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2 months ago - 27.04.2024
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Reflections on Middle Eastern fragrance combinations I gravitated to, in March

Reflections on Middle Eastern fragrance combinations I gravitated to, in March

1. Fragrance World Shalina Royal Essence + Ajmal Musk Silk Supreme: In this combination, I prioritised three accords- the pink rosiness of peonies, a feeling of clean earthiness from lily of the valley and the combined headiness of white musk. This was not a favourite, but it made do for the very odd bout of warm spring evening.

Judgement: Suitable for those who prefer scents that cannot offend.

2. Ahmed al Maghribi Supreme + Ajmal Violet Musc: In this combination, I focused on the rose note (I spent months mulling over the rose note in Supreme before purchasing it, but I am glad I took the risk). A crisp, pink rose with dried red fruits from Supreme and powdery pink roses with violets surrounded by a combined dose of heady musk. A favourite for mixing in close confines with folks who may be leery of strong fragrances.

Storytime: I wore this combination on a recent work trip to London in April. I applied Supreme body gel + my cocoa butter moisturiser to my skin, put my dress shirt and trousers on, applied several sprays of Supreme EDP and then sprayed on Violet Musc after I had slipped on a merino vest. This application was completed at 4am. Several hours later after lunchtime and much air and train travel, my colleague lauded my beautiful fragrance, and even much later at 10pm, my sister, a fellow fragrance lover, complimented me on my perfume. I did not respray throughout the day.
Judgement: Make further explorations into pink rose, musk and powder combinations. They are very suitable in public occasions.

3. Ahmed al Maghribi Brown + Lattafa Velvet Oud: In this combination, the clary sage and pineapple notes from Brown are heightened. They call to the oakmoss, patchouli and leather in Velvet Oud coming together to form a new fragrance. Perfect for a long day spent in my home office. I tend to apply Brown on skin after moisturising, and then I top-up sprays with Velvet Oud on my clothing throughout the work day.

Judgement: Pineapple and oakmoss do not always agree depending on the individual's skin biology. It agrees very much with mine. I am unsure to try fruit + oakmoss combinations in the future, despite this success.

4. Khadlaj Date Night + Alhambra Philos Opus Noir: Dressed to impress, this combination turns heads. The nutty vanillic projection of Opus Noir suggests it might be a man or woman dressed in something upscale, but not catching. However, the fruity-floral mid and ambery vanillic dry down of Date Night that projects to passersby will tempt the curious to have a peep to match the face of the woman, to the body.

Judgement: This is not a combination for the shy wallflower. It says, "notice me." It was also not a favourite. Date Night on its own is a strong projector and combining it with Opus Noir only serves to heighten the expression of cedar and vanilla. Unsuitable for close confines.

5. Ajmal Sacrifice + Ahmed al Maghribi Rose Noir: Two clones of two well known fragrances. That they are put together and find ways in the mid and dry down to work so well together, is not a mystery. I apply Rose Noir to my skin as the base, and Sacrifice to my clothing.

Judgement: Unsuitable for warmer temperatures and close confines.

6. Rasasi La Yuqawam pour femme + Alhambra Black Origami: Two clones of the same fragrance, when put together become a powerhouse that projects all day long in a way that is unisexual, tinging on bitter truffle masculine.

Judgement: La Yuqawam alone is sufficient for me.

7. Ajmal My Wonder + Al Haramain Junoon: The opulence of the amber of Wonder and powder of Junoon form something quite powerful in this combination. I dare say, it should be treated with a light hand lest it overwhelm you and others fortunate yet made unfortunate to be within close confines of you.

Judgement: Explore further combinations of My Wonder with scents that play on bloody orange, mandarin, iris, honeysuckle, cedar, sandalwood, and dry amber.

8. Khadlaj Special Occasion + Lattafa Velvet Oud: Perhaps my favourite combination on the list. A green floral blend that took on an oakmoss-patchouli stance without merging or either note being defeated from opening to dry down.

Judgement: Explore further combinations of Special Occasion with patchouli and musk heavy fragrances.

That's all. Any thoughts? Any combinations that work well for you?

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