Sortilège 2014

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Sortilège (2014) by Le Galion
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7.7 / 10 79 Ratings
Sortilège (2014) is a popular perfume by Le Galion for women and was released in 2014. The scent is floral-powdery. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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Top Notes Top Notes
AldehydesAldehydes LilacLilac Lily of the valleyLily of the valley Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Egyptian jasmineEgyptian jasmine IrisIris NarcissusNarcissus Turkish roseTurkish rose MimosaMimosa
Base Notes Base Notes
AmberAmber LabdanumLabdanum MuskMusk VetiverVetiver Indonesian sandalwoodIndonesian sandalwood


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phantom dreams and memories
I initially saw this fragrance referenced in a strange story, in a weird collection of stories by Amparo Davila and as I hadn't heard of this scent I was dying to know whether it exists--and it does. Sortilège means "spell." and it does very much conjure enchantments across time and space. This is a scent originally created in 1937, so what I have, is, of course, a reformulation. I purchased directly from the Le Galion website, which reads "...the iconic fragrance of the house Le Galion and signature perfume of the famous Stork Jazz Club in New York." It's ethereal aldehydes, delicate velvety florals, and a subtle woody balsamic chypre base. It is a gentle but profoundly evocative scent that awakens phantom dreams and memories of past life loves and loss.

372 Reviews
Just right
The original Sortilège has quite a reputation. So yes we can all guess that 'this is just a ghost of the original version'. It has become a mantra that tends to obscure one's view on contemporary releases.

I have never come across the original and honestly, I don't need to. This is a modern formula, not intended to replicate or tweak its predecessor. I'm happy to enjoy this beauty without prejudice on what Sortilège should or should not be. In this case, ignorance is a bliss.

Sortilège opens with a beautiful lily-of-the-valley and a hefty dose of aldehydes. I'd swear I got a hint of fruit for a second, but it's gone before I can get a hold of it. The lily-of-the-valley becomes a fuller, more colorful bouquet. The aldehydes seem to never fade and keep the scent light and bright. A little soapy, powdery, but the focus is on florals and aldehydes.

As the scent progresses further it becomes clear that this is not a heavy sensual floral of the older generations. It lacks oakmoss and civet in the base. So it might feel like it's missing some depth. On the other hand, the whole composition is harmonious, refreshing. Light feels just right. Relatively safe, harmless, but not at all boring.

A floral aldehyde classic made with modern sophistication. Works well in spring/summer and in office settings.

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Too elegant to be true
I appreciate Monsieur Fontaine's compositions very much, and Sortilege is indeed a wonderful, in the top note extremely soapy, in the heart note balsamic, old-fashioned flowery, rather chypriot scent. The first meeting: Overwhelmed by this beauty. And also worn every now and then. Enjoying the base note. But: I can't wear this perfume permanently. The abstract, yet cool, repellent elegance is simply unappealing to me. Still, it's a wonderful perfume.


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