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Which perfume should I buy next?

Which perfume should I buy next? 1 month ago 1

Hi everyone,

Mi name is Mike, I'm 23 years old and I live in Mexico. I've recently got into the collogne world and I would love your suggestions on which cologne I should buy next.

My most recent acquisition were Zara Rich/Warm/Intense, JPG Le Beau le parfam and Club de Nuit Intense Man.

I am looking for a Night out/Date night perfume. My first option was Spicebomb Extreme, but it's out if my price range for now. So I was thinking something like D&G The One edp or La Nuit de L'homme, but I can't decide on neither. So which fragance should i buy? Other options are welcome.

My budget is 60€ max.

Thank you in advance for your opinions and recommendations!

1 month ago 1

Le male, in my opinion, but probably you alteady know It.

1 month ago

Dior suvage edt

1 month ago

Al Harmain Amber Oud Gold Edition

22 days ago

Go ahead fro the lovely the one EDP

u won’t regret it

LDL is so weak bro and will make u feel u wasted ur 60€

15 days ago

Go 9pm9pm which is a Ultra MâleUltra Mâle clone. Really good night oit fragrance and low budget.

12 days ago

Probably the weather would be rather warm or hot in Mexico?

If you still want to go for a sweet and intense fragrance my suggestion would Joop! Homme Le ParfumJoop! Homme Le Parfum - this has iris, praline and vanilla. It's sweet and it has very good performance. It's more for colder weather but this is very affordable $30-40 and like many say, if this was in a Chanel or Dior Bottle people would be craving for it more. It's LE PARFUM, not the others which are not that good.

You should be able to find at discounters at least a 50ml of The Most Wanted ParfumThe Most Wanted Parfum - this is simple yet more unique, inviting and intoxicating. It is not as sweet as the previous one.

Otherwise, you can always go for Y (Eau de Parfum)Y Eau de Parfum which you should be able to find at around $60 from discounter a 60 ml. This is sweet and fresh apple with ginger and clary sage.

Personally, I don't really like 9pm9pm I think Ultra MâleUltra Mâle is a lot better but this is also a very common scent. All dudes smell like this, at least in Europe. And I don't recommend The One for Men (Eau de Parfum)The One for Men Eau de Parfum for the same reason I cannot recommend any Sauvage, you will smell like her ex and all the other guys.

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