Capsule Collection - 02: Wonder Rose So Intense

Capsule Collection - 02: Wonder Rose So Intense by Zara
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Capsule Collection - 02: Wonder Rose So Intense is a perfume by Zara for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is fruity-floral. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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DaisyDaisy Granny Smith appleGranny Smith apple VanillaVanilla
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Boyfriend clean sheets smell of apple!
This is special! I love it so much!
Reaserching about it I noticed many people find it boring and generic, I think it is unique.
It came back in stock with the rest of the Wonder Rose Capsule Collection and it is sold at the discounted price of 6,90€, I thought I should review it since it can still be found in Zara shops, and sometimes they just pop up on the web site.

The reason why I find it so special is because this is a watery and fresh green apple, without sugar, put on a much powdery and woody base, some delicate white flowers and green dewy notes mixed in for armony. Only in the heart of the dry down there is a light vanilla, the powderiness comes from the musk and the woods.
What is so special about that? Well...usually at this price you either find green apples that are much fruity, saccharine and never pure, often mixed in a fruits salad or you find them caramelized and altogether sweet, ranging from sugary to candied apple to true gourmands as in an apple pie or spicy and Christmasy.
If they are clean apple then they are too much perfume-y and the apple looses its true nature.
This one, at this little price, offers you an expierence similar to that of Floro by Jeroboam, since it is a mix between a true crunchy apple, a non sweetened juice and an apple detergent, just like Floro! When I first encountered it I could not belive it since it is part of the Wonder Rose Capsule Collection, which are all rose based and doll like perfumes, so it was a surprise.
This is instead fairy like...just like Floro! And it has a boyish character.
Also, it is very similar to the opening stage of Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue edt but without the citrus (if you can imagine that!), and it also smells like an old favorite of mine...a powdery bomb called Batik Silk by Morris (a flanker of my favorite, discontinued Batik (Occhi Verdi ) by Morris).

The name Wonder Rose So Intense is probably not appropriate since it's not intense, nor is it rosy like instead are the others from Wonder Rose Capsule Collection. Also, this has nothing to do with Wonder Rose og or Summer which are very fruity, coconutty and sticky sweet. The Wonder Rose Capsule Collection was disconnected from Wonder Rose origanal (and from Wander Rose Summer).
The packaging is lovely, a soft matt glass bottle which fades in to transperent glass at the bottom, all in red! I would have made it green or white to fit the scent but it is gorgeous to look at.

If you are intrested in a more in depth take, here is what I observed about the scent: the opening is made of a very realistic green Granny Smith apple, much crunchy, crisp and watery. It is not sweetened and quite photorealistic. I don't even find it too much really is a joy this little red cube of perfume!
The opening is accompanied by some greenery, something chlorophyllic and a little sour/lemonated but there is no proper citrus in it. It is herbal and dewy.
At this point the perfume smells both like true apple and like an apple juice without added sugar in it, as if you are enjoying one of those in a field during a cool sumner day!
In the middle the apple note remains strong and it is accompanied by some light white florals. There truly are some daisy in here and also some type of little white flowers similar to those that grow spontaneously in the valleys and that at first look could appear like unwanted weeds (I know them well). The florals in So Intense smell green and a little honeyed, but it is a very light facet. They armonise more or less.

It is now that the fragrance smells like an apple detergent, very much like Floro by Jeroboam, but a good detergent, nothing too chemical or bothering. The effect is very clean and comforting, like a fabric softner.

The base that backs it all up is made of powdery musk, clean and white and fluffy. You can already feel it in the middle of the scent and it adds to the clean effect. Dry down is musky but also lightly woody.
The woodiness is a bit generic but if I had to guess I would say there is something similar to a mix of cedar and sandalwood. I don't expect too much given its price but something in here smells a bit like some molecular woodsy note, like a mix of ambroxan and iso y super, the effect is similar to the woods and ambroxan of Light Blue edt by Dolce & Gabbana but much more light.
A very subtle vanilla note closes the scent in a diffusive manner, almost imperceptible.

Performance was surprisingly good for it being a Zara cube, probably because this is an edp, not the classic edt cube. It lasted on me for about 5 hours, projection was moderate in the first two hours. Dry down remains much longer, for at least seven hours, with the powdery musk still radiating.

It's a light scent, much eatherial and fit for a fairy! It is summery and also kinda of unisex, or maybe like a female perfume with an androgynous twist about it...which makes me like it even more! It smells like a clean white shirt or some clean sheets at the boyfriend house!
If you want to loose some of the serious/generic/unisex character this has then it could be layered with the other two from the Capsule collection, Sublime and Obsession. The result is suave and ethereal, much feminine and delicate, with colors ranging from green to mauve to powdery pink! And you can overspray them without guilt!

I liked this a lot while many people find it boring and even cheap smelling...I think it is one of Zara hidden pearls, and worthy of a backup, it's better then their famous Applejuice, that one resembles Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel, it has a beautiful feminine apple but it smells much more perfune-y.
In terms of style So Intense is similar to Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme edp, but that one is much more woody, synthetic and complex, a shampoo style apple.
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