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Evento Donna by Roberto Capucci
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Evento Donna is a perfume by Roberto Capucci for women and was released in 2019. The scent is spicy-woody. It is being marketed by Extrafragrance / Extraordinary Fragance. Pronunciation
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Fragrance Pyramid

Top Notes Top Notes BlackcurrantBlackcurrant Nashi pearNashi pear
Heart Notes Heart Notes IrisIris JasmineJasmine Orange blossomOrange blossom
Base Notes Base Notes PatchouliPatchouli PralinéPraliné Tonka beanTonka bean VanillaVanilla
7.03 Ratings
Submitted by Elysium, last update on 01.11.2020.
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Deep, Powerful, Sharp, and Distinct
I own some Roberto Capucci perfumes for men, from the classic chypre pour Homme to the most recent Suave, Blu, Evento, and Anima Nera. The female version of the Evento has never attracted my attention, but the other day I saw it on promotion for €10, and something prompted me to try it, trusting the other perfumes I have. A warm and enveloping cloud of fruit, patchouli took over, displacing me, and dispelling any doubts or scepticism that had prompted me to avoid it in the past.

From the beginning, the opening notes of Evento Donna remind me of a perfume built around the pervasive patchouli, which I love very much: Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. The regal impression of the original Evento for him doesn’t translate into a female Queenly version of Evento Donna. Fragrances with a mix of fruit and patchouli such as Coco Mademoiselle or Miss Dior immediately come to mind, a combination that I would call a first-rate fruit tea. Excellent company, although very familiar. Patchouli is a dominant note in both, right from the first spritz, but takes on two different shades: in Coco Mademoiselle, it is slightly more earthy and medicinal. In Evento Donna, it is more floral and fruity. In fact, it was just a first impression. And as Evento Donna warms up and opens up, its shades take a different direction from Coco Mademoiselle. Deep, powerful, sharp, distinct, sweet, peppery and floral are the names that come to mind when taking this fragrance.

Evento Donna is opulent and sensual. The fruity-floral qualities are dazzling; the deal is delicious. The fragrance greets me with a triumphant range of succulent aromas, which blend harmoniously with each other. First, an alcoholic and sharp sweetness rise, that is very pleasant, followed by a precise accord of crunchy pear, fragrant pepper and the spark of blackcurrant. Top notes include modern, earthy patchouli and unripe pineapple. Together they open the fragrance with a unique tart citrus accord, slightly balsamic with mint patchouli. The slightly cream and somewhat tart qualities of the pear blend perfectly with the citrus fruits, which are brighter but also a little more acidic. My skin amplifies flowers and tarts, fruit and animals.

The heart notes soften the crunchy opening with a bouquet of white, dusty and gourmand floral accords that I think really define the overall essence and dryness of this fragrance. I get an abundance of flowers and leathery accord. Here, the orange and jasmine efflorescences form the core of the perfume and spread throughout the entire creation, infusing it with softness, richness, sweetness and splendour. Dirtier, sexier and even creamier at this point than the masculine peer, the sweet but powdery look thanks to iris and leathery offers a unique counterpoint to velvety floral notes while infusing an underground and oriental depth to the composition.

The rich and tenacious base includes a bite of vanilla bean, a spoonful of patchouli, and a sweet accord of tonka and pralines. It is here in the dry that the perfume shines. Deliciously sweet vanilla intertwines with dark patchouli, creating a bittersweet and balmy accord. And leather, smoky and smooth suede, still suitable for a woman. Drying can be difficult for some, as the resinous and leathery qualities of the leather become more noticeable along with coumarin and unusual powdery moss. Here the composition takes on a sharp, perhaps a little acidic quality, after the soft flowers have had enough time to shine, which may be off-putting to some. It creates a softly woody and sophisticated finish.

For me, there is nothing in this fragrance that reminds me of Evento pour Homme. I believe this fragrance is in a genre of its own. Although marketed for women, I’m sure some men would find it very attractive. The aroma seems suitable for wearing all year round but would be evocative with the warmth and humidity of spring, summer evenings and early autumn. Easily wearable both day and night, the formulation has a unique versatility among contemporary perfumes. While it’s a bit of a stretch to call the original unisex Evento, this version “for her” feels gender-neutral despite its markings and is the more complex scent of the two. On the days I wear it, I have some fun. If you change your expectations, I think you may also find Evento Donna to be worth it. A delightful couple of sprays lasts me almost the day with a good sillage, intimate but suitable. I get compliments from strangers. It smells like walking in a damp, cold and wet grass field with some flowers, fruit trees and green pears - all unripe and sour. It makes me want to smell it again and again.

This review bases upon a 100ml (3.4 Fl. oz) I own since Oct 2020.

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