Sharp by Andrea Maack
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Sharp is a perfume by Andrea Maack for women and was released in 2010. The scent is sweet-powdery. The production was apparently discontinued.
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Orange blossomOrange blossom VanillaVanilla White muskWhite musk


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Submitted by Imel, last update on 20.09.2022.
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The name of the fragrance is a composite of the term Shape Art.


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Hot chicks?
Hi guys and welcome to another fragrance commentary. Yes yes, it never ends, but if you've been engaging with my comments then... well, your own fault. There will be a few more to come, and I will keep writing,... unless, for whatever reason, I also find a girlfriend at some point, then I am so out of here, mu ha ha :D

But as long as I'll continue to provide you with comments until I find something to snog (so never, you'll be able to read over 100,000 more comments from me, guaranteed! :DD)


Well then... it's all about Sharp by Andrea Maack today. Great... Sharp! So sharp. And now I have to think of hot women, a coincidence when I'm always single? Baah, how cruel, argh. Delete commi immediately, delete commi immediately, pah too late... well then move on....

*sigh again*

Okaaay, before I bitch any more here, I think I should gradually get to the scent, because my "1000-words-babble-which-have-nothing-to-do-with-the-scent" at the beginning, I have hereby once again managed, yeah! :D

The scent:
Sharp starts with a mix of vanilla and orange blossom. You can smell both scents right away and they smell nice too. A little later, it continues to smell of vanilla and orange blossom, but now the sweetness is increased a little by the musk. I also smell something herbaceous in the background that I can't determine. Unfortunately, nothing else is specified here, so I can't make a very good guess, but it somehow smells like summer kitchen herbs, albeit quite faintly. But that is perhaps also just the orange blossoms, which now just come across a little green-herbaceous.
Later, especially in the base, the herbaceous notes are quite weak and you smell best only vanilla and orange blossoms out, where the vanilla radiates best and the fragrance thereby comes across beautifully sweet and powdery.
At the very end you smell only vanilla, for this the fragrance is as always nice and powdery and sweet.

The sillage and the durability:
The sillage is quite okay, but could have been slightly stronger, especially if you want to use the fragrance for going out, for which it is actually quite suitable. The durability is quite good, because the fragrance is already eight to ten hours well smellable, even if most of it should of course be the vanilla.

The bottle:
The bottle itself is pretty simple. It is cylindrical and ends with a dome on which the spray head sits. But what enhances the bottle enormously is the beautiful lid, which was designed to look like a stone lid, which also looks very great.

Soo, so I think this fragrance is quite successful, but not too outstanding. You can smell orange blossom for quite a long time in addition to the usual vanilla, which goes well with the vanilla. But although the fragrance actually has nothing more to offer and was thus quite simply composed, it smells quite nice for a very long time and is thus well suited for the evening, for going out (even if he could have been stronger for it) and similar occasions. But because it also has a cuddly effect, you can also just use it for yourself and feel comfortable. A cuddly scent, so of course I have again nothing to cuddle... hmm... where here somewhere the cat scurries around. However, he prefers to either only eat or only sleep. If you disturb him, then he is so not cuddly, bah, this son of a bitch :D

The fragrance is not too heavy, by the way, despite vanilla, but I would still classify the fragrance more in the fall than to warm days. More there is to say to the fragrance actually yes no more, because it is something simple failed, but some like yes also fragrances that have to offer rather less fragrance notes and which also constantly smell the same over time.

And that's it for today from me. I wish you all a nice evening, take good care of yourselves and until the next time,... we "see" us here certainly soon again, and the still seeeeeehr often! ... *sigh* :D
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