L'Eau d'Issey 1992 Eau de Toilette

L'Eau d'Issey (Eau de Toilette) by Issey Miyake
Bottle Design Issey Miyake, Fabien Baron, Alain de Mourgues
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7.3 / 10 499 Ratings
L'Eau d'Issey (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Issey Miyake for women and was released in 1992. The scent is fresh-floral. It is being marketed by Shiseido Group / Beauté Prestige International. Pronunciation
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Top Notes Top Notes
FreesiaFreesia MelonMelon LotusLotus CyclamenCyclamen Rose waterRose water
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Lily of the valleyLily of the valley LilyLily PeonyPeony RoseRose CarnationCarnation
Base Notes Base Notes
CedarCedar Exotic woodsExotic woods MuskMusk AmberAmber OsmanthusOsmanthus SandalwoodSandalwood TuberoseTuberose


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5 Reviews
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Top Review 19  
Bad buy...
Hello dear Community,

i actually wanted to buy the male counterpart to L'Eau d'Issey, but I discreetly sold out... No problem, I also love the "femme" version. ;) So much for the bad buy. ;)

The opening is fruity. So my first association. If I let this fragrance work for a few minutes, I clearly recognize the lotus. I usually let a top note like that scare me away. Too much I have the fear it would soon become too sweet, sticky, even sticky smell. But it comes differently. I now call this fruitiness vitalizing and stimulating. Springlike, or a fruity white wine...
The transition to the heart note is smooth and flowing. My favourite flower, the whiting rose, appears wonderfully and the fruity aroma gives way to the floral aroma without losing its vitalising component. The lily swings softly without overtaxing me and is carried by a hint of lily of the valley. Honestly, I confess nothing of the rose and carnation. As a florist who deals with these flowers on a daily basis, I claim to be able to recognise these aromas. But even with concentration I do not recognize these...
After more than 3 hours I notice warm chords of musk and amber. Gently vibrating, they continue to wear the head and heart notes... I love this fragrance that nothing gets lost until the end in 18-20 hrs. The fruity and floral are still audible, but wrapped in warm aromas of woods, amber and co.
L'Eau d'Issey is skin affine due to the musk and yet blessed with a well perceptible sillage. My colleagues are thrilled every time how "delicious, fresh and clean" I smell when I pass them. I also elicit a commendatory comment from the boys from time to time. When asked whether they would rather declare this fragrance as men or women's fragrance, the spirits divide. That's the way I see it, though, and I feel this scent as unisex. If you want to come across as a masculine man, you CAN layer with a slightly more bitter scent if necessary. I tried Tom Ford Oud Wood. That gives it all a bit more astringency and depth. Find it without layers but definitely better.
The fragrance can carry from age through the bench away anyone. From young to old, man or woman. Also this one is timeless, not for nothing it is in production since 1992 until today.

Prices are from approx. 30€ at Amazon, DM and everywhere where there are fragrances
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2 Reviews
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Top Review 28  
Verena 2004: The strong, hypothermic woman
L'Eau d'Issey to me is not L'Eau d'Issey.
L'Eau d'Issey to me means Verena.
Verena is a woman born around 1960.
Verena means something like "the strong one" in German - and no other name would ever have suited this woman better.
She has been wearing this fragrance ever since I knew her, probably even before I was born and very likely still today.
It is "her" fragrance and besides Davidoff's cold water at the time, the only one she wears and most of all the one she loves to wear.

To Verena from my memory.
We write the year 2004.
Verena has four children. Or five? Six? In any case, many. Two cats, rabbits, guinea pigs are also part of her family.
Who is supposed to see through that? At least not the neighbors. For them, Verena is antisocial, "with so many children who don't even fit in the car". "What kind of woman is that, please? How many men has she had? Look at the kids, they don't look like they're all from one man. More like each one is by a different one." "Poor divorced woman. And then she's so arrogant, like she's Mrs. Consul herself. What is THAT imagining herself to be?"
Well. Verena, then barely scraping forty, has many children and those children in turn have many pets.
Verena is a single parent, her youngest child being of crawling age. Yet she is employed, working every day from four in the morning until ten/eleven in the morning. That's the only time she has to pick up the littlest one from daycare, spruce up the house and cook before the first child gets out of school or kindergarten.
Eating breakfast in the morning without them, the kids can handle. But cooking for half a football team is something she can't expect the eldest to do at the age of ten. Maybe in a few years.
Verena doesn't have a housekeeper.
She doesn't have a car to fit all her children in either.
Verena has a large house. This house she built herself, with her husband, who is no longer around. He died during the construction. That's why the house is still partly under construction.
But that is not important to Verena. The children's rooms are beautiful and she herself sleeps in the living room, on the couch on concrete floor.
What hardly anyone knows: Verena has a law degree. She graduated magna cum laude. So why does she work in a factory? Because no other job would allow her to reconcile career and children and, of course, because she moved to the country for her great love and there is not so much choice here.
Acquaintances admire Verena, for her strength, perseverance. Or they pity her, because she has no man.
Friends Verena has not.
She is pragmatically inclined and probably wouldn't even have time to cultivate friendships.
Who now thinks Verena would be an unattractive woman who looks and dresses as pragmatically as she lives: far from it.

