19 Louanges Profanes 2008

19 Louanges Profanes by Pierre Guillaume
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8.1 / 10 255 Ratings
19 Louanges Profanes is a popular perfume by Pierre Guillaume for women and was released in 2008. The scent is floral-sweet. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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Top Notes Top Notes NeroliNeroli HawthornHawthorn
Heart Notes Heart Notes White lilyWhite lily FrankincenseFrankincense
Base Notes Base Notes Gaiac woodGaiac wood BenzoinBenzoin


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6 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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Top Review 35  
Come with me
"Come to Italy for a while. Come with me to the blue sea. "Is the (a bit stupid) text of a song from 1956 by the otherwise quite talented Caterina Valente. Because it's so stupid, I always have to think about it when it comes to holidays in Italy. Stanz sprays himself with Louanges Profanes (worldly praises) and is Klein-Stanz on holiday in Italy. Because the perfume spreads the smell of sun milk on sunlit skin. Klein-Stanz enjoys the freedom, the warmth, the many exotic smells and animals. The sand is hot on the feet. The pine grove in which the caravan stands is cool and smells slightly of the resin of the trees.

But the perfumer didn't plan it that way. I just found a Youtube video with Italian subtitles on which he himself tells in French how it came to the development of this fragrance. The mission was to olfactorically represent the greatest happiness in a woman's life. Pierre Guillaume thought this must be the birth of a child. Therefore he drew his inspiration from the smell of a baby's fontanelle. He took a strand of his godchild's hair and used it to perform chromatography to separate the olfactory components. It smelled mainly of musk and bananas. He presented the preliminary result to the client, who then wanted him to make a perfume that smells like the night of love with an angel. He had thought of babies quite harmlessly and now it went in a completely different direction. A "beautiful angel with long blond hair". He wanted to create an oriental fragrance that was both sensual and pure. Two things that aren't compatible. Neroli as pure fragrance and Benzoe as sensual fragrance. Then he looked for connecting links that could lead from Neroli to Benzoe. He wanted to process religious symbols. Orange blossoms (from which neroli is extracted) were particularly in the 19th century tied in France to a wreath which the bride wore at the wedding as a sign of virginity in her hair. The white lily is also called the Madonna lily (not because of the Madonna, but because of Mary, the mother of Jesus) and is a symbol of virginity. The hawthorn is said to have served as the material for the crown of thorns of Jesus. Benzoin is used in the Orthodox Church instead of incense. Incense stands for the Catholic Church. Guaiac was the wood from which Noah built his ark (in the Bible there is probably only "resinous wood" and now everyone is arguing about which wood). In any case, the other religious elements transform the neroli so that it makes its way to sensual. Say PG.

It's nice to know that, but the worldly song of praise is reminiscent of sun milk. I like the scent very much. It smells flowery - soft to warm resinous. A fragrance of well-being. Which fulfills the first requirement, memory of happy moments. But I wouldn't want to spend nights with angels. Funny idea.

In my opinion, Louanges Profanes is really a perfume for women. Maybe you don't have to be a lady, I can wear it. It suits every occasion, not only in church. Some forms of pilgrimage can certainly be considered sports. I'm sure you can wear it any time of the year
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Top Review 29  
"Powdered cloak.Light corolla.Late blossoms."
Like when you feel
and after a whimsically long,
mild and sunny summer
to become the autumn champion of hearts.
(And that only
in wintertime)
You will not
so light,
that's, sure,
you know it,
not so easy.

A noble goal,
and in general:
what do you actually have
done for it until today,
such an honor
to be proven...
"Come'now ,
say 'mal,
well, what,
say 'come on -
na what?"

Others do
and do,
and Your Excellency thinks it was enough /> so simply out
some bodkin
with the shirt number 10
to tighten.

To be like Diego Maradona
-or his younger one,
chubby sister Elsbetha -
( precocious both ! )
to feel.

And beyond that,
even still
with the hand of God,
to the darling
of the firmament.

Come on, it's not that easy the way to salvation is wide
and is by no means given to everyone;
and a good intention alone
is not enough
So please, please, please, please, please, finally,
for all I care, today, tomorrow the day after tomorrow,
around 1:00 p.m.,
on the day of the Lord,
when the bell rings,
by breaking your voice,
with a breathy kiss,
at the hundred and second tear,
when you put your heart out,
while embroidering your circus jacket,
so please do something right for once
...put on a powder coat

...get a battery for your crown of lights

...free Little Joe

...be a disciple of Ritchie Blackmore's
and play the solo in "Burn" ,
oh, only half as good
and know that you will be immortal just because of this

...know that nothing is not nothing

... advise Claudia Kleinert,
not to wear such old-fashioned clothes

...buy Olaf Scholz a wig
...marry AKK, so that from today on she's only: Schmidt is called

...give the Dalai Lama all your love
...honor His Holiness the dahlias, the late roses
and every simple herb

...show a dune what it means to walk

...make a milkmaid's calculation,
shake your head,
if it doesn't work out and accept,
how little you really know...

...wear fairy-tale scents over and over again,
because you've known for a long time,
that they can heal.
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________br />

Such a smell,
is "Louanges profanes":
Powder coating, corolla, late blossoms,
shaking my head silently in front of so many beautiful things,
know less
and be much more,
walk from sunny,
orange amber daybreak
up to
drizzle rain humidification,
semi-mamethyst grey,
velvety-skin tired
Bedtime of your day

Pooh !

What else remains to be said?

