Powder & Dust by Parfums Sven Pritzkoleit
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6.9 / 10 17 Ratings
Powder & Dust is a limited perfume by Parfums Sven Pritzkoleit for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is sweet-powdery. The longevity is above-average. The production was apparently discontinued. Limited Edition
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Submitted by Greifswald, last update on 06.07.2022.
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An artistic fragrance
Crime scene museum: Wensker was called to the village scent museum early in the morning; a robbery was reported. So reported at least the owner of the museum and himself hobby perfumer. Steffen Printenkleid was already standing, no he was more walking up and down, in front of his museum when the policemen arrived. Schubert and Haller pestered each other by trying vice versa to loosen the belts on each other's pants. Wensker shook his head behind his sunglasses and walked toward Printenkleid.
"Good afternoon, Mr. Printenkleid, what's been going on?"
"Go ahead and call me SP, commissioner. A robbery, that's what happened! This morning, as usual, I opened my museum and virtually my art studio, I make fragrances myself. After a cup of coffee today, I was going to finish my new creation Powder & Dust with a happy song on my lips. That's when I noticed that a batch of my other new fragrance was completely missing. This one is called Beer & another Beer."
"Unusual name."
"A made-to-order production. Since your two colleagues are already poking their noses into the scents, would you like to give the Powder & Dust a try? As long as it doesn't affect your work?"
"I'd be happy to, why don't you tell me more while you're at it?"

"So where do I start? At first it smells sweetly fruity, but it seems directly bizarre, almost metallic, because of the powder. Those fruity notes, they're berries but shhhh, don't tell Parfumo."
"Don't worry, that's where I got banned. Had been tipped off that this was a dating site. Apparently a misunderstanding."
"Anyway, I'm sure you're wondering how Printenkind managed those curiously mixed notes? What was he thinking?"
"I was rather wondering where the sanitary facilities were here."
"Back there on the left. I'll walk with you then I can fill you in further."
"....what you mean."
"The mimosa provides the powdery tone, it even supports - because it smells slightly of sugar - the fruity notes. These seem so riper, yes I would want to say more exotic. This is of course difficult for the untrained nose but such a connoisseur like you...I can tell that you have Fantomas on it."
"Actually, I only had cucumber with melon milk. But now for the heist. A beer perfume did you say? I have an idea."
"Good but please also wash your hands after shaking it off."

Rrrring-rrring! Rrrring-rrrring!
"Yeah? Yeah, that's right. No, he's not here. How? I mean, he's on vacation? Yeah, he might have gone to Bavaria. I know it- Wait! Yes, he is! I'm sure he is. Yeah, I'd love to. See you!"

"Chief, what to do? Have you got any ideas?"
"You bet I have, Schaller."
"Wait a minute, gentlemen, have you noticed the evolution of Powder & Dust? The metallic retreats as the fragrance gradually becomes quieter, rounder, balsamic and creamy, like a cocoon the fruity element is underpinned. Now the woody notes become noticeable, which were there earlier but couldn't stand out. It's a soft wood, a warm and gentle wood. Almost like a piece of bark from an oak tree in the sun. Man, I'm a classy perfumer!"
"Right, we'll get the beer perfume back."
"Men, off to the village pub with the spare rooms! I've got a feeling..."

The trio reached Cravi's Stuberl and Wensker grinned. "There it is! This is the vehicle I've been looking for! The case is about to be solved!"
The three entered the inn, "Good sir, has any newcomer descended here lately?"
"Many descend here, Inspector."
"Corpulent, mullet, mumbles heavily and buzzed? An Ole W.?"
"He's back there at the counter."
"Wolle! Well? Don't you ever call when you're on vacation here?"
"Oh, Commissioner! I'm on the trail of something...the water we drink...it is somehow and somewhere extracted from the earth and is supposed to be contained in beer. Well, I don't drink that, of course. Just beer. You smell good though, Wensker, what is it?"
Thank you, the smell is getting creamier and very pleasant isn't it? Like a sort of bitter sun cream with a slight hint of fruit. Very nice. On another subject, Wool, did you break into a museum yesterday and take something?"
"On a different note, did you get drunk and mistake a museum for your hotel, mistake a perfume for the beer in your room, and on top of that, mistake a decorating and now stern smelling barrel for the bathroom?"
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