Midnight At The Crossroads Café 2016

Midnight At The Crossroads Café by Neil Morris Fragrances
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Midnight At The Crossroads Café is a popular perfume by Neil Morris Fragrances for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is spicy-smoky. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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The fragrance was part of "The Devilscent Project".


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The Diner in Illinois
Once again I had a long shift behind me and had delivered the last load later. Now I could not think of driving on. So I looked for a diner here in Marshall, Illinois, one of those where you can get a good cup of coffee and a warm meal even late at night. My trucker friend Neil slowly recommended this cute little diner called Crossroads Café. Wooden was the front, already a bit dark, green the roof and the speciality of the house was a hamburger with fries
The other speciality of the house should again be the homemade coffee. As soon as I entered the shop, a dark saturated coffee smell wavered towards me. This was supported by the tea-drinkers in the corner, who enjoyed their board game. It was not mint tea, I thought to myself, because the spices in the air literally exploded. I perceived the balsamic and spicy element of cardamom, so maybe it was chai tea.

A man with a greasy leather jacket now rushed past me, obviously a smoker. Very easily I noticed this in the draught he caused. What had stuck to him, however, was the olfactory mixture of this café. In the pores of the leather the smell became dirtier, not more animal but more pronounced. This made me shy away, because although I liked all this, I was overwhelmed by the offered scent, which was not to change until the end of my meal. I paid and went to my truck to lie down. Neil's recommendation was solid but left me perplexed until I saw the light. The nice waitress named Darlene has the same last name as Neil, now I knew it
Midnight at Crossroads Café: the coffee is indeed formative, but the amber makes it lush and golden, yet clearly perceptible and intense. It's not coffee for everyone, it's not sweet like in Follow by Kerosene, it's not straightforward like Café V by OOA but more diversified and vying for attention. Here and there the scent makes me think of Antaeus, but its class is not reached. The patchouli grounds the fragrance, adding a kind of chocolaty aroma. Gradually it gets darker and the leather unites with a now set coffee aroma. In order to show this olfactorically, I would like to create an impression of a well-filled coffee house, where the warmth and intense coffee but also old coffee can be perceived at the same time. In addition, there is a basic spice, which is rather Asian, the tea could be a yogi-tea, I have to think from India.

Very excitingly composed but somehow not consistently put together. Partly, the scent smells like fragments of a big whole, but unfortunately it's not put together completely. So this is a nice finger exercise and pleasing, but also not breathtaking despite my high rating. Honestly I like it more and more but I would not buy this fragrance. There I stay in the matter of coffee with Cafe V from OOA. The scent of Neil Morris is the most important question for me when it comes to coffee scents. Unfortunately I do not stick to the Crossroads.
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