White Musk for Men 1992 Cologne

White Musk for Men (Cologne) by Jōvan
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White Musk for Men (Cologne) is a perfume by Jōvan for men and was released in 1992. The scent is fresh-fruity. It is being marketed by Coty.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Musk and me ... a love against nature!?
Yes, I have "made up my mind" to buy two cheap looking atomizers of the equally cheap brand Jovan. Simply because this brand has stood for the main processing of musk aromas since time immemorial. And of course because of my memory: I associate Jovan above all with a woman X in the early nineties, with whom I had a great passion for many years ... animalistic! ;-) I could have bathed in her body scent and finally learned that she was just using Jovan. I don't know which fragrance exactly, but the selection is not that big!

Now the nineties are a long time ago and I wouldn't have wanted to smell this scent on myself, but the curious love for musk remained with me. In the right processing and mélange, of course, why I like Bulgari por Homme very much, for example, but with Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir but for years have had trouble. In men's fragrances musk (as much as I know) is usually used for fixing and is usually not a dominant tone-giver, or?

Lovely, animalistic, powdery, clean - that's how musk is supposed to smell. Whereby today this substrate is of course chemically produced (well, so) and many characteristics of it are available. Just because of the stated ingredients I would never buy "White Musk for Men" (WM), because here I clearly lack a woody-herbal note. And yes, it's always a unisex scent, I'd say. But the musk doesn't cover everything and yet has enough strength to revive my memory of Mrs. X.

So it's probably due to sentimentality that I also like WM very much about myself, while the old-fashioned "Musk for Men" reminds me more of classic soap. But that's been around since 1973 and I don't think it's too bad for that. If I leave my romantic touch aside (even scents shape people), I feel WM to be a quite usable and everyday suitable scent, which comes up with a particularly sensual note (musk), which is nowadays only rarely processed ... or at least not in this form.

You won't find any pronounced masculinity here, but if you want to romp around in fluffy memories of the past like me from time to time, you'll be well served. It is also marked as Cologne, so a great Sillage was not to be expected anyway. Just try it out for a tenner ... Jovan leads you to the musk world one way or another.
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