Fiori di Capri 1990 Eau de Toilette

Fiori di Capri (Eau de Toilette) by Carthusia
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7.3 / 10 97 Ratings
Fiori di Capri (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Carthusia for women and was released in 1990. The scent is floral-fresh. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
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Orange blossomOrange blossom TuberoseTuberose GardeniaGardenia Mandarin orangeMandarin orange OrangeOrange RoseRose White blossomsWhite blossoms Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang BergamotBergamot CyclamenCyclamen
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CloveClove HyacinthHyacinth PlumPlum Woodland strawberryWoodland strawberry FrankincenseFrankincense IrisIris NutmegNutmeg PineapplePineapple Violet leafViolet leaf White honeyWhite honey
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OakmossOakmoss CedarwoodCedarwood White muskWhite musk PatchouliPatchouli SandalwoodSandalwood AmbergrisAmbergris CistusCistus


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for many years: Longing for Italy
Capri - the word alone already sounds like sun and vacation: simply after the again and again so necessary "dolce far niente"!
Since the middle of the fifties, the place of longing of the Germans with the "Blue Grotto" and the "golden sun that sinks into the sea".
The film "The Doctor of San Michele" about the writer and doctor Axel Munthe also inspired the fantasies and the desire to travel of the Germans who were well thought of at the time by the economic miracle.
The goal of longing lies directly behind the burner!

But with that the Germans and other strangers were not the first who longed for this island, in the middle of the blue sea.
As early as 26 AD, the Roman Emperor Tiberius moved his seat of government to Capri.
Historians still wonder what his reasons were. Ancient poets, including Tacitus, suspected that the emperor withdrew there to "indulge his desires undisturbed".
Whatever the reasons the emperor may have had at the time, Capri became the winter and holiday quarter of famous Germans, artists, writers and other international celebrities as early as the second half of the 19th century.
So one met there among others Friedrich Alfred Krupp (who the press later suspected he also wanted to indulge in his "lusts" there undisturbed), Rainer Maria Rilke, Maxim Gorki, whose villa repeatedly became a meeting place for Russian exiles and many others who would go beyond the scope of a perfume commentary to enumerate here.
Since 1899 there is even a "German Evangelical Church" with its own cemetery; there the religious affiliation does not play a role in the burial.
Also in the twenties of the last century Capri was a refuge for many Russians who had left their country because of the revolution.
Claude Debussy dedicated one of his most beautiful Préludes to the hills of Anacapri ("Les colins d'Anacapri").
Even the "great" Thomas Mann indirectly left his mark there: his daughter Monika Mann (the so-called "monk" so often scorned by the family) lived in the "Villa Monacone" from 1954, where the painter Oscar Kokoschka liked to be a guest.
As you know, Kokoschka liked to take what he was offered. The women of other men were no exception either; even though he created the official painting by Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer for the "Kanzlergalerie" much later.

"The magic of the shopping streets "Via Roma" and "Via Canarella", which branch off from the piazza of the small town of Capri, is also a "warning". Here it may be advisable to put on a kind of blinkers if the credit card limits should not necessarily be exhausted. There "lives" the temptation!

The evergreen vegetation of the island is supplemented by terrace cultures with vine, oil and fruit trees.
A large part consists of fragrant "Macchie": mainly rosemary and mastic bushes can be found there. Worth seeing and also a pleasure for the environment troubled senses are the holm oak forests, which are there still to be found.
And so we would have arrived on the Island of Fragrances. The way here was long; thank you for your patience!
"Carthusia" I Profumi di Capri has chosen as its program to capture the beauty and fragrant variety of this island in flacons. So we are spared the journey via the Mediterranean here.
So also with "Fiori di Capri"; for the provision of the generous sample I thank Meggi right here.

