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1 year ago - 23.06.2022

Jean Paul Gaultier expands fragrance portfolio with "Scandal Le Parfum" and "Scandal pour Homme Le Parfum"

With "Scandal Le Parfum" and "Scandal pour Homme Le Parfum", the fashion and beauty label Jean Paul Gaultier has introduced two new variants of the popular fragrances. Just as usual with Gaultier, separate versions have been created for women and men.

The feminine "Scandal Le Parfum" is based on tuberose. Sandalwood and tonka bean create an impressive fragrance experience from it, which makes all senses rotate. The perfume is then made perfect by jasmine, salted caramel, honey and black vanilla. The result is an overwhelming, opulent and unforgettable fragrance that leaves you wanting more.

In the male version "Scandal pour Homme Le Parfum", vetiver, caramel and clary sage form the foundation. The actual fragrance explosion is then created by cardamom, iris and lavender, which give the men's fragrance a warming coolness.

The flacons of the two new fragrances are also extraordinary. "Scandal Le Parfum" is - in keeping with the sensual effect - in bold red and is closed by a silver pair of ladies' legs. And "Scandal pour Homme Le Parfum" underscores its masculine appeal with an almost bulky crown closure.

The perfumes are available in 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml bottles (women's fragrance) and 50 ml, 100 ml and 150 ml bottles (men's fragrance).

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