As already mentioned, she is almost forty, but looks like thirty. At most. "Stress preserves," she laughingly shrugs off when asked about her age.
When she smiles, she can look haunting and evil, blame her green eyes and hard features: the high cheekbones and angular chin, at the height of which the dark red-tinted curls end (Verena's natural hair color is auburn).
Verena is tall, estimated at 1.77 meters tall, so for me at the time huge and a bit scary. She has legs that I'm sure Heidi Klum would be envious of. She wears an athletic size 36 and every once in a blue moon drives to the nearest big city to find fancy ankle boots in her shoe size (42, I think I know). (I knew this woman for a long time and never saw her in flats.)
Most of the time I see her in her favorite pair of jeans, a pair of washed out, stylish skinny jeans from Lee, with paint chips and rips. "Because that's how you wear them now, I just added some of my own to the rip where the pants broke," she explains to me. "A few years ago these were my work pants, now people pay a lot of money to get something like this in new". Oha. So when the jeans are airing, Verena wears one of those black, shiny leather things, maybe leggings? With a white, long, loose blouse. She could probably get away with anything with her figure, and if she didn't live a small town, she would have become a model, or at least a trendsetter.
She mostly finds trends laughable and for people who don't know what to wear or do on their own, her wardrobe has room for three pairs of pants, a coat, a knit dress and a few tops, including a fur vest that she sometimes wears over her white blouse when she feels like letting people look stupid and talk again, because that's what they do anyway.
Everything about Verena is a statement.
So is her perfume. She only has two pieces, one she loves and one she wears until she has the one she loves again.
And she loves none as much as L'Eau d'Issey. That's why for every one of her birthdays or Christmas, her kids (sometimes with the 25-year-old lover) pool their money and have someone drive to the bigger city to get this stuff.
Spending almost 100€ on a perfume is something Verena is reluctant to do. In her children, the money is better invested.
So even though she secretly knows she's going to get her treasure from her treasures, she acts surprised every time, but is honestly overwhelmed in the process.
As I am of L'Eau d'Issey.
I smell Verena aka L'Eau d'Issey, there Verena is still tens of meters away (and that's an UNDERstatement for a change) and still have it in my nose, she's long gone.
No scent has burned itself into my memory like Verena. It fills the room with its presence, is an overstatement.
For myself, this fragrance is an impossibility, I can't smell it, which is probably due to the carnation-violet-rose mixture (all notes I don't like that much, maybe also because of the memory).
But if anyone can wear it and carry it, it's a woman like Verena.
A woman who is incredibly strong, independent, smart, a woman with rough edges. I smell no warmth, nothing heartfelt, more like a punch in the gut to anyone who gets in her way.
Verena is not for cotton candy ladies, not for elfin "la vie est belle" salesmen, not for anyone who would like to be Everybody's Darling.

When I meet Verena (the woman) today, I am no longer afraid of her. She's gotten a little smaller and rounder over the years.
But HER scent has not lost a bit of the oomph it had for me back then.
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Very helpful Review 19  
The enraptured being at the Opernplatz
One day my brother and I were invited by our grandparents to visit an opera. Hansel and Gretel. I have ambivalent memories of this performance. As children who otherwise spent their time in a village of 200 people performing questionable experiments on electric pasture fences, the Leipzig Opera House was an impressive setting. On the way back, our grandfather discussed the possibilities of making one more detour to a nearby bar without having to put us in a taxi alone on the way back. As we stood around indecisively in Augustusplatz on this rainy autumn evening, a tall woman with wild dark curls caught our children's attention. She looked at us from the side and greeted us cautiously, "Karl? Veronika?" As it turned out, she was a friend of my parents, vaguely known to us from previous visits. Since she had to go in the same direction, she gave us a lift in her taxi and my grandfather could go his way with peace of mind. Meanwhile, we children sat in the taxi with my parents' friend and drove through the autumn rain. I remember this memory so vividly because this woman was wearing a perfume. I suspect it was that Issey Miyake fragrance that my mother also bought one day. It was a glistening bright silvery dut, like breathing in cold fresh air and suffocating at the same time. This woman wrapped in a dark coat, sitting silently smiling next to me on the back seat, embodied maturity, beauty, safety and danger at the same time for me with her scent. This smell was so beautiful and strange to me that it made her a being removed from reality. She seemed to float through it.
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Very helpful Review 11  
Dewy fresh jump into the 90s
I have known L'Eau d'Issey for a long time "by sight", the bottle has been a regular in the perfumery for many years and there are already several flankers.
But I never really got to grips with it, and had it only removed and fresh in my mind.

