Devin 1977 Eau de Cologne

Devin (Eau de Cologne) by Aramis
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Devin (Eau de Cologne) is a popular perfume by Aramis for men and was released in 1977. The scent is spicy-woody. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.
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Colonial Goods XX - Who the F*** is Devin?
Devin is an Aramis, and Aramis is an Estee Lauder, and he's American. In fact, you wouldn't believe everything that belongs to Estee Lauder, about thirty brands. Among them are: Tom Ford (yahaaaa!), Michael Kors (really?), Le Labo (no, now, they're so independent and all...), Jo Malone (but they're British, aren't they?), Ermengildo Zegna, Frédéric Malle, Clinique and just Aramis. Aramis, by the way, is not an acquired brand, withnephews and -nones! 1960 Lauder has simply said: We make now times ne chic men's line, and we call all "Aramis something", sounds more masculine than Estee Lauder something.

So Devin is American, ergo 'Devin' as in Kevin and not Devin nasally 'Diwääh'? Bernard Chant, on the other hand, although you could pronounce it in perfectly fine English, was French. So what the heck does Devin mean?

What the Lauder Company was thinking when they named it, probably only the vulture knows, maybe it just sounded good. But since I was annoyed by the lack of knowledge, I looked into it: Devin is actually a masculine given name in English-speaking countries, deriving from an Irish word meaning bard or poet. In French, devin means soothsayer or clairvoyant. That the meanings all play in the same direction is no wonder, as they both derive from the Indo-European root DV: divine. As in Sanskrit deva, in Latin deus and divus, or in French divin (I'd be interested to know if any Frenchman intuitively knows that divin and devin are actually the same word).

Divine I find the fragrance now not garade, but really very good. The subtitle says cologne, strictly speaking country eau de cologne, but I still hesitated to include it in my cologne range. It's actually more of an eau de toilette in terms of longevity, six, seven hours is about it. Especially in America, "cologne" is often used for men's fragrances in general. And according to its characteristics, it's not exactly a light, sparkling citrus scent. But if I let the slightly crazy aldehyde rose geranium tank cracker G-Man pass as a cologne, I have to do that here willy-nilly also.

And indeed, it goes off not so uncolognig: I feel in the prelude a nice, strong, round, predominantly organgigen citrus accord and also something lavender is to be guessed somewhere. If that's not a cologne!

Already at this point, and then later intensified, but also quite different impressions occur. There is a well noticeable slightly animalic-dirty aspect, an Antaeus quote perhaps, but not so fine-nerved and provocative. Plainer and more grounded, country cologne in fact. Antaeus in a lumberjack check while fishing. And something core woody and warmly spicy. Again, I can think of a reference scent (which, like Antaeus, I also love): Bel Ami by Hermès, but without the gruff and cigar-like. A well-aired Bel Ami, I'm telling you: country cologne. The tart-sweet (here rather tart) moss patch of the base note one has similarly already smelled in 100 men's fragrances, but even at the 101st time one still purrs with comfort.

Devin is just like its bottle and label. Unadorned, very classic, very masculine, a bit conservative. A country cologne-style spicy fougère, not screaming green despite the galbanum writ large, but nicely balanced woody-orangy-tart-spicy-mossy-earthy. A cologne with slightly graying temples and small wrinkles around the eyes, but therefore no less sexy and perhaps just for that reason particularly full of character and balanced.
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Top Review 39  
For perhaps the 17th time, he turned his head to check the
Front door.
No pretty brunette in a hat, anyway.
Well, it was still ten minutes early.
He relaxed. Hadn't he done everything with
He'd arranged everything with care The place - first class.
One that was priced well above his level.
But for a first date with a woman
who had only ever seen him on the dating app, -
just right.
And he was wearing the right fragrance, too.
Carefully chosen.
He had signed up specially on a perfume forum,
to learn as much as possible about fragrances.
For weeks he had read, in earnest.
As if before a vital exam.
And now he had his perfume.

It reminded him of his father - that certain, reliable
Authority, coupled with a particular humor, indeed with
a certain rebellious attitude.
And it smelled just wonderful - green-herb and meadow-fresh,
serious and cheerful at the same time, through a fine
bold citrus-orangy effervescence. Like a lightning
Idea. Transitioning into a peculiar warmth, which reminds him of wood
as well as dry spices, cinnamon and camp
fire, of shirt-sleeve or children's-weekend-in-the
Country dreams, of good fresh forest air, of mushrooms, also
of ant soil and log-cabin escape plans.
He would never have said so-but to himself he could
make all that out and enjoy it like a child.
Creaky yet elegant, deep yet fresh, clean
and unafraid to get dirty, sunny and
at the same time reminiscent of redeeming rain.
There was that much in Devin for me. At least.
And then he had this idea.
Maybe a stupid thing.
But anyway. He just wanted to give himself a touch of exclusivity himself. Gray and nondescript, as he often felt.
He would somehow get her to pick up the scent
to take it in her hand. And then
He had the bottle in his pocket. And perfectly rearranged.
It had been a bit of a job - but now
the label said his own name instead of "Devin" -
The seriphene "K" had not been so easy to cut out
and glue it on... And he thought it was perfect.
"I had it made for me - I have an address like that
in Paris..." he would say casually.
Now all that was missing was her.

