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12 months ago - 07.10.2022

“Encens Roi” - Histoires de Parfums Presents Incense Fragrance

The latest creation "Encens Roi" of the French niche label Histoires de Parfums is designed to be an ode to the ancient, fragrant gift of incense.

The perfume is described as "a mysterious whisper between the sacred purity of incense and the mystical warmth of precious balsam".

Under the fruity and herbaceous tones of Roman chamomile, the mineral and sparkling of olibanum incense meets the woody and almost salty freshness of Schinus Molle (Peruvian pepper tree), evoking the crackling bark of incense trees and their resin that exudes its resinous notes in scorching desert winds.

Saffron is accompanied by Atlas cedar and unfolds the richness of its leather and tobacco undertones, illuminated by the spiciness of pimento.

Olibanum and saffron carry the composition, one through the mysterious darkness of oud and the balsamic warmth of cistus, the other with decadent accents of white cocoa and vanilla, regressive, irreverent and epicurean.

Histoires de Parfums
was founded in 2000 by Gérald Ghislain. The brand's collections are meant to be a library through which stories and history come to life, much like books through words.

The perfume is available in bottle sizes of 60 ml and 120 ml.

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