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"Imagined" notes

"Imagined" notes 5 years ago 2
In "Miss Dior Eau de Parfum" I smell a gingerbread note. Do you imagine a note that is not listed in the perfume's note list?
5 years ago
Great topic! I do this more often than not.

I swear I smell incense sticks and smoke in "Secrets d'Essences - Rose Oud". It's what I love about it!
5 years ago 1
I caught myself thinking This is Him! by Zadig and Voltaire had patchouli, incenseand something else.
3 years ago

I'm pretty sure there's a tone of cardamon and cinnamon in "I'm Home (Perfume)"

3 years ago

I totally get skittles from Guess - Seductive Homme

2 years ago

Some perfumes with cinnamon, when the conditions are right, make me smell apple cake. Even though there is no apple note listed.

an example would be Imagination by LV

2 years ago 1

H24 definitely smells like ironing your clothes 

Ylang ylang = banana candy‽ 2 years ago 1

I get a strong banana taffy note from Fleurs des CaraïbesFleurs des Caraïbes, likely from the ylang ylang. I am addicted to that banana candy scent but I know it can be very polarizing.

1 year ago

For Good Fortune I get the smell of Candied Apple no fruity notes listed and for A*Men to me it smells like a Chocolate Orange.

1 year ago

H24 definitely smells like ironing your clothes 

Oh that sounds amazing if it smells like that.

1 year ago
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