Five minutes late - she thought that was just about right.
She opened the door and did a quick, routine check of the interior
of the restaurant.
It wasn't particularly crowded. Quickly, very quickly in fact,
she had located him. That had to be him.
Tousled brown hair that looked like it had been cut by himself.
Tall and thin and kind of like a big kid.
But most of all, there was the dated book on the table,
on the bottom as if in the window of a bookstore -
"The Catcher in the Rye."

"Hello! How nice to meet you..."
"Nice to meet you too..."
She sat down and placed her silk scarf beside her on the
"Strange, to suddenly feel so in real..."
"Here you go, the card..."
He said that at the exact same moment, she laughed sheepishly,
and took the card.
"Yeah, I think so too..." he tried to pick up her thread,
"I uh..., go ahead and pick something expensive, I'll buy you a drink of course
"I'll buy you a drink.. Maybe he should have phrased that differently?
She looked at him kind of funny, didn't she?
Oh well, he was just imagining it.
"Well, myself, I'm just gonna drink was, ain't hungry right now
Hungry..." he added. "I like watching you though..."
She looked at the map, somehow she seemed tense to him.
Sure, first meeting, all natural, he reassured himself.

Can this be true, she thought. What a jerk. And he says
that so easily there, as if he... he doesn't realize that perhaps?
Almost funny again... but, well, one thing's for sure - he smells
at least quite well... somehow so nice and fresh...
From perfume, she had not so much idea. Sometimes
she smelled it on her friends. Or sometimes on
Men. Mostly she liked that. Roch just quite good, nice and fresh
stop. In any case, mostly.
"Um, yeah, I don't know yet... maybe a salad...?
"Oh well, just have the senatorial platter, it really doesn't matter.. it really doesn't matter..."
But I don't eat meat..."
"Oh, well then..."
He was flabbergasted, he hadn't expected that.
But no matter.
"Comes with scampi too..." he finally said.
"Um... I don't like them either... they're so fishy somehow..."
"Yeah, well, I agree, they are, unfortunately..."
He wondered what else he could say.
She sniffed unobtrusively in his direction.
That scent...there was something green about it, something of nature. And
also something grown-up, self-assured.
Such a certain clean spiciness, perhaps herbaceousness.
Something also reminded her of a Mediterranean forest.
Interesting. Oddly appealing.
And somehow new to her. More than "nice and fresh."

He would have to say something now, something intelligent or even
Funny. But what? Somehow elegantly bring the perfume into
So that afterwards he could perhaps
could pull out the bottle Of course, quite nonchalantly and inconspicuously...
"Do you think my perfume is that great?"
"Um...I, yeah, what can I say..."
What was that about now? Had he really asked her that now
really asked her that now? She was actually speechless.
"Well, it does smell good, uh, nice and fresh..."
She just couldn't think of anything better, even though she knew
that it was weak.
"Here, look, this is it!"
He pulled out the bottle and set it on the table in front of her.
"I had it made, there's this perfumer
in Paris..."
This couldn't be true. She immediately recognized the letter it looked just too ridiculous What was she supposed to say to that? Was this possibly his kind of
Humour? Was she supposed to laugh now?
"Great, Kevin, a scent with your name!" she said instead.
He sprayed her arm a few times without asking.
"Here, take a sniff yourself..."
As if in a trance, she brought her forearm to her nose.
The fresh scent mingled with the one he was not exactly
faintly. It gave quite a concert of scents,
a word that came to her as if of its own accord.
Freshly cut grass, soft cinnamon, perhaps a few
Cloves, a kind of moss that smelled pleasantly raw and natural,
a subtle, pleasant sweetness that was somehow accentuated by an equally subtle
Bitterness somehow accentuated even more.
Or was it the other way around?
The terms came to her mind without her being able
could construct a meaningful sentence for them. Or wanted to.
One phrase that didn't even remotely come to her mind
came, was: Smells like a hermaphrodite from Aromatic Chypre
and Green Fougère in the drydown, a sophisticated variation
of "Alliage", and typical of Barnard Chant..."
Where from?
Instead, she thought about Kevin.
Wasn't that an absolute moron?
So moronic, in fact, that in the end it was all right.
Somehow...she didn't really know herself.
Anyway, not a bore.
And actually not unsympathetic.
Rather the opposite.

E beamed at her.
She had to smile.

