Signature 2020

Signature by Baldessarini
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7.5 / 10 64 Ratings
Signature is a popular perfume by Baldessarini for men and was released in 2020. The scent is fresh-woody. It is being marketed by Mäurer & Wirtz. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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3 men in a 2-man tent
I tested "Signature" (what a creative name, have only 2,000 companies given their fragrances) in the store, on paper and fled so to speak.

The drydown on the strip, even days later, somehow convinced me. Aventus, but in good and interesting.

Habs me finally ordered online cheap, including free shower gel. (I find that with such a fragrance really cool, so for a change times).

Now that I own the fragrance, I feel the following associations:
More Cedrat Boise than Aventus, which makes it independent(er). However, on the skin often associations from a 70% Aventus + 30% Boss Bottled mixture, since I read from whom here it also reminds him of #Dolce & gabbana | K", I also see here a small impact.

Therefore also my title. ;)

More extensive testing & wearing is still necessary, but my impression is, Baldessarini has maintained its usual style: Short bevors exciting becomes, we turn into the safe track, and make the fragrance round enough for the masses.
This keeps the impression solidly good (find it clearly more interesting than many other Aventus clones, especially for the price too), but it remains then too trivial for me to be really excited.

My tip:
Better times in the store at the shopping tour completely eindieseln with it, and then look whether you want to buy it.

Otherwise, durability + silage very good, price / performance excellent.

Blind buy risk against 0 at the price, and in case of doubt you can still give him away and he will impress the 0815 Normalo people who Aventus vl. not even know. ;)

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Topfpflanze3Topfpflanze3 5 months ago
Very nice and well rounded take on Aventus, similar to Loewe Esencia. Better than Explorer, more mature, slightly dry and less synthetic.
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