Love Potion Midnight Wish 2020

Love Potion Midnight Wish by Oriflame
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6.7 / 10 5 Ratings
Love Potion Midnight Wish is a limited perfume by Oriflame for women and was released in 2020. The scent is spicy-fruity. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation Limited Edition
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When I look in the ticker or also in the thread "compliments/insults to the fragrance" subscribed by me, I am surprised again and again, how many of you obviously regularly get positive, even enthusiastic feedback to their fragrances. I then always think to myself that perhaps I spray significantly less, or perhaps I simply meet fewer people in everyday life than you do. There may well be something to both thoughts, but now it just jumped out at me: I was wearing the wrong scents! Because - lo and behold - ever since I started wearing Love Potion Midnight Wish, I've been able to keep up: Compliments upon compliments!

"May I ask what smells so wonderfully fruity here?", I was asked just yesterday again by a strange woman after an appointment in the office. What a delight!
For me, it is particularly exciting to hear how my uninfluenced environment perceives the scent. So the woman smelled mostly fruit, but couldn't say which. She apparently even thought it was possible that it was something other than perfume. An (invisible) fruit bowl, perhaps?

I feel much the same way about Love Potion Midnight Wish:
On opening, it seems wonderfully bright and cheerfully fruity without being citrusy, while being soft and slightly sweet, but without that fermented note that about 90% of modern fruit scents have, and also without the burnt undertone that seems horribly cheap to my nose, which sweet scents often bring.
Exactly I could not name the fruit just like my visitor. I can only say what fruit it is not: It's not peach, not plum, nothing citrusy, nor is it lychee, apple, pear, fig, cherry. Cherry? Yeah, right, I don't smell cherry. For myself, I wouldn't have been surprised, since I don't really find the cherry scents that are found in so many common fragrances, such as Guerlain's "Little Black", to be cherry-like, but rather unspecifically fruity. The more exciting it was to hear that it was not only me alone so went.
Let's move on in the short pyramid text: I also don't smell coffee, which I was very much hoping for. I smell the fruity getting a little tart and warmer, but coffee? No. After a few hours, the scent enters the base. Now I do find musk to be a problem scent with nice regularity. But here - musk? Where? The fragrance becomes softer, warmer and more powdery, while retaining its spiciness, fruity is still there - but I do not smell musk.

Unlike many of Oriflame's other fragrances, Love Potion Midnight Wish lasts throughout the day.
The woman who asked me about the scent at the office was there at about 3:00pm and I had sprayed at home at about 7:00am. Also the sillage must be really neat: The visitor had not been able to identify myself as the source of the scent.

In summary, I can say that I have rarely encountered such a wonderfully fruity, slightly spicy, uncomplicated and freed from all other fruit scents such as oversweetening, fermentation and Anbrennerei fruit fragrance, which can still maintain all its beauty in the course and gen end only warmer and softer.
Love Potion Midnight Wish is thus in every respect a true joy. Also the flacon is in my eyes decidedly shapely. Color-wise I find the bottle of the classic Love Potion even more beautiful, from the fragrance, I feel it but vice versa.
Last but not least, the price of the fragrance brings a happy smile to my face. And here attention: Limited Edition!
By the way, if you can also get hold of the body lotion, which seems to me even a little harder to get than the fragrance itself: It smells a little less fruity, but a little spicier, as if you had already arrived in the base, I find that very pleasant for a body lotion. The texture has a little of a hand cream, but for me with sensitive skin is still wonderfully portable.
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