There was a certain warm feeling inside her,
as if from a still tiny little flame.
She remembered a phrase her aunt had often said,
she had never given it much thought, but now.. it suddenly seemed somehow appropriate. It read:
When you smell good, the whole world smells good.
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Top Review 23  
The prophecies of Monsieur Chant
The perfumer Bernard Chant, who unfortunately died already in 1987, created only a rather manageable portfolio, but he left behind some absolute classics with Aromatics Elixier or Aramis 900, Azurée, Cabochard, Halston, JHL and the classic Aramis, among others. Devin (French clairvoyant) may not necessarily belong to the first team, but it is nevertheless a much respected and masterfully designed fragrance that is still convincing.

Moreover, for an eau de cologne it is anything but light-footed, no rather so rich in content that most people would classify it at least for an eau de toilette if not even as eau de perfume.
It combines the citric freshness of Aramis, the refined herbaceous spiciness of Aramis 900 and the oriental sweetness of JHL, i.e. Devin begins mountainous, but galbanum, some caraway seeds, pine needles and above all neat cinnamon quickly follow. The latter is definitely the linchpin of the composition, packed with trailing woody notes as well as oakmoss and a skilful patchouli/leather combination.

No, he is not as harsh as Aramis 900 and not as sweet as JHL and can't reach either of them olfactorically in his sublimity, yet Devin has his charm, since he already indicated in 1977 what would be in fashion in the 80s.
Most of today's wearers will probably have lived through that decade from beginning to end, because the fragrance is not suitable for youngsters, but nevertheless an interesting alternative to attract attention with a vintage classic in their own ranks, even if this could be acknowledged with "You smell like my grandpa".

In any case, Bernard Chant was absolutely pioneering when his creations are still worn after more than 40 and 50 years. Kudos!
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Red cabbage and roast pork
"Devin come on up, there's red cabbage and roast pork - adapted to today's times it should rather be: "Come on up, there are 2 Big Mäcs, an extra portion of fries and two liters of Coke (with 140 sugar cubes) and pre-programmed fatty liver. Of course, Devin's real name is Kevin, he's slightly obese, irreversibly fused to his Samsung cell phone, smells like fabric softener, wears tasteless brand-name clothes and isn't the brightest light in the lamp shop...
Reference to the scent? -1.
The addition of "Country" is the marketing chief probably after 3 Campari orange occurred... the fragrance could incidentally just as well to the light bulb, tire change or opera visit wear. Devin Country purchased in the summer, applied at around 23 degrees and initially found to be reasonably good ... someone has noted here you could wear it superb at high temperatures - not true. In cool or cold temperatures, the scent is a blast! An initially slightly pungent, fierce opening that develops into a wonderful, minimally sweet leather scent as it progresses. TipTop!
All with gold chain, lush chest hair and slightly geriatric features equipped SilverSurfer should consider a purchase...
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My Personal Replacement for Polo
No, they don't smell that much alike. However, I have a thing for fragrances with a good dose of pine in them, my favorite for many years being (vintage) Ralph Lauren Polo.

My most recent bottle of Polo has not stood up to reformulation at all. What was once glorious pine with wonderful tobacco and mossy notes has turned into pine cleaner and a dirty ashtry to my nose. As a former smoker, that is nothing I want to smell like. Since then, I have had many affairs, looking for someone to fill the shoes of my now lost love.

One Man Show was simply too much. Quorum was too much, and I didn't warm up to it any more now than when I was 16 (47 now). Krizia Uomo is beautiful but didn't do it for me. There's a bitterness on my skin I dislike. Neither did Sung Homme, although I enjoy it now and again. Pino Silvestre is too medicinal to my nose, and Aqua Brava is lovely but too fleeting.

Enter Aramis Devin. Mine is the Gentleman's Collection and is probably a far cry from the original formulation (I know the current Aramis is a much tamer beast). It's still nice, and while it isn't my old Polo, it shares that beautiful dense smoothness when it dries down. That was what I was missing. Granted, it's nowhere near as intense as original Polo, but times have changed. That level of intensity was borderline acceptable in the 1980s and would be really out of place now.

Back to the Devin, I really like the current formulation. Estee Lauder seems to have spent more time and love reformulating their standards, so, while they are no longer the powerhouse fragrances they once were, they're still beautiful, lighter, and incredibly easy to wear (something that couldn't be said of some vintage Lauder frags). They get a unequivocal thumbs up from me for effort, and for results, especially in the face of restrictions. As always, with this kind of fragrance, I recommend sampling before you buy. It's not for everyone.
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ChicoRoch1ChicoRoch1 1 year ago
One of the greatest by the House of Aramis. Even the current bottle is nice
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RobbieXRobbieX 2 years ago
A deep earthy green musky fragrance. Try before you buy. I love it now, but wasn't sure at first. it's potent
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