Eternity Now for Men 2015

Eternity Now for Men by Calvin Klein
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5.8 / 10 98 Ratings
Eternity Now for Men is a perfume by Calvin Klein for men and was released in 2015. The scent is sweet-fruity. It is being marketed by Coty. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Top Notes Top Notes
Coconut waterCoconut water GingerGinger Star aniseStar anise
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Cedar leafCedar leaf StarfruitStarfruit PatchouliPatchouli
Base Notes Base Notes
Bourbon vanillaBourbon vanilla Atlas cedarAtlas cedar Tonka beanTonka bean

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Interesting Facts
The faces of the advertising campaign are models Jasmine Tookes and Tobias Sorensen, photographed by Cass Bird.


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Fine fragrance flatterer for the cool season
I own "Eternity Now" I believe since 2016, and have not worn it very often. But not because I find him bad!
On the contrary...
I think this is the only fragrance with coconut as a perceptible note that doesn't annoy me! But I think the coconut in combination with the star anise in the top notes, are the reason why many have an association with a sweet "cheap scent".
I think it's funny that the fragrance smells very unique because of the prominent star anise, never would have smelled anything that reminds me of it. Only a little "striking" he comes across, he smells from the first second on exactly the same as until the end of the perceptibility, which is already there after a few hours, - but he is not unnecessarily intrusive for that either. (Unless you bathe in it..)
Somehow I get a pseudo-orange impression from the mixture of the notes, I guess from "star anise - star fruit - ginger - vanilla" a pseudo-orange impression; and I also think this creates the "fruit candy - fear - reflex" in many people. ;P
(Funny by the way that there are two "star" scents in it, right? ^_^)

EN didn't frighten me immediately, which is why I have come to appreciate him very much and am above his slightly clichéd appearance.
But due to its sweet-spicy-fruity nature it fits almost only into the cold season for me, when it snows outside as it did just now. Also I think it is rather a feel-good scent for cosy hours, not so the "party cracker".

If I had to look for parallels, the first thing I think of is "Uomo Casual Life" by Salvatore Ferragamo, somehow sweet, slightly spicy with an orange touch. (In this case I think it's the Tiramisu lemon rose geranium mixture that creates the olfactory image of orange for me)
I don't want to say that they smell super-similar, but they remind me strongly of each other, and somehow do a similar job for me. However, I find the underground rating for EN here somewhat unfair, especially in comparison to Casual Life, which I find less exciting to smell.

I also find the product advertising images very fitting to the fragrance, they convey the easy-living feeling very well that the fragrance radiates. He is designed for young, lighthearted people rather than for super-serious suit wearers. And when I say "young", I mean people who feel young, there is no age for me where you can't wear something like that with dignity if you feel like it. (:

I've also reflected again on whether I'm not exaggerating... and no. There are scents like Armani Code that score 7.5 and I put them back on the shelf at the 100th test in the store because it just smells so generic and stale. So, in my opinion, an undervalued fragrance, which you can let go of at the price, especially if you are looking for something light-footed for the winter and a change to the really good crackers DHI, Herod, LNDL, etc.. :)
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Ehw, EHW!
The card defines this a “juicy oriental fougère” balanced with “exotic woods”. Pretending I didn’t read the “fougère” part in order to keep my lunch in my stomach, what I get out of Eternity Now is basically only the “juicy” and the “exotic” parts, both in the tritest and cheapest way you can imagine - as juicy and exotic as a tin can of sweetish synthetic drugstore tropical soda. Juvenile, shabby and – ok, you get it.

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