Coney Island 2007

Coney Island by Bond No. 9
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5.9 / 10 120 Ratings
Coney Island is a perfume by Bond No. 9 for women and men and was released in 2007. The scent is fresh-citrusy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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MargaritaMargarita GuavaGuava MelonMelon
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CaramelCaramel ChocolateChocolate CinnamonCinnamon
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VanillaVanilla CedarwoodCedarwood SandalwoodSandalwood MuskMusk


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Aquatic fresh summer cocktail with endurance
A few words about the average rating grade 5.9.

The Bond No. 9 brand is torn away from the more frequent here - sometimes rightly in view of (too) high retail prices and (too) synthetically turned up performance. But sometimes also wrongly, as in this case. The fragrance is a lot better than the rating given here. Unfortunately, many individual ratings < 4 pull him massively into the trash hedge, although he knows how to please in many places. As a yardstick for comparison: Parfumo also praises various smelly animalistic Zirbet and Oud bombs with an 8er rating into the sky, which remind more of cowshed than of olfactory virtuosity. The bad note has probably also to do with the brand and not only with the perfume: in the beginning I also felt Bond scents as loud, overpriced synthetic bombs. But now I appreciate their DNA too. In cross comparison they often have a good to very good performance and some scents are unique in their own way. The better bonds require some patience and time until the fragrance sorts itself after a provocative or out-of-round opening. With online discounts, they can also reach regions with acceptable prices.

The scent is not necessarily the favourite of fine noses and perfume nobs who want to sniff out each lime leaf individually, including the course of the scent from seed to harvest, tasting and final composting. Gourmet lovers who like cocktails, watch out! And for those who just want a long lasting, cheerful and special summer scent: dare. It pops, refreshes and differentiates itself from many citrus toilets and from the standard Sunny, who wants to please everyone with boring modesty.

To the fragrance:
Morning 8:30
It starts relatively hot with a citric green mix of lime, melon and other fruits. I can't really separate what can be attributed to the guava or the margarita chord. Sometimes a hint of green shimmers through, which reminds me of basil and as soon as I approach my nose the scent, the green is already gone again. His opening statement is, "Wake up people. The sun is already there, here's the party, here's the cocktails. Don't be shy. And don't worry, we're open all day." If he is too sharp at the beginning, patience is advisable - he gets even rounder ;)

Lunch 12:00
The indicated heart and base notes slowly move up and remove the edges of the fragrance in the course of approx. 2-3 hours piece by piece. At no time, however, does one of these sweeter gourmand notes dominate the fragrance. He's on the beach and he's staying. Around noon Coney Island voluntarily leaves the role of the present main actor to the sun, which now stands vertically and pops. The fragrance switches to refreshment for the benefit of the wearer: it invites to a light maritime snack with melon. Additionally it produces a transparent maritime aquatic aura, quite slightly salty without any algal
with sea salt. I get hungry and want to eat melon with Parma ham. Unfortunately there's no such thing here :( That's a point deduction for the location!

Where many summer scents usually leave only the memory of the former freshness, Coney Island can still be felt. Not bad for the fleeting grades.

20:00 Evening
There is still a hint of aquatic freshness on the skin. Now at the latest it is clear that durability is not just a brand promise, but a reality.

Morning, next day 8:30
Nothing is noticeable on the skin, but the T-shirt still smells clearly from the day before.

The fragrance is not the same, but the theme is comparable to Creed VIW or Tommy Bahama's set Sail St. Barts minus coconut, plus margarita and on a different volume level. At first the decibels separate, later Coney Island asks the two with a slight smile: "How, now already flabby?"

Why can he disapprove:
The Formula 1 like start with loud pricking citrus at high rpm. At first it smells synthetic until the aromas subside. Not everyone likes the melon. He is from Bond No. 9 and thus automatically qualifies as an olfactory enemy image for the bond haters ;)

Fragrance: 9.0. Especially during the first few hours it makes a difference and signals "Happy. Summer. Beach. Party. I'm ready! I'm ready! You, too?"
Sillage: in the first few hours the tail initially pulls loose 2-3 meters.
Projection: Not quite as strong as the Sillage but noticeably longer than the arm.
Shelf life: At the top and amazing for a citrus. 8h plus on the skin depending on the situation and temperature. On the clothes can be reached 24h and more.
Flacon: A gorgeous radiant blue. Definitely an eye-catcher.
Price: Bond normal prices are hefty - like their performance - but more often available for half or less online. Given the fragrance idea and shelf life reduced his money fully worth.
Blind buy: for me and adventurous perfumes yes.

Conclusion: Test it and don't let the bad perfume rating discourage you.
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Take me Baby to Coney Island
This is so unique and so beautifully composed, i'm glad to have it as part of my fragrance collection. I know many people detest the Bond No.9 fragrance range but I am a big fan of them and Coney Island is definetly one of the stand-outs, not only for its uniqueness but for its quality.

The Margarita is the true star of Coney Island, it offers something Strong, Fruity, Salty and altogether something very unexpected. The initial burst is supported by the occasional whiff of Luscious Caramel and a very linear and creamy vanilla-chocolate note which seems to just blend with the Margarita, creating what smells almost like the perfect cocktail-dessert sort of scent.

I've in all honesty, never smelt anything like Coney Island before- its the perfect Party scent. Its very bold but avoids being obnoxious and has fantastic staying power to see you through til the next morning. Its a definite winner and very much worth its price-tag.
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Interesting & Unique but neither Compelling nor Attractive
On paper, Coney Island should be right up my alley -- fruity-citrus top, cinnamon gourmand middle, sandalwood & vanilla base. Unfortunately, I get a 2-hour wear of some citrusy fruit concoction. To me, this phase of the scent seems more like a B&BW wallflower experiment gone awry than the listed fruit & margarita. Then POOF!, the top is gone, leaving a vague, sweet & woody aftershave that could be worn by someone like Situation Mike.

