Coach Dreams Sunset 2021

Coach Dreams Sunset by Coach
Bottle Design Coach, Fabien Baron
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7.5 / 10 29 Ratings
Coach Dreams Sunset is a popular perfume by Coach for women and was released in 2021. The scent is sweet-creamy. It is being marketed by Inter Parfums. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Pear sorbetPear sorbet BergamotBergamot
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Jasmine sambacJasmine sambac MagnoliaMagnolia
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Tonka beanTonka bean VanillaVanilla


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The best coach..
So or so similar was my statement last year with the Coach Dreams. Compared to Coach's previous fragrances, what I liked about it, quite apart from the scent composition, was the cuddliness. Not so squeaky sweet and fruity as the Florals, not such a pungent top note as in the original Coach perfume (although it still becomes sympathetic to me in the course).
I wrote this statement, not suspecting that a new flanker would soon see the light of day.

Admittedly, with this one I took a while.

As I said, the Coach Dreams I found really great, which is why my joy about the Sunset was correspondingly great when I saw him standing in the window of my perfumery. Oh yes, the box has a great color, not so pink, rather peach (and I love peach!) - and the beautiful bottle has also remained, which I already liked so much last year.
So purely in the perfumery and it was generously sprayed on, on a test stick - fortunately. The prelude I do not like at all on the stick. He is fresh-fruity and I perceive again the stabbing that I did not like with the sweet Florals.
Oh great, all my hope has vanished into thin air. The test stick ends up in the trash.

Since then, a few weeks passed, I'm having dinner with my mom. She comes a little later (as always, no parking space found jaja ;) ), sits down swinging next to me - and brings a real fragrance cloud.
"What are you wearing there?" I ask. "Oh I got ne sample of the new coach" - very enthusiastic she does not sound. But I'm surprised, about the fragrance, so warm and vanilla, almost autumnal he comes along, so I have not perceived him at all. He is really very intense, and accompanies us the entire dinner.

A few weeks pass again, until I concentrate again on the coach in the perfumery. He gets another chance, carefully a spray on the wrist, ah what's the same still one on the neck afterwards. And then he has me, all of a sudden. On my skin, it's not nearly as pungent and annoying as it was on the test strip. He has this cuddliness again, which I already liked so much with the big sister.
After about half an hour, I notice the pleasant warmth of the vanilla, but it is pleasantly muted in conjunction with the heart notes. And with that, this flanker works its way up high on my Coach best list. The transformation he goes through, I find great.
Also the durability is good, on my skin loosely 6h, on the clothes even much longer. By my standards, almost a banger.

Due to the predecessor (and the name) I had expected something different, but was still positively surprised. I imagine to the Coach Sunset rather a golden hour in late summer, when the leaves are slowly colorful and the days are shorter, but you do not want to let the summer go quite yet.
It took with us a little, but now I can overwrite my statement from last year - this is for me the best Coach (so far).
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LuckymommyLuckymommy 2 months ago
Delicious vanilla, warm tonka with lovely fresh pear, citrus and florals. Well blended happy scent.
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