Nymphea 2004

Nymphea by Il Profvmo
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Nymphea is a perfume by Il Profvmo for women and men and was released in 2004. The scent is fresh-floral. The production was apparently discontinued.
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Water lily pictures
Actually my 400th comment should finally have "Taklamakan" as content.
That was my plan already on the occasion of my 15.000 Parfumo-Points.
But as so often in life, something comes between them: here it is a round dance of likeable water spirits who enjoy themselves in the early morning between flowering water lilies.
And since a scent for me also consists of sounds and colours, I immediately see Claude Monet's "Nymphéas" in front of me and hear flutes and bells sounding remotely.
Of course, I don't think of all the nearly 250 works he dedicated to these water beauties, but I do think of some; especially the paintings in light shades, as if wiped away and yet so expressive accompany this fragrance picture.

"Nymphea" is pure and white, with a clean freshness that particularly appeals to me in the early morning.
It's the cuddly soft bathrobe in which the first steps into a new day are made.
Maybe it is the special scent of bamboo, which reminds me immediately of the scent of the same name of my youth; fleeting, because fast living, but still leaving a fine, slightly spicy scent trace.
Together with the lotus and the water lily, both just a fine touch in delicately fragrant tones, "Nymphea" now reminds us of the fine wafts of mist that float over forest lakes and ponds in the morning hours.
The nymphs with their flowing robes dance on the large water lily leaves with their flowers, only moderately veiled by a softly woven veil of fragrance.
The fruit phase with fig, orange and ripe juicy peach is somewhat stronger; these are more earthy than the previous water creatures.
It's nice: especially the peach aroma is flattering.
Woody or earthy scents are completely absent here; the light scent dominates.
But of course the white blossom beauties don't want to be left behind either: they now have their big appearance.
Lily of the valley with its strong scent, meets large white jasmine blossoms with their golden faces: many here are suspicious of this combination - the often slightly decomposing scent can be repulsive, "stinky".
I like both of them and I'm happy how well they harmonize with the previous light-footed fragrance.
The rose also adapts to the morning mood: it is not heavy or overripe smelling here, but ennobles a light and yet complex scent painting, which is a little more than just a watercolour.
A not too sweet honey note closes this impression, which has meanwhile developed into a magical morning walk.
Wrapped in a soft bathrobe, standing barefoot in the still dew-covered grass on the shore of a small lake in the middle of the forest, I enjoy the moment between dream and day.
Slowly the nightly veils lift, the sun pulls them back gently; the nymphs flee friendly waving: the "Nymphéas" - water spirits of very special kind and magic remain behind!

The average shelf life is compatible with the lightness of this finely spun fragrance net; "Nymphea" is not much more than a hint anyway; a tender kiss.
A breath that makes it easier to greet the morning; a smiling antithesis to the infamous "dawn"!

And SHL's "Taklamakan" will now have to wait for the next bigger opportunity in my "Parfumo" life.
Instead of the mysterious and so tempting desert, the commentary with the number 400 (what a madness!) is dedicated to the exact opposite: graceful, fragrant water spirits!
They're worth it to me!
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