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Cuir Béluga 2005

Cuir Béluga by Guerlain
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Ranked 35 in Unisex Perfume
8.5 / 10 1542 Ratings
A popular perfume by Guerlain for women and men, released in 2005. The scent is sweet-powdery. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Fragrance Pyramid

Top Notes Top Notes
AldehydesAldehydes Mandarin orangeMandarin orange
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Everlasting flowerEverlasting flower PatchouliPatchouli
Base Notes Base Notes
VanillaVanilla SuedeSuede AmberAmber HeliotropeHeliotrope


8.51542 Ratings
8.01334 Ratings
7.11328 Ratings
8.71215 Ratings
Value for money
6.4636 Ratings
Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 17.06.2024.
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The fragrance is part of the "L'Art & La Matière" collection.

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Lightning commentary: The baker has called!

As of today, Cuir Beluga is the second most popular fragrance on Parfumo in the unisex segment, with 721 reviews and a score of 8.7. This surprises me a little bit, because I'm still sitting firmly on my chair despite intensive testing. But beautiful I find this Guerlain too. Although I'm basically a fan of olfactory coeducation, I'm also a little surprised by the classification as unisex, as I find Cuir Beluga to be decidedly feminine. That see others similar to me, because the fragrance has here 2/3 female owners.


Cuir Beluga is as warm as an evening in front of the crackling wood fire in the open fireplace, wrapped in a Snoopy cuddly blanket, the feet on a sheepskin and in wool socks knitted by the muhme herself.

Its olfactory color is as gleamingly golden as, well, as the designers at Guerlain made it on the outside. The One Million Gold Bar is a piece of street dirt by comparison.

It's as gourmand as the annual production of vanillin sugar by a Dr. Oetker factory after it was forced by executive order, due to the pandemic, by the Federal Minister of Cake to produce an additional 100 million cans of vanillin sugar from another manufacturer under license as well. Or like a creme brulee the size of the legendarily sawed Maple Leaf coin from Berlin's Museum Island. Or like... well, you'll read about that in a moment, if you don't already turn off your computer and run to the fridge.


Suede and aldehydes lounge more like this, nose-drilling on a bench in the corner, throwing in a note now and then. The rest of the scent notes are deadpan plausible.


Although Cuir Beluga is not my style and I do not necessarily wish that the ladies of my near field smell like this, I think that Olivier Polge has presented here a high-quality and special, clean and clearly knitted fragrance that has become so famous, and not without reason. If you are interested in fragrances and an even minimal weakness for nose sweet stuff comes to it, there is really no way around a test.

The exorbitantly high ratings in the durability and limited also in the projection I consider a mass suggestion, which is rooted in the consideration: If I've already spent so much on it, must be the but strong. In the quantitative notes I classify CB decidedly not as a high performer.


Who hasn't heard scent reports of the sort, "This scent reminds me EXACTLY of the smell of the tennis balls my cousin used to rhubarb on our summer vacations together at a small guesthouse in Crete from 2007-2013." This is actually a brilliant way of telling a story, but since Proust is already dead, the madeleines have long since all turned to mush in the tea, and it is above all things an ironclad rule that scent reminds NOBODY other than the author of the comment of the tennis-playing cousin in Crete, I try to avoid this literary figure in my comments as much as possible.

In this case, however, while claiming emergency permission, I must mention that one reason I could never wear Cuir Beluga is that the scent brings back to my nose EXACTLY the (objectively) best cheesecake in the world, the one my maternal grandmother (at least one reader knows her four first names) used to bake for my birthdays.
As practical compensation for having to endure this useless information, there is the recipe attached. It should be noted that when I bake it again, I always have the problem that the cheesecake mixture decompensates during the baking process, so that the cake is American-Cheesecake-like in the middle, anyway, which it is not supposed to be. I can no longer ask the departed ancestor what I'm doing wrong. Hints are therefore gratefully received.


100g margarine
75g sugar
1 packet vanilla sugar
1 egg
150g flour
1 level spoonful of baking powder
stir with a mixer.

500 g low-fat quark
250 g cream quark
180-200 g sugar
½ packet vanilla sugar
3 drops of lemon flavour
2 drops bitter almond flavor
3 egg yolks
mix and lastly
3 egg whites beaten to firm snow
1 packet cheesecake aid
plenty of sultanas
a little milk
fold in.

