduction, let it cool down and whisk it with egg yolks over a water bath. Just before you are done, you add the liquid butter. Finally then the tarragon cut into fine strips - ready.

I love tarragon in food, the feeling when you pull the leaves from the stem and your fingers smell of it. But I also love it in perfume. LP starts right off with this great note, in combination with the harsh rose geranium and citrus a challenge for the nose. I also detect a slight metallic note, but it disappears as it progresses. In the heart, I smell rose, carnation and jasmine. Cinnamon I perceive less, the vanilla a tad more. The cedar gives the fragrance even in the base still this slight anise note, which is similar to tarragon and I think by amber gets the fragrance the sweetness.

For me, there are two great tarragon scents. That's this one and Memoir Man by Amouage - I particularly like the tarragon in that one.

And one more thing I want to get rid of Auguste Escoffier the master chef. He revolutionized haute cuisine, divided chefs into posts, like saucier, poissonier, patissier ............., simplified recipes, tried to cook lighter and wrote about it. Started a committee so that families of chefs who were drafted in the war were better off financially. For me, he was one of the greats.
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Not sure if my nose is broken or what
But for me it smelled strongly of kerosene with an urinal undercurrent, and then some herbs and flowers desperately trying to cover this mess up. I feel really bad for the flowers. I feel even worse for myself - blind buying it on account of a cutesy name and bottle.
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Middle Earth
First things first, this perfume preceded Dior by Dune by a year or two. I have often wondered if the Behometh that is Dior took a little known British fragrance, tweaked it, gave it a completely new marketing persona and took on the world with it, and won. LP NO 9 was taken from the market in 2006 and reintroduced a couple of years later. It is Dune meets Middle Earth, the fougere is apparent in the opening which is chocked full of spicy, herbal nuances; there's quite a silage cloud to this ravishing perfume. Being ravished by it, though, is a little bit exhausting and I'm grateful for the dry down. It has wonderful tenacity, enough to slay the Habit Rouge dragon when my husband wears that particular powerhouse, so it's definitely a good toy to have in your munitions cabinet. The bottle and silly cap are not to my liking though.
If you like Annick Goutal's Passion you will probably like this, just imagine Dune in EDP form, less mineral, more floral with herbs and lavender at the beginning. That's a good thing, right?
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