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19 days ago - 10.02.2024
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Favorite Romantic Fragrances

Favorite Romantic Fragrances

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day, to those who celebrate! In the spirit of love, I've compiled a few of my favorite "cheapie" romantic fragrances. 💝

Valentine's Day reminds me of chocolate-dipped fruits, musks as sheer as lace, and of course... indulgent, gourmand roses! 🌹 But I also think there's no better way to show yourself some love, than feeling fresh and clean - so I've included some "romantic" freshies, too.

1. Chocolate Covered CherryChocolate Covered Cherry

This is exactly like biting into one of Queen Anne's cordial cherry chocolates! It has every component: the outer chocolate shell, the bright cherry liqueur syrup, and the sharp Maraschino cherry center. I have yet to find another chocolate-cherry fragrance that is as realistic and literal as this one.

2. Whipped Rose & Vanilla / Whipped Rose LatteWhipped Rose & Vanilla

I love this Whipped Rose & Vanilla mist, even more than the popular Roses Vanille (Eau de Parfum)Roses Vanille Eau de Parfum ! This is a candy-like rose with a dusting of powdered sugar - like taking a bite of a jelly cube of milky, rose-flavored Turkish Delight. You can't go wrong with this delicious, gourmand rose 🤤 and it has impressive longevity for a body mist, too.

3. Bourbon Strawberry & VanillaBourbon Strawberry & Vanilla

This is one of the more unique offerings from Bath & Body Works, with beautifully-blended notes: the bourbon vanilla is sweet, the strawberry + white peach give a tart punch, the peony + jasmine sambac combo is soapy-fresh, and the musk + blond woods make for a sexy base. As a bonus, this mist lasts all day on my skin with 12+ hours performance!

4. Velvet PetalsVelvet Petals

Velvet Petals is not what the name suggests, as it feels mostly like an ambery-musk + creamy almond to me. I picture an amber-colored bouquet (Victoria's Secret doesn't say what the floral notes are, so I guess that's one of Victoria's "secrets" 😉) - dipped in a decadent almond glaze, and shrouded in an alluring, lace-like musk.

5. Sugar Plum FigSugar Plum Fig

If gourmand roses are too heavy for you, Sugar Plum Fig is an excellent alternative. It is light, feminine, and fresh - with a blend of bubblegum-like, powdery-pink rose petals (almost feels like you could sink your teeth into them) + soft, dark plum. Despite the notes listed, I didn't detect any cinnamon, orange, or fig.

6. Rose ChocolatRose Chocolat

Rose Chocolat is powdery, creamy, fresh, and clean - like a watery pink bar of Dove soap, mixed with a hint of milky white chocolate and sweet musk. It's one of my favorite fragrances at the intersection of clean + gourmand, and feels as smooth as your favorite silk robe. And even at a low price point, I still smell whiffs of it on my skin and clothes into the following day!

If there are other "romantic" fragrances you enjoy (cheapie or not), or any particular notes that feel romantic to you, I'd love to hear about them in the comments below! 💋🍫

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