Then a few weeks ago a colleague had put it on, with hot 35 degrees and potzblitz ... I was quasi shock in love with this smell! Since my colleague is a multi-sprayer and always puts on a lot in between, I could already see that it was L'Eau d'Issey and only asked her again about the execution... it was the eau de toilette.

For me, L'Eau d'Issey is like a leap back in time to the 90s and yet timeless and modern.
A dewy, green-herbal fragrance, floral and almost metallic. Undercooled. Reminiscent of Eternity, but much fresher and lighter. Like a moss landscape covered in dew.
Most beautiful in spring and now in late summer, when it slowly gets cooler; but also at very hot temperatures, as my colleague has shown.

Even though the market is flooded with aquatic-floral-fresh scents, L'Eau d'Issey is a representative with recognition value and has been around for a long time.
It reminds me of my childhood, this cool freshness is, I think, typical for the 90s.
Even though many outfits and hairstyles from the past were to be run away from, there was a timeless style that still fits today and which in the past could certainly be emphasized with perfumes like L'Eau d'Issey. As an example: Lady Di in casual clothes;-)

I finally bought it for my colleague and now I like to wear it myself. A pleasant, timeless fragrance with good durability and radiance. Perfect for work and leisure time and for all occasions where you want to feel fresh and cared for all around.
A higher dosage cannot hurt. Beautiful bottle, milky and elegant.

The fragrance is really fine, because it is so timeless and can be worn on many occasions, even if it is a little stepmotherly treated here at Parfumo.
In any case my recommendation to all 90s fans who want to revel in old times or those who are looking for THE perfect office clean scent;-)
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Very helpful Review 10  
Fresh, clear rose meets a mountain stream in the forest
In the forest, there is nothing but clarity,
if you draw your circles there,
so there I met the rose truth,
and knew right away I was in love
She is standing there in the round dance with others,
in beauty they are not inferior,
and moving between old woods,
she kisses me old dreams awake.

Of sunshine and new times,
after too long winter rest,
and smiling, already from far away,
waves to me the spring nymph.

I confess - I bought this fragrance exclusively according to the description.
I did not know what to expect - the comments ranged from "bad" to "great" After a few days wearing it I go with great.
I had eagerly awaited the package and it arrived faster than I had hoped. When I unpack the first surprise - a really nice package, diagonally cut, diamond shaped and therefore very fitting, when I think about it.
Next, the bottle. Elegant, modern - not too extraordinary but I love the cover detail. Like a single drop of water that has landed there by chance and is just waiting to be gently nudged by a fingertip that wants to find out how well it holds.

But now the smell.
The first splash was like the door to a rose boutique opening. My nose is full of it and I smell nothing more than the almost exuberant bouquet that someone is holding in the middle of my face
But not long afterwards the rose steps back and makes room for more. I do not perceive melon, not at all, in fact this perfume is everything, but not fruity.
The adjectives clear, rich, beautiful and elegant come to my mind.
All of the flowers unite to create a single, rich, floral fragrance of a captivating clarity, led by the rose and carried by the woods (which I love, otherwise the fragrance would be pale and pleasing) to a size all its own.
It's a fragrance you can definitely like, but you don't have to and I can well understand why this perfume divides opinions.

The durability is above average and I have the feeling that the scent lingers a little bit in the room before it disappears...
Like a water nymph,
who feels caught.
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2 short views on the fragrance
4ajbukoshka4ajbukoshka 1 year ago
Want to get an office on your own?
Wear this one
& you’ll get anything!
Highly recommended for dominant boss ladies who have no feelings.
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Jazzy76Jazzy76 5 years ago
The 90es made fragrance: at every concert I used to wear this zen scent because its "frozen"notes gave me good vibrations. I love it!
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