"Fiori di Capri": this is a walk through sunny, shady and lively island landscapes.
Flower creatures like me get their money's worth here.
Which flower fullness is captured only in the top note: a walk through an Italian farmer's garden brings it with it.
Not only flowers, such as cyclamen and gardenia, but also the variety of citrus fruits and the noble rose native to the area have their say here. White flowers, which always release their evening scent very intensively, and the sparkle of ylang-ylang complete a first acquaintance.
Already now my nose sticks a little to my wrist and wanders on the tracks of the scent over my arm!
Fresh and flowery we are continued: Pineapple - what a thought! - and ripe juicy Damascus plums (I love everything that begins with "Damascus"; I find the word simply delightful!) pave the way to an amazing spice.
I also meet the Iris here, but I especially like cloves and nutmeg; both must not be missing in my kitchen and turn a simple carrot dish into an almost oriental dream.
So also here! This a little sweetish wort pairs well with the full-scented entrée and the sometimes a little penetrating smelling hyacinth (in some badly ventilated rooms it reminds me of stale beer!), creamy honey and the somewhat stubborn frankincense show the way through still some allies, which cannot be enumerated in their variety at all all.
They already form a completely balanced whole here.
This gets its very special charm through a number of the "fragrances of Arabia".
If frankincense is already wonderfully resinous, special fragrance carriers are used with amber, spicy strong cedar and sandalwood.
The golden shine of patchouli is here escorted by the crumpled, slightly bitter cistus rose with the resinous scent and oil, before oakmoss lets its special earthy heaviness resonate in this concert of fragrances.
White musk, often to be enjoyed with caution, has been so skilfully and cleverly dosed here that it is only rounded off and does not even come up with the idea, as is often the case, of playing a more dominant role.

"Fiori di Capri" is a tasteful summer scent that gives pleasure.
It is not easily knitted, but finely tuned and leads in beautiful steps from the "simple flower" and "ordinary" kitchen spices to valuable spices, which the seafaring merchants brought along in former times.
This alone reflects the long tradition of the Mediterranean residents.
On a warm summer day like today, I am surrounded by a somewhat elegant veil of fragrance, which accompanies me discreetly for some time.
"Fiori di Capri" is not loud; it is a friendly, even polite fragrance that makes me curious about "Aria di Capri", whose sample was also left to me.
I'm curious to see what awaits me there. But I'm sure I won't be disappointed.
Both seem a bit old-fashioned female to me; which doesn't necessarily have to be a mistake.

In any case, I am glad that I was able to get to know "Fiori di Capri" and was able to choose it as my present companion.
Grazie per questa gioia! E biao, Italia!
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Plein Soleil
Carthusia's FIORI DI CAPRI is a bright, somewhat sharp and slightly green bouquet of primarily white flowers (lily of the valley) bathing in a vase of amber-saturated wood. The opening is unabashedly floral, and I have to agree with another reviewer that, although FIORI is claimed to be unisex, it would be very challenging indeed for most men to wear such a fragrance.

I bought the 2oz edt as a souvenir when I visited the isle, so it's all bound up with memories of the bright blue sea and sky. Today, on a late afternoon filled with frozen rain, FIORI di CAPRI is somehow reminding me of the film PLEIN SOLEIL (Purple Noon), perhaps the most sizzling thriller ever to be set under the blinding mediterranean sun. (The Hollywood attempt at a remake [THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY], as usual, does no justice to the original!)

There is definitely something daring about this scent, something brash and unapologetic. Something beautiful but at the same time edgy...
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1165 Reviews
Fresh flowers
The only other carnation fragrance I'm familiar with, other than Fiori di Capri, is Fragonard's Billet Doux. The two are very different, this fragrance being much sweeter and less spicy.

The scent is very pretty, nothing too out there, but extremely likable. I haven't managed to dislike a Carthusia scent yet.

It's warm, flowery, slightly addictive but also a little similar to the scent of an air freshner. To my nose, it's rather classic and elegant, however I've read some reviews classifying it as an 'old lady' scent, which annoys me greatly.

I keep wanting to say pretty, because that's the only word that comes to mind when I smell this. I have to agree with Sherapop on this one, this is far too feminine for a man to wear.

A crisp floral bouquet of ylang ylang, carnation and lily that does have a touch of powderiness, however it is nowhere near as powdery as Aria di Capri. It can be worn casually and formally in my opinion, and it's something that should appeal to women that adore overtly feminine florals.

Unfortunately this fragrance is rather weak on my skin, although it is a fairly mild scent for starters. The lasting power is good, but the sillage leaves much to be desired. I do however adore my strong, almost cloying fragrances, so for many the sillage may be perfect.

I catch wafts of amber, musk and vanilla in the drydown which is rather, (I'm going to say it again) pretty, but nothing extremely original. Either way, I like this fragrance, just not enough to fall in love with it.
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