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SmellGoodGuy 10 days ago 4
Fit for Royalty...
The absolute BEST jasmine themed fragrance ever. At least that I've smelled. And I am not a jasmine fan.

My only gripe with this, and don't laugh, is this is a scent for rich people. This gives that: 'I'm better than you.' vibe. I kid you not.

Altho it's perfectly unisex, I can imagine a queen rocking this in all her regalia. Chin held high, with a slight smirk on her face, beholding her court.

This is a scent that makes everyone else's fragrance smell like room spray or just plain loud and uncouth. Something I find typical with a lot of their offerings.

I really, REALLY, want this. But, I can't justify buying anymore fragrances, especially at this price point. Y'all think Tom Ford asking price is shocking, shoot. Lol

BUT, to me, this is worth it.

Too, I would feel outright pompous rocking this. And that's a lot to say considering what my favorites are.

Oh, and by the way: I'm not a fan of mixing fragrances. At all. However, I have a small decant of this as well as their other 2023 release entitled 'New York' (REALLY good tobacco scent) and mixing them together takes the both to new heights. If complexity and depth (something this brand does not really offer) is what you crave, just mix them. Trust me and supposedly they encourage the mix.

Shout out to Simply Put Scents on YouTube for making me aware of these new releases.
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SmellGoodGuy 1 month ago 3
Good stuff...
I bought this at the start of COVID and sprayed it once and I liked it, vowing to give it more wearings when the weather was ripe for it. Something I just never got around to doing.

Fast forward a week ago, i was trying to see what I would go with for the next day and just happened to pick this up. I thought 'let's see' and the longer it stood on me the better it got!

The next day proved to be back on the hot side of things and I dismissed it.

However, this coming fall season, I will DEFINITELY have this on. This is a beautiful mossy, patch & honey fragrance that oozes manliness. I'm happy I own this.
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SmellGoodGuy 5 months ago 5
What was that?!
This is one of those fragrances that is very hard to understand smelling it up close.

I also find that this is not a fragrance you would want to liberally apply. Doing so will project the close up experience of the fragrance. If that makes sense.

This one is meant for the air to translate. I had this on and, to be quite honest, did not fully enjoy the wearing experience of it. However, the next day or two, I was doing laundry and this sophisticated aroma was wafting off of one of my shirts and it wasn't until I got a closeup whiff of the shirt that I realized it was Enclave! So, yeah, this is definitely a keeper.

I just wish I can experience it exactly as I did on that shirt all the time lol

To be honest tho, I think MOST fragrances, if not ALL, are perceived differently in the air. This is why a person can be wearing something you own or have smelled before and not recognize it but yet be intrigued by it. Or you can buy a fragrance based on how you smelled it on someone and not like it once you purchase it. It's not always skin chemistry.

Sometimes, it's the same exact smell to others, but by smelling it up close you totally think you got a bad bottle or something.

Kind of similar to meeting a beautiful woman. Once you become close to her you don't see her how you once did, but yet everyone still compliments you for having a gorgeous lady by your side.

Ok, that's it for me. Until next time ..
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SmellGoodGuy 8 months ago 2
An oud unlike any I've experienced..
After hearing about this, I went into the D.S. & Durga boutique in Manhattan and asked to sample it. I tried in vain to procure a sample vial but, considering the pricetag and availability (only 7pcs made), I understood why they couldn't.

Upon spraying this on a blotter card, I fanned it about, pulled my mask down and smelled it. My initial reaction was I must have sprayed the other side as I couldn't smell anything.

I flipped it and smelled: nothing.

I went into the light to see if I can see the spray mark. Ah, there it is.

Sniffed: nothing. Sniffed again. Now I get it, but it's faint.

In it's defense, I was wearing 3 sprays of Nefs by Nishane and that was at full blast. Even that late in the day. So it had competition and it may have been distorting my sense of smell.

But what I did smell, I liked. A lot.

So I put it in my wallet and waited until I got home where I can smell it again.

Upon smelling it again, it was more distinctive but yet still very mild. But it still confirmed my strong like for the scent profile. In fact, I can't associate it with any oud or scent I've smelled before.

It has a slightly animalic, but smooth profile. Also something mildly leathery, which could perhaps be attributed to the licorice and styrax.

I wish I could offer an approximation of what this smells like but I can't think of one thing. I can say, however, this smells high-end niche.

I would love to try on skin to see if it brings out other facets with the interplay of my chemistry. Perhaps even better longevity.

What I can say is, considering the pricetag and overall quantities made, this is definitely targeted towards collectors and rich people who love exclusivity.

Anywho, take my assessment with a grain of salt and try for yourself. If it's still available, that is.
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SmellGoodGuy 8 months ago 2 2
Folks, idk, I REALLY enjoy this one. I liked it from day one when I first bought it, maybe, 2-3yrs ago?

I've never worn it outside the comfort of my home, so I can't tell you how other people will react towards it. What I can say is this was conceived in an era where indoor smoking was permissable and clubbing "cologne" was brought to market with that reality in mind.

They wanted something to cut pass the fog of smoke and yet not become too clash-y with the smokey environment. And if you smell this and consider what I just said then you can imagine this THRIVING in that environment.

However, natural smelling wasn't part of the brief. And I think this is the ultimate reason why folks are getting an air freshener vibe from it. That's what it kinda did anyway, right?

So, for this reason, I'm hesitant to actually wear this in public in today's environment. I mean, people still smoke but gone are the days where smoke filled public spaces are the norm. So there's nothing to conceal the fact that, on it's own, this is kinda industrial smelling.

With all that being said, I keep spritzing this and wanting to wear it. Again, I REALLY like it.
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