Line the bottom and sides of a greased springform pan with the batter, pour in the curd mixture.
On top as a glaze, spread 1 egg yolk, whisked with a little milk.
Bake at 200 degrees for 1 hour. Use the knitting needle test.

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Top Review 79  
Requiem for a Dream - personal heroin: my love, my ruin!
When love is addictive, destroys you - or at least your wallet - and you just don't care.
I need more of that heroin!
Fraport 2017:
As always shortly before departure, I rummage through the shops, much to the chagrin of my friend, and especially through rows and rows of perfumes. It's one of my first flights abroad and we don't have much time left.
Conspicuously enthroned on the other side of the room, brightly lit - or brightly lit - a row of perfumes.
From a distance of x meters I recognize: there is something special there.
These things, which you crush with your fingers, from which it then makes "pfft pfft" and where the perfume comes out, I only knew them from films and had otherwise only seen them in a showcase.

My friend: Can we please go? I don't want to miss the flight!
Me: (sweetest pout ever) BUT! It won't take long. I promise! (rush over to this outfit where you have all kinds of boxes with funny contents: white leather that can be stroked and feels incredibly soft and much more)
I blindly grab one of the bottles, which all look the same anyway, and just spray on it. Over my head, on my scarf and on my wrist. Pretty impractical, that pfft-pfft-thing.
My friend who had come to me to ask me to leave: Holy shit, what the fuck is that?!
I'm already regretting not looking for a test strip: Sorry? But the air here smells soooo delicious :(( I love vanilla! He: No, that smells great! But now come on, come on, you have dawdled too much again! (pulls me through the store by my arm)
I still try to find a name or a price tag somewhere while walking, in vain.
We didn't miss the flight.
But on the way back we don't come into THIS shop. I'm sulking a little, my friend with me He: Well, you have enough perfume, but... ...but if I had to name one perfume that smells like you and HOW you smell, it would be the one you wore on the plane. That incredibly sweet stuff that you can't hate because it's so cute and sweet Yes. I have a little sweet tooth. But he did insult me a little bit with his comment. After all, I am more than just cute and sweet. Whatever.
I'm trying to forget about it I don't even know his name
A few weeks later...
One of my perfumes (Prada "Candy", the EDT) is empty. After Lacoste's "Pour Femme", finally the second one, so according to my own rule, a new perfume can finally be bought.
So I buy a Dupe to Lacoste "Pour Femme", because I haven't found one to go with the other one and after the holiday there is a yawning emptiness on my account.
It doesn't make me happy. I can't forget that one perfume. I don't want to live without it, I must at least try it again! Maybe I won't be able to smell it after all?
So three weeks later, I'm standing there and I'm making up my mind That one decision that would change everything forever: I'm now going in search of that perfume, that dream of vanilla with that "pfft-pfft-thing".
I spend six hours with it and already have no more desire, in addition hunger and my feet hurt.
I have been to all the drugstores and perfumeries here and I have only seen one perfume with "Pfft-pfft-Dingsbums" and that was nowhere near the sweet lightness that had accompanied me during my flight from Frankfurt (and on my scarf for a few days longer, I literally sucked the scent in with my nose until it was gone).
Meh ://.
So I, shy towards strangers, take my heart and ask the very competent and sweet-looking perfume saleswoman.
She can't make sense of my description, but she gives me a hint.
You: If you think it is something special, go to Mrs. [name]! She has very exquisite and niche scents. If you can't find what you're looking for with her, you won't find it anywhere So I'm going on a search.
Enter this place, hidden in an old building and feel intimidated. This place looks expensive An elegantly dressed and beautifully made-up woman around 30 welcomes me and would like to help me.
I, gesticulating "the pfft-pfft-thing" and tell her I'm looking for a sweet vanilla scent She, smiles: Oh, you mean the boutique fragrances from Guerlain with the pump dispensers?
Me, inside: That sounds expensive. Oh oh.
So she leads me into a room and there they are, these beautiful flacons That's them! Whoo-hoo!
So the lady starts talking and talking, unpacks violet test strips with golden letters, and with the first spray I realize: "Exactly THAT's it! Yes!"
She explains the ingredients to me, shows me other fragrances from this edition, Tonka Impériale for example, which goes in a similar direction, but "it" is not...
My mind is somewhere else The price of 220€ brings me back down to earth.
No, I'm afraid it doesn't exist in small I have to think about it 220€ I no longer have on the account.
I'm bent. I'm going home. There's my piggy bank, the money counts. 186€ and a few cents.
Actually, I'm saving up for a bike I'll wrap the piggy bank in a clutch, wrap it up. No, I'm not gonna do that. I'm gonna change my mind right now. I can't do that!
I go to the bank the next day and want to change the money. There are charges. Nope. I walk by work, ask the boss if he needs change in the till. He changes me 60€.
I go to dm, buy something and ask if it's okay if I give her more money in change and then she gives me back big money. I'm lucky I go to the perfumery and head straight for the boutique fragrances.
The salesgirl: Blah, blah, blah Me: Thanks, but I already know that I want to buy this one.
Arrived at the cash desk, I unpack about 100€ in notes and the rest in 1 and 2€ pieces. First the saleswoman has to get the key for the cash register. Usually people pay with credit card.
While I sort the coins into piles of 10 and 20€, I think about running away and not buying the perfume. I am quite embarrassed by all this and I think about my bank balance. Ouch!