Was that the margarita, guava and melon that I smelled on top? Because, we all know that Coney Island is associated with tropical fruit drinks, right? (*snark*) The sweet cinnamon gourmand middle? It's not there. How about musk, sandalwood & vanilla? Not detectable to my nose, unless it's those faint base notes, which are definitely on the masculine side of the spectrum. For some reason, this aspect of Coney Island reminds me of Gaultier^2, and not surprisingly I dislike the aftershave that is Gaultier^2 even more than I dislike Coney Island.

Although Coney Island seems to have quality ingredients, the scent is neither compelling nor attractive, although it is interesting & unique, I'll give it that. Quality alone cannot justify a purchase at this price, particularly when the scent experience doesn't match my impression of the place. If anything, the scent experience might be like being inserted into an episode of MTV's Jersey Shore. Perhaps that is the point.

For the last 6 months, Coney Island NIB has been available at about 50% off Bond retail at a major beauty etailer. However, Coney Island is not one to blind buy ... at any price.

* tested manufacturer sample
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is there anything universally revolting?
There is something in the composition of perfumes from many houses that makes them identifiable. It’s not universal, but you can recognize a classic Guerlain when you come across it. Similarly, Caron, Estée Lauder, Montale, Amouage. It might be a similarity of style, it might be recognizeable notes. How many times have you heard people comment on the Guerlinade base, or that Andy Tauer’s perfumes having a similar drydown?

There are many reasons for using a common base. For some houses, Guerlain, de Nikolai, Amouage it’s the result of deliberate concept, or school of composition. In some other houses, it feels a bit more insular, the the range of perfumes in a line is smaller. Look at Montale, Juliet Has a Gun, Maison Francis Kurkdjian. I can’t really determine, and therefore try not to judge, whether the similarities among the line are intentional or not. A line might want to leave a calling card as it were. Recognition is the first step and branding, and most up-and-coming houses seek brand identifiability.

Christ, did Bond no Nine choose the wrong smell to identify their line.

Coney comes two years after it's direct predecessor, Bleecker Street, and in the same year as it's soul sibling in the Creed line, Virgin Island Water. Bleecker Street was a spectacular failure, attempting to merge the aquatic and gourmand trends in the same perfume. Not looking for nuanced composition, it simply thought it could get 200% fragrance in one bottle. Fulfilling multiple axioms in one fell swoop, bond No 9 is doomed to repeat the worst of their history. And while I'm not sure who got fooled first with Bleecker St and then again with Coney Island, to paraphrase W, I won't get fooled again.

The common thread to Bleecker, Coney and Virgin Island is the concentration of artificial flavors and qualities. Synthetic aromachemicals have made contemporary perfumery possible. But if quality is ignored, the synthetic/'natural' dichotomy isn't even worth discussing. In more careful hands, the aquatic/gourmand proposition might work. All I mean to say is that for a successful joining of disparate elements, more is required that pouring them into the same bottle, which is fundamentally what was done in Coney Island.

As if attempting to create a hyper-flavored 100% calorie free superfood, Bond squeeze the rancid quality of fat replacements, such as pure 'butter flavor', and the musk-buoyed motion sickness of fake piña colada mix (is there any other kind of piña colada mix?) into one lingering sick feel. You know story of the drunk vomiting person saying it was the last martini that did it, implying that puking had nothing to do with the eight that preceded it? Coney Island is the legendary ninth Martini.

I don't understand these perfumes, and facetiousness aside, they present me with a question to consider. I've read reviews at Basenotes and Fragrantica, and apparently there are people who like Coney Island. Is there any scent that is universally revolting? I don't find Secretions Magnifiques completely unappealing, but most find it universally repulsive.

Coney Island does inadvertently bring up an important point in perfumery and criticism. I don't like the smell of Virgin Bleecker Island, but preferences and opinions aren’t the whole point. I started this website in order to separate myself from public sites that tend to make the consideration of perfumes just a weighing in of opinion. In all subjective matters, opinions will be formed. Should opinion be the last stop in the discussion? My conclusion that Bleecker St, Coney Island and Virgin Island Water are similarly flawed compositionally and unsuccessful in their aims, isn't simply a loud way of saying that I don't like them. It's a critique of an aesthetic product.

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Unique Summer offering
Coney Island is a weird yet fun fragrance. First of all, I was surprised to see a fragrance with these type of notes being marketed for summer use. Cinnamon, chocolate, cedar? YIKES! Well...... Not so much. :) Coney Island is a unique composition that starts off with a blast of melon, cinnamon & aqua notes. The beginning is strong & comes at you full force, but don't let that steer you away from this beauty. As it mellows down after a couple of hours, the musk, chocolate, lime & melon all appear on my skin in harmony with no note outdoing the other.

Coney Island projects nicely and last about 8 hours on my skin, which is good for a summer marketed fragrance as many of them are fleeting. I would think the cinnamon, chocolate, cedar & sandalwood are responsible for the fragrance holding up thus far along with higher quality of materials used. The only thing problem I find with Coney Island is versatility! If your not going to a beach & or amusement park, picnic, maybe even a zoo, I don't see where this would fit in. I would not wear this to the office as it does not fit in with that type of setting at least for me.

I do applaud Bond No 9 for creating a fragrance such as this. They stepped out on a limb & ran like the dickens! Rather you like this or not, it deserves credit for what it is.
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