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A chypre for someone who doesn't like most chypres?

A chypre for someone who doesn't like most chypres? 5 months ago

Hello! I'm hoping to get some recommendations on chypres that don't have an astringent or soapy harshness to them. I realize it's likely the new standard oakmoss and aldehydes, but for some reason I'm ok with it in fougeres. Modern chypres are incredibly varied and perhaps some don't feel so sharp- do you have any you particularly enjoy that don't wind up smelling like Necco wafers?

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5 months ago

You might try Nomade (Eau de Parfum)Nomade Eau de Parfum . It has an oakmoss note but is not at all soapy. My Burberry (Eau de Parfum)My Burberry Eau de Parfum is a nice cyphre without any oakmoss.

5 months ago
4 months ago

Try Papillon's Dryad and Rogue's Chypre Siam.



4 months ago 1

Thank you for the suggestions! I think lately something has clicked in my brain because I've been enjoying some really lovely chypres.

28 days ago

@Rachelg if you can try Coriandre (Eau de Toilette)Coriandre Eau de Toilette. It is chypre of course but light and powdery at the same time.

27 days ago

If you don't like Invasion BarbareInvasion Barbare I think you have no reason to look at cyphree frags, there are loads of options without the need to limit yourself to that category.

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