But in the end I buy it, this luxury in a bottle - and I feel shabby and bad at the same time and so incredibly intoxicated.
This powdery dream of vanilla is underlaid with floral impressions, but for me it consists mainly of vanilla, vanilla and the very best vanilla ever! Cuir Beluga is a bit heavy (probably because of the patchouli), a little bit smoky(?), but not musty.
No, this candy needs something to stay on the ground, so that it doesn't stick to anyone's bottom when they eat it, according to a Russian proverb Cuir Beluga doesn't smell like leather to me, for me angels have to smell like that!
And me. Almost every day now In the beginning I only wore Cuir Beluga on special occasions But now I wear it almost daily, because every day can be a special day - and I celebrate love with it.
The love of life, vanilla and myself!

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Your smile
The day sucked,
so really, really shit
I'm home at last
You open the door for me And you welcome me with that bright smile that smile that goes all the way into your eyes,
and causes my stomach to tingle;
warm, like soft, smooth vanilla I smile back at you the stress of the day falls like a stone to the ground.

Ahh, you had a barbecue the smell of smoke hangs delicately in your clothes,
a slight hint of spices.
Together we go down to the lake,
that borders our property,
settle down on the patchouliwarm earth.
I lean my head on your shoulder the soft suede of your jacket caresses my skin.
We talk and laugh none of that stressful day, just like that...
...about everything...
Relaxed, released...
In your eyes still that smile On your lips shines a tiny drop of rum,
i can't take my eyes off it.....

The next morning, you go...
"Please stay," it's forming in my mind,
but not a word comes from my lips...
"Dear", you say, "I'll be back tonight"...
wordless understanding....
Then you go...

I turn around bury my face in your pillow,
and he's there,
your smell,
warm, balsamic...
And I smile....
This is how this fragrance is for me, warm, balsamic, it seems to understand me wordlessly, takes me in its arms when I need it and yet there is also something attractive, not a mayfly, but a familiar togetherness.

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"Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend..."
Silently he sat there, in his small apartment, which was now a single apartment again. There was nothing there to remind him that until three weeks ago, two people madly in love had made plans for their future together. Nothing except...
He had his cold hands buried in her beautiful suede jacket on his lap again. Ever since their breakup, he'd been dragging it around with him constantly.
He remembered all the times she had worn it, on so many occasions she had it on. On their first date, when they'd gone for a walk in the woods. On quite a few visits to amusement parks, when they'd screeched with laughter and ridden all the cheesy attractions, but he'd never been able to get anything out of them. He made her feel it, too. How terribly mean he was to her sometimes! And she just forgave him, even cut him some slack!
His fingers played with the golden zipper, he undid it and closed it again, thinking of how often she had opened it with her delicate hands, sometimes lasciviously, because they both knew what was about to follow. Sometimes with a jerk because she was pissed and wanted to get to bed quickly. But mostly he opened it for her, simply because he liked that soft, light suede so incredibly on her, and liked touching it very much.
It fit her like a glove, hugging her slender figure, accentuating her fair complexion, and when her blonde hair was down, it almost melted into the fine leather.
He lifted the jacket to his nose and inhaled quite deeply the scent so intangibly familiar to him. The cloth interior smelled a tiny bit synthetic, but this was masked by a wonderful sweetness.
She wore almost exclusively vanilla perfumes, and because the jacket had to be washed at the dry cleaners, which was very expensive and therefore only done twice in all the years of their relationship, the most diverse vanilla notes now mixed with this fine soft leather. As if intoxicated, he inhaled this beautiful smell that he would recognize anywhere in the world.

