Buddha-Wood Eau de Parfum

Buddha-Wood (Eau de Parfum) by Zarkoperfume
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7.3 / 10 113 Ratings
Buddha-Wood (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume by Zarkoperfume for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is woody-synthetic. It is still available to purchase.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Cashmere woodCashmere wood MuskMusk Australian sandalwoodAustralian sandalwood False sandalwoodFalse sandalwood


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Submitted by DaveGahan101, last update on 12.05.2023.
Variant of the fragrance concentration
This is a variant of the perfume Buddha-Wood (Parfum-Serum) by Zarkoperfume, which differs in concentration.
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Times are changing...
About two years ago it is that I have taken with an AF purchase in the souk while browsing the further offer "Buddha Wood" so to speak as a "supplementary purchase", I liked the name, molecular scents I found exciting, sandalwood (so I thought at the time) always goes, so why not?
Then, druff with it on the skin, but no, that was not "my" sandalwood, too synthetic, somehow sourish... Nope, does not have to be. And so the AF disappeared in the Pröbchen and AF teeming in the depths of my perfume cabinet.
At that time.

The other evening I decided to finally clean out a bit, everything came on a large tray to sort the jumble of samples and bottlings in peace at the big table in the living room, to check my records, to update my lists and folders and to select superfluous to bring it soon by raffle to the general Parfumo circuit ...
And that's when the "Buddha-Wood"-AF gets into my hands. No I didn't spray, just smelled the sprayer, but somehow a tiny amount of it got on my fingers.
And I was flashed. But so much!
I spent the night with my fingers up my nose. OK, not quite, but I just couldn't get away from that scent...

Accordingly, the next day was a full test.
What we have there actually?
A fragrance from a Danish manufacture for molecule fragrances. OK, molecule fragrances I know a bit, the notorious "Molecule 01" of Escentric Molecules stands as AF in my cabinet, purchased to play around a bit with it, but in the end I found's but then quite boring, for itself rather pale and as a "scent enhancer" it came to me rather like glutamate in the food. Can you do, but you can also leave, I do not need it.
And what speaks the creator of "Buddha Wood"?
Ahja, fragrance develops only on the skin of the wearer, individual aura, very own fragrance signature of each individual, etc.... bla bla bla... everything heard before, molecule scent halt, synthetics purely.

I have now actually nothing against synthetics, I am long aware that not even in the flacons of those who make always great with "natural fragrances" advertising, actually only the purest natural essences are. And of course I know that many "synthetic fragrances" are purer and clearer than the original essences, and I always like purity and clarity. In fact, I don't even care if a fragrance is synthetically created - the main thing is that it smells good on me.
Synthetics also have advantages, Zarkoperfume emphasizes them by saying that the fragrances are 100% animal-free, 100% vegan, sustainable and resource-saving. I like that. That synthetic fragrances for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers would be more suitable than natural essential oils I take note, since I'm almost not affected there's but no extra point.

Enough of the theory - how does it smell now, the molecule scent, more precisely: How does it smell on me? What had I noted down two years ago? How did I comment on the fragrance at that time?
"Acidic-synthetic-fluffy" I wrote then, and that it was not "my" sandalwood.
And today, after quite a few sandalwood fragrances tested without having found "my" sandalwood?
"Synthetic-fluffy", yep, and I love it! It shines, it flickers, it shimmers, I think it's gorgeous! No development I wrote two years ago. I wrote two years ago. But it doesn't need much development either, because like the Iso-E-Super, I perceive it in recurring waves that play around me, and I like that effect. It's really strong, even though I haven't sprayed much, it feels like I'm surrounded by a wonderful cloud of the purest, brightest, sweetest sandalwood, as if I've just come out of a Buddhist temple where I've meditated and become one with the universe again. I float! Simply beautiful...

And what was now with this sour undertone that has disturbed me then?
I no longer perceive it today, whether it's because my nose, my perception and sensation has evolved with the many tests? There's something besides the sandalwood, clearly - but I can't define it, most likely it actually goes in a fruity direction, but I can not really name, even find beautiful although fruity in fragrances I rarely like. I am excited.

Just so (hahaha!) I look at Idealo by, just look what the so costs.... An orange "Sale" flashes at me, less than half the normal price. Providence? Must be so...
My clicking finger hovers over the shopping cart for about an hour while the Swabian inside me quacks around and asks annoying questions. Finally, he twitches - not a second too late, because from the 55% have long become again only 12% while the fragrance was already in my shopping cart...

Earlier came the mail that my package is ready to pick up in the parcel shop.
Now he is in front of me, in his white shiny cardboard tube made of recycled material, the whole presentation I find very nice, the bottle is high quality even if the cap can not quite keep up with the otherwise valuable impression.
I am happy - and when I have also snapped and weighed the same I will put on this wonderful fragrance again and float the rest of the day in unity with the universe before me...
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