Om 1996 Eau de Toilette

Om (Eau de Toilette) by GAP
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Om (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by GAP for women and was released in 1996. The scent is smoky-spicy. The production was apparently discontinued.
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Oh, the nostalgia!
How I would love to have another bottle of GAP Om! It would probably bring tears to my eyes. This perfume was the first time I ever asked someone to tell me the name of their perfume. I was sitting in high school biology class directly behind one of the beautiful popular girls. She smelled so amazing, like nothing I had ever experienced. I had to know!! I don't think I had ever spoken a word to her but I tapped her on the shoulder and complimented her perfume and she told me it was GAP Om. I had seen ads for it in Seventeen magazine. I didn't have much money but I went and bought myself a bottle and wore it throughout the last two years of high school. I wore it during a very special summer, when I was dating "the one that got away" (Admit it we all have one!) It's this amazing musky mix of spicy and woody notes. Smoky but still young and fresh somehow. I have never smelled anything like it again and I am heartbroken that it seems impossible to find. I wonder how close those "reminds me of" perfumes would get. If I had a bottle of this potion again, I would douse myself head to toe in this resinous sandalwood and I don't know, probably listen to Dave Matthews Band and read my old love letters (Admit it we all have those too!)
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