By the way: buy a wine-red hatbox,
where you go on cold nights
put your heart to sleep
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Top Review 16  
The plan of the abolition of darkness
When you read a book, you get something out of it for life. Through the story you can feel how and what people experience, what moves them. There are people who you think live on the sunny side of life - but no one lives there. Everyone has their story and the one in this book is a cruel one. An inhumane school system is denounced and Peter Hoeg's way of writing is so honest and insightful. I just don't want to believe it exists.
Cruel people have always fascinated me, always tried to understand, read a lot about them, how they become that way. Were they made that way? Is cruelty hereditary? Can it be treated?

I don't. It doesn't matter, because they're there. To escape it there are so many ways. I wouldn't say that the people around me are cruel, that I know any at all. Special maybe, different, sometimes choleric, insecure, sick..........

The plan of abolishing darkness for me is perfume, connecting me with people who bring me closer to scents. Thinking about how nice you sit together, share and talk shop. How the sun is shining and you can still sit outside, even though it's already autumn. In addition a coffee, beer, wine, good food. This plan almost always succeeds. And you had a short vacation for a few hours.

Louanges is part of my plan. A friendly fragrance, sunny, sweet, holiday feeling, do not think about the cold temperatures, sensual - rather think about the next summer. At the first spraying I thought, oh no, again a nice tuberose scent. But it's lilies, slightly smoky lilies. I think through guaiac and incense. The opening with neroli.........then these wonderful lilies, the light smoke, as it progresses it becomes powdery and more powdery. Is it sweet? Of course!

On Sunday, my plan with two dear women came to fruition - I wish you the same.
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Helpful Review 6  
by comparison we suffer
When I think about perfume I tend to rely on literary or verbal devices.  By literary I don't mean particularly lofty in nature, I just mean that we use tricks of the tongue and the pen to get at perfume.  I'll use visual allusions, fictions of memory, description and tidbits of narrative.  The trouble is that all that words offer is comparison.  The device I lean most heavily on is  metaphor.  'Perfume X is like a night on the town in Elizabeth, New Jersey.'  'Post-reformulation, chypre Y is a child who's lost her teddy bear.'

Relying on words to think about perfume has two effects. The first is a that by seeking connections, it fosters imagination and creative thought. The second is a demonstration of how few tools of analysis for scent our current vocabulary supplies.  My problem with metaphor, though, is that it's as much a weak translation as it is true metaphor. The process goes like this:  Smell a perfume. Pause, for 10 seconds to two weeks.  Piece together words to tell a story.  I question whether this method can result in anything greater than the merely clever.  You'll hear very talented perfumers talk about story telling and narrative and its importance in perfumery.  We perfume users, though,  should question this sort of romanticism.  Do perfumers who rely on story tell us stories, or do they use story as a device, a sort of imagery that aids them in designing perfume?  Can a perfume truly tell a single reproduceable story, not just a subjective olfactory experience, to multiple wearers?

Sometimes smelling a scent or fragrance will lead to a sort of sensory hallucination, that blanketing state you feel when smelling a certain perfume, typically one that you haven't smelled in a while. But this is largely a function of memory, and our understanding of the association between sense and memory muddy if not simply incorrect.  Every now and then, though, a perfume will launch you into a seemingly more direct sensory experience.   The experience  doesn't trigger or rely on memory, it feels new. 

Smelling Parfumerie Générale Louanges Profanes for the first time gave this sort of experience. It gave me a feeling of viscosity.  A fluid consistency that isn't thick, chewy, creamy or even watery.  It suggested a fluid I had never experienced before.  On that had a thick/thin, lubricant viscosity like silicone along with a sweetness that hovered between liquor, elixir and sap.  It made me focus on the qualities of sweetness, like the way that glycerin has no smell, but is sweet when you touch it to your tongue, or the way honeysuckle nectar smells and tastes the same. 

To categorize, Louanges Profanes is a floriental, an orange blossom/amber, to be specific.  But this is an instance where breaking the perfume down into its scent descriptors isn't particularly useful, because doing so doesn’t capture the experience of the perfume, it just tells you what’s in it.  The sensation of fluidity and slickness eventually fades as what seemed liquid starts to dry.  The perfume continues to suggest states of matter.  Louanges Profanes feels like it dries into a set piece, and gives the nose equivalent of drying brushstrokes.  Like those deliberate, voluminous stabs of paint you would find in one of the Mulberry Tree paintings by van Gogh.  The paint and the perfume both retained an appearance of fluidity as they dried, capturing the appearance of movement and action.

On that note of bad visual comparison, the end.

from scent hurdle.com
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1239 Reviews
Scrumptious Benzoin-rich Sweet Hawthorn Oriental
I do not believe that it is only because of the opening phoneme, but Parfumerie Generale LOUANGES PROFANES strikes me as vaguely reminiscent of the Keiko Mecheri LOUKHOUM series. I am working from memory here, having fully drained all three of my LOUKHOUM samples quite some time ago, but looking at the notes I do see that both contain, in addition to a huge dollop of creamy sweetness, hawthorn.

This is a very beautiful and complex oriental floral perfume, which altogether avoids the usual clichés and rampant fads, above all, vanilla patchouli. I find this composition much more oriental than floral, and the benzoin-rich drydown is simply scrumptious, with serious addiction potential!

Interestingly enough, other reviewers have compared LOUANGES to another perfume with the same opening phoneme, LOULOU! However, since I do not suffer the unmistakeable LOULOU plastic-madness headache upon donning this far more compelling and appealing creation, I must respectfully disagree...
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Loulou31Loulou31 5 months ago
J adore ces louanges, elles sont douces, résineuses, profondes .elles appellent aux délices .
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