Lost in thought, he plucked a few small straws from the inside pocket where his hands had wandered. Horses, yes, that was her great passion. Even in the stable she wore her beloved buckskin jacket. But, what was it? A small, withered, pale purple flower fell into his hands. He lifted it closer to his eyes and carefully turned it back and forth in his fingers. After all these years, she had still had it in her jacket pocket and never lost it? The flower he'd brought her on their first date, he kept forgetting its name, but of course she knew it. "Heliotrope!" he heard her flute, "Heliotrope, you can make yourself a mnemonic with 'purple' and you won't forget it!" He had forgotten him, over and over again. Because he didn't care enough about such things, just as he ended up not caring enough about her.

An ache drove through his heart, razor sharp and hot, as it had so many times on the past few days. What a fool he was, what a giant idiot! The longing for her shook him, gave him sleepless nights, and made him cry every night like a kicked animal.

The scent of the jacket would soon diminish, he knew. Forever he would not be able to preserve it, and that made the physical and mental pain 1000 times worse. He knew she didn't want the jacket back. And he also knew that he deserved this agony he would suffer the day the scent was gone for good. But it still clung so well to the soft leather that it almost seemed like she was in the room with him. The whole apartment smelled of it, ravishing and tormenting him at the same time. He deserved this emotional chaos, yes. She was gone, for good, he'd pushed her away, and now she wasn't responding to his messages. With tears in his eyes and his jacket in his arms, he curled up on the couch. Never again would he find such a great woman, he knew that. But that realization came too late.

"... you have been the one, you have been the one for me.
I'm so hollow baby
I'm so hollow
I'm so, I'm so
I'm so hollow"

Music Lyrics: "Goodbye my lover" by James Blunt

--- Editor's note: Cuir Beluga is not a sad fragrance, but fine, soft and noble. This fragrance description flowed just so from my pen, or my phone, and absolutely wanted to be written

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Kir Royal
I think everyone who is seriously thinking about getting a cultivated vanilla scent with class should put Cuir Beluga on the test list.

Well, this eau de parfum from the exclusive L'Art et la Martière collection is not necessarily low priced, but it is absolutely worth its price - apart from the noble, timeless bottle.

What you get is an exquisite example of high olfactory art or a revelation for all connoisseurs of vanilla fragrances. At the beginning there is a very short combination of aldehydes and tangerine, which Cuir Beluga opens precious-metallic-cool and then creates a distinctive contrast with the gently warming vanilla. This comes beautifully natural and expands with the beguiling heliotrope to a creamy blend.

Patchouli and suede only play a very minor role, but they are present in spirit. Accordingly Cuir Beluga together with Amber is less a sweetish or even too gourmand vanilla scent, but one with style
A similarity to fragrances with the combination of vanilla and orange blossom cannot be denied, those usually develop a little more ponderous and dull. In contrast Cuir Beluga has more guts as well as this decisive burr of depth in connection with valuable refinement in order to be able to play right at the top.

For me the perfect companion on sunny but frosty cold winter days. But maybe everyone should find out his own favourite opportunity with Cuir Beluga.
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14 short views on the fragrance
BertolucciKBertolucciK 4 years ago
In the opening, the freshness of aldehydes and mandarin followed by a sweet, dry immortelle with amber. Heliotrope and vanilla in the base.
CumulnimbusCumulnimbus 2 years ago
It is not just difficult not to love this blend of suede and powdery citrusy boozy vanilla, it is impossible not to adore it. I'm chained.
MariaSMariaS 3 years ago
Sensual creamy watery vanilla! Such a beautiful fragrance!! Wish it was cheaper!
ItchynoseItchynose 5 years ago
Smooth vanilla and velvety suede. Sweet and elegant like expensive edible lipstick.
4ajbukoshka4ajbukoshka 2 years ago
Heaven can wait
as long as this exists:
most beautiful vanilla scent 5ever

hugs one
Scent of angels
addictive like heroine
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