N°1 Eau de Grill pour Homme 2015

N°1 Eau de Grill pour Homme by Lidl
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N°1 Eau de Grill pour Homme is a limited perfume by Lidl for men and was released in 2015. The scent is leathery-woody. It was last marketed by Max Joacim. Limited Edition
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Fragrance Pyramid

Top Notes Top Notes
BergamotBergamot FruitsFruits GalbanumGalbanum
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Grilled meatGrilled meat Charred woodCharred wood SmokeSmoke
Base Notes Base Notes
AmbergrisAmbergris LeatherLeather MossMoss MuskMusk VanillaVanilla VetiverVetiver White woodsWhite woods


5.26 Ratings
Submitted by gojira86, last update on 07.01.2023.
Interesting Facts
The scent was produced by Max Perttula for Lidl's Grillimaisteri campaign.


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You can be what you eat
Charred whitewood, lighter fluid, smoke, this is what I get throughout the life of N°1 Eau de Grill pour Homme on my skin. Sounds good? Unfortunately it's a limited edition and I haven't seen it since its inception. I got my bottle from a fraghead friend of mine. I have seen this go second-hand for 10€ so better grab it with you if you ever see one.

Do I actually like to wear it? I'm afraid not, because of that "charred lighter fluid" smell. I don't even know if the nose Max Perttula was trying to add it into this but surely it registers as lighter fluid to my brain. Imagine a small portable outdoor grill, open the lid, fill it with coal, squirt some lighter fluid and wait a few minutes. Now smell it. Then throw a matchstick in and light it up. Wait another few minutes and smell it. That is exactly what you'll get in this little bottle!

I guess that "lighter fluid" may be musk and in times the fragrance even smells a bit sweetish, maybe even hazelnut or coconut. Quite a ride!

To me this is a fragrance that only has some novelty value. If you are an advanced niche/indie seeker, you might be interested in this. I actually thought last Halloween that this could be something interesting to wear, for its fun factor.

It is a very well done fragrance. Smooth and there's nothing that makes you gag or anything like that. I wish it came back to Lidl stores. Please, Lidl, could you would you?

Edit 2023: this ages finely. And I think the "coconut" is transforming into vanilla.
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