Essence of the Park
The Essence of Central Park
2015 Profumo

Essence of the Park / The Essence of Central Park (Profumo) by Carthusia
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7.6 / 10 103 Ratings
Essence of the Park is a popular perfume by Carthusia for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is fresh-green. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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LemonLemon BergamotBergamot Marine notesMarine notes ArtemisiaArtemisia TangerineTangerine LavenderLavender
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GeraniumGeranium Lily of the valleyLily of the valley MagnoliaMagnolia Pink pepperPink pepper CloveClove NeroliNeroli
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White muskWhite musk AmbergrisAmbergris Elemi resinElemi resin Tonka beanTonka bean VanillaVanilla VetiverVetiver


7.6103 Ratings
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Nostalgia in dark green
With "Essence of the Park - The Essence of Central Park" Carthusia has succeeded in capturing the aromatic scent and atmosphere of a summer morning in the park.
One summer morning, which I can still remember well, but which unfortunately got a little lost.

This fragrance arouses nostalgic feelings in me. How beautiful it used to be to walk through green areas or parks in the morning hours and enjoy the awakening nature.
Large meadows and clearings, which consisted not only of grass but also of many wild herbs, invited to walk barefoot; the dew under the bare feet was another pleasure of these summer hours.
Today a lot is trampled, with burn holes from the "wild grilling" and very much rubbish and food remains littered.
In the early morning many parks and green areas remind us of the zoo after the legendary "Love Parade"! There are also several ways that are forbidden by themselves: they are used as public toilets and you can smell that too.

So "Essence of the Park" reminds me vividly of the past and the morning walks in one of the big public cemeteries around the corner.
Due to the building of the Wall, large areas are still lying fallow today, on which simply everything can grow that has the desire to do so. Since also the Rasensprenger runs regularly, the wings are trimmed this "uncontrolled growth" only from time to time through purposeful mowing. The different grave plantings and an old tree population lend this place something charming, harmonious, which unites naturally also in the smell.
Here I get my wild herbs on Sunday morning (sorrel, dandelion and much more), which I use for salads or dressings. Freshly cut and untreated, they offer the senses a pure aroma explosion.
The almost untouched flora and fauna in the middle of the city (even woodpeckers and oak tomcats live there) is a rest for body and soul, which I very much appreciate.

"Essence of the Park" leads early in the morning into the fragrant green of the city; it's up to you whether it has to be Central Park or not.
The freshness of citrus fruits - lemon leads the fragrance circle here - is wonderfully accompanied by the herbaceous aroma of lavender. This alone creates a certain Mediterranean touch; a light sea breeze does its part.
Artemisia adds a slightly bitter note to this mixture; wormwood belongs to this plant family not without reason.
Maybe these are the bitter substances that NikEy mentioned in the answer to my statement: they already occur quite violently in this fragrance composition and are also very persistent!
This scent landscape is beautiful so far, although perhaps a little strong for sensitive noses.
A quite pronounced spice of pepper (obviously not only in pink, but also in black) and clove, surrounds an early summer flower mixture.
The somewhat harsh rose geranium dominates this, Magnolia's fine scent is a little offside; Neroli and the always cheeky lily of the valley clearly speak for it.
The base also offers a very beautiful conclusion to the walk in the green: vetiver, dark green and earthy, harmonises perfectly with the bright light points that conjure vanilla, tonka bean and white musk into the green. The cool, somewhat strict fragrance impression becomes warmer, brighter and softer.
Smoky golden resins - here the tree resin Elemi and Ambra - set a noble final point.
Thus this fragrant walk gains depth and is skillfully led towards its climax.
Perhaps to a very beautifully situated bank, which invites you to stay, or a small Parkcafé?

"Essence of the Park - The Essence of Central Park" brings a green experience and spicy freshness into my everyday life for a few hours.
However, the quite strong bitter and spicy scents outweigh and in the end also remain on my skin.
This fragrance friend is not tender and fine: he is strong, but just because of that on certain days a very pleasant companion.
And it awakens memories of original nature, which I was fortunate to get to know as an older woman.
That is why I thank Heikeso in particular for giving me this scent sample.
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