Aventure 2006

Aventure by Il Profvmo
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Aventure is a perfume by Il Profvmo for men and was released in 2006. The scent is spicy-fresh. The production was apparently discontinued.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Canaletto and Turner in a Bottle
Where I live the most beautiful part of summer is late August and early September. The heat is gone, but the days are still warm. The air becomes clear and transparent on a sunny day, and if you climb a mountain the view will be very far. There is a slight melancholy coming up and the thought that you have to make good use of those last days before the weather turns ugly.

Some perfumes reflect the mood of this season, and I reserve them for this special time of the year. One of them is Aventure by Il Profvmo.

The feeling of a clear, yet soft and silken air on your skin is what I connect with Aventure. It is not an ozonic fragrance if you look at the notes, yet, it has this airy quality. This airiness comes from very light and transparent scent notes. They provide that soft warm air feeling, and not at all the freshness or cold of an alpine glacier. I disagree with the description given on the Il Profvmo site where they speak of a fresh, dynamic and parky character.

How is that achieved? I think the core of it is an congenial combination of jasmine and lavender with frankincense and a modern leather note. It is a bit misleading to mention any specific notes as none of those really stands out, maybe with the exception of the jasmine in the heart. Things like frankincense or leather have a certain image of their own, but these oriental images have not found their way into this fragrance. In case of Aventure I regard these key notes as in a way that they do not bring in their full character but only one particular aspect. The jasmine brings in just a reminder of floral opulence. The frankincense with its grey and pale aspect provides depth. A hint of ambergris might provide some softness. The lavender, without being noticeable as such, provides a certain blurring or iridescent aspect and the leather note stands for some substance but not to the point that one would sense something animalic or rough or rugged in this elegant perfume.

Aventure is quite unique, and it is not so easy to find another perfume to compare it with. Very roughly, I would put it in a class with Givenchy's vintage Gentleman and Micallefs White Sea. The summer is a season of strong expressive colours, but Aventure is not. As the light fades a little towards the end of summer, and the colours get paler, Aventure conjures up the tender clearness in the paintings of Canaletto, and the faint colours of the late William Turner.

There is not much citruses in the top. A slight fruitiness soon gives way to the jasmine heart which steps back later for soft leather in the base. However, the only slight development never changes the unique character of the fragrance. At all stages this fragrance stays unmistakably Aventure.

I think Aventure is a gem in the product lineup of Il Profvmo. Like many other niche brands they have released too many fragrances in a relatively short period of time. Not all is good. If you take a look at this brand I strongly recommend not to miss Aventure.
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