Tuscany per Donna 1992 Eau de Parfum

Tuscany per Donna (Eau de Parfum) by Aramis
Bottle Design Ken Hirst
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7.6 / 10 103 Ratings
A popular perfume by Aramis for women, released in 1992. The scent is floral-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It was last marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.
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Mediterranean plantsMediterranean plants RoseRose Citrus notesCitrus notes
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HoneysuckleHoneysuckle JasmineJasmine PeonyPeony CarawayCaraway
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AmberAmber SandalwoodSandalwood VanillaVanilla
7.6103 Ratings
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7.711 Ratings
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1239 Reviews
Very helpful Review 6  
Trésor's Kissing Cousin
Having already set foot on the sweetest of memory lanes by donning TRESOR for the first time in years, I could not resist indulging once again in TUSCANY PER DONNA, which I have always viewed as a close cousin in spirit, flavor, and form. And I do mean flavor!

TUSCANY, too, offers a blast of sweet rose with lots of vanilla and peach, but this fragrance has a somewhat better defined development trajectory than TRESOR. Which I suppose is fairly faint praise, since TRESOR is practically linear to my nose!

TUSCANY dries down to a still very sweet but also woody-spicy layer with more depth than TRESOR, perhaps because of the panoply of other notes, most of which are simply drowned out by the peach-vanilla-plum-rose tour de force. It's funny though, I always preferred TRESOR before. Today, TUSCANY seems slightly more perfumey than TRESOR, and I love the scent of both, but they seem so very far away from the chypres I've been wearing of late.

I think that's okay though. I can love the music of Elvis Costello and J.S. Bach at the same time, so why not TRESOR and TUSCANY alongside MITSOUKO and L'HEURE BLEUE?

50 Reviews
Very helpful Review 6  
Green Woody Classic
This is so feminine and classic perfume!
The fruity-herbal opening is strong juicy with peach-orange-plum
combination with green notes!
Rich and floral heart with prominent honeysuckle ,hyacinth and carnation notes...dries down to a most warm and woody sandal-amber-musk basenotes!
Great perfume ..warm sensual woody classic!
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355 Reviews
Helpful Review 6  
Trésor per Donna
Not being able to find a vintage mini, I have to compare Tuscany per Donna to a 2012 bottle of Trésor; which, according to Bois de Jasmin (who describes Sophia Grojsman as her mentor) has changed, and changed a lot.
In the light of that, I'd still say Tuscany per Donna is a blatant rip off of Trésor (1990) even down to the (Aramis) bottle shape and colour of the juice. I suspect it's based on the same quartet of chemicals as Grojsman's ground breaking invention : Hedione, Iso E Super, Galaxolide and methyl ionone; just the ornamentation has changed.
Tuscany per Donna is darker, more fruity-acid, much sweeter, and a bit woodier. It's less milky than modern Trésor, and overall, more of a bludgeoner. Even so, I think I prefer it.

78 Reviews
Italian Elegance Found In Suburban America Nostalgia
Thoughts on August 8, 2023:

I have a "backup bottle" of Tuscany per Donna (2015) from 2020. I had to open it up to see how different it was from the older reproductions of Tuscany per Donna (2015) from Estee Lauder, and further back, to the original Tuscany per Donna Eau de Parfum. It's watered down, which I fully expected. What was en vogue and au courant in 1993 is now dated; loud spices and ostentatious sandalwood need to be muted for today's tastes. It's still a throwback scent, muted as it is.

I didn't know Samsara Eau de Parfum existed in 1993. Tuscany per Donna Eau de Parfum was readily available in every American suburban mall and was Samsara Eau de Parfum's loud gum chewing sister. Both were strikingly gorgeous but there was a slightly trashier edge and accessibility to Tuscany per Donna Eau de Parfum that made her fun and possibly more suitable for a seventeen-year-old bookish girl. I waxed poetic about my prom night and this scent in my original review of Aramis's version below. I still get nostalgic when I smell it. I still have a late 1990s bottle in my possession for reference.

Occasionally, I find vintage bottles of Tuscany per Donna Eau de Parfum in thrift shops and flea markets. If I didn't already have a my 25-year-old bottle I'd be collecting them all. Also, if I didn't already have a large bottle of Samsara Eau de Parfum or a newer Tuscany per Donna (2015), I'd be jonesing for a vintage Aramis bottle. That said, I do have these so I'm good with what I have.

Original review from July 29, 2012:

I cannot help but tie this fragrance to nostalgia; I wore this fragrance to my senior prom. Nostalgia aside, this is actually a really enjoyable hearty fragrance. Tresor may have popularized the spicy pitted-fruit floriental trend of the 1990s but Tuscany Per Donna perfected that trend. TPD smells like the 1990s but it encapsulates the best of what the decade had to offer in a bottle.

TPD is distinctive, redolent with spice-laden stone fruit preserves. There are no spices listed but it smells spiced—I think the spiciness can be attributed to the carnation (I’m not a fan of carnation but it is so irresistible here). (An aside from 2023: I LOVE CARNATIONS! I was still learning what I liked and did not like in 2012, and I thought I didn't like carnations. I have since learned I have a love-hate relationship with aldehydes, which were often used with carnation perfumes. The more you know, right?) It does not take long for the vanilla, amber, and warm woods to imitate the scent of bakery goods—those fruit-filled butter cookies come to mind. It’s blissful! This decadent scent will stick around from first spray to next shower. The sillage and projection are typical of most 1990s scents: strong and sturdy.

I have an aged bottle—my second one—from the late-1990s that has only gotten richer with proper storage and time. I liked it when I was seventeen but I love it now that I am old enough (read: evolved) to appreciate all its phases. I love TPD for its unabashed personality and its ability to be gourmand at heart without being sickly saccharine.

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I've only written short statements so far, but I don't want to boil down the description of this perfume that much.
Where do I start? - Perhaps that this fragrance appeals to something very deep within me, something outside myself, it seems. A primal connection to Mother Nature. The feeling of a primal security in her womb. The feeling of being a part of her, a very small one, but one that knows how to appreciate her importance and value for us humans. After all, she has very generously distributed her abundant beauty and rich gifts to us humans. This fragrance is an invitation to approach her, to (re)connect with her.
I feel invited to spend a late summer afternoon in Tuscany - not in Renaissance cities, but in untouched nature. The earth is pleasantly warm from the golden sun, which is slowly receding from the strength of midday and becoming milder, almost indulgent. Everything that grows, blossoms, greens and roots has reached full maturity and exudes its innermost, its fragrances, its vitality with open pores.
I don't want to list individual components, they wouldn't necessarily enrich the overall picture. Stay in my imagination, lie down and linger on the warming, nourishing earth, breathe in its life. Because it is also the source of MY life.
That's what "Tuscany" reminds me of. And also how important it is to guard and preserve this treasure...


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