Colonia del Forte 1265 2011

Colonia del Forte 1265 by Profumi del Forte
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Colonia del Forte 1265 is a popular perfume by Profumi del Forte for women and men and was released in 2011. The scent is fresh-citrusy. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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PetitgrainPetitgrain BergamotBergamot LemonLemon OrangeOrange
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NeroliNeroli HeliotropeHeliotrope LavenderLavender RoseRose
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MuskMusk OakmossOakmoss RosemaryRosemary ThymeThyme
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Neukölln 14: Towers
1265 is a strong floral and vegetable, soft fragrance. It is of colognetypical moderate durability and sillage, but its texture is more appealing as a perfume.

I cannot detect a strong fragrance development within the two to three hours shelf life (not even with generous dosage). The top notes, heart notes and base notes are more like synchronous layering than a temporal succession for me.

You can feel a finely balanced citric, where - unlike many colognes - bergamot and lemon are not in the foreground. The lemon is not sour, not tart, not bitter, not vestigially bitter, at best very sweet (not really sweet), most likely neroli-orange, light and flowery.

To the citric a bouquet of flowers appears with about the same intensity, in which I - unlike others here - perceive the rose in a rather preponderant way, which usually disturbs me in colognes (and as I often admit). The strong floral accents, which appear tactile like moist, young petals, give 1265 altogether a velvety, soft character.

But also the green notes, here in the pyramid, interestingly enough all slipped down into the base, come across more like chlorophyll, leafy meadow-wet than as pithy kitchen herbs, as I expect from a classic cologne, for which the musk with its fluffy effect is possibly responsible. I don't feel the allegedly existing rosemary (an indispensable part of the traditional Farina scheme) at all here.

All in all, a soft, velvety, for me a little too refined, colognese pleasure: fresh, but the freshness is too pastel and not hard enough and contoured enough for me personally. Let's take EdC Impériale by Guerlain as a counter-example: also an infinitely refined, hyper-refined fragrance, but crystalline like a snowflake; 1265 is more like the impressionistic painting of a summer landscape in the morning mist.

I am not as enthusiastic about the scent as I am about Yatagan, killer bee and others, but it is certainly beautiful. For me personally it is too perfumed for a cologne, I see it like Lafleur, only I judge it differently. I see 1265 in the tendency rather at a lady, and because it just does not radiate the utilitarian splash freshness of a typical colognes, it is all year round operational.

Profumi del Forte (roughly: Perfumes from the Fortress) is a private label founded in 2007 by the Italian perfumery entrepreneur Enzo Torre. The company is based in Forte dei Marmi on the Tuscan coast. The name of the brand refers to that of the town (where a fortress gives the name). I interpret the battlements on the bottles as a double allusion, namely to the name of the place and to the surname of the perfumer ("Torre" means "tower").

The small place seems to be very glamorous, some super rich people had and still have their residence here and Thomas Mann put it into his novella "Mario and the Wizard". I myself have never been to Forte dei Marmi, but I have been to Lucca, which is only 30 km away. Lucca is the most untypical of all Tuscan cities and - with all due respect for the many splendid cities, large and small, in this region - the most charming
The year 1265 stands for the year of birth of the Italian poet Dante, to whom this fragrance is dedicated, but I can't quite understand the inner connection, the website Torres exhausts itself in platitudes. The other two colognes of the house (at present all three are listed as "not available" in the online shop) are 1452 and 1475, after the birth years of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti, which at least testifies to an intact self-confidence of the company founder.

The price for the Cologne, if it were available, would be 98 euros for the 120 ml bottle, which I personally find too much. Paola, Queen of Belgium, would certainly see things differently if she visited the town of Forte dei Marmi, where she was born. In addition to the three colognes, the house's program also includes eleven eau de parfums
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