Eau Sensuelle 2009

Eau Sensuelle by Rochas
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Eau Sensuelle is a perfume by Rochas for women and was released in 2009. The scent is floral-fresh. It is being marketed by Inter Parfums. Pronunciation
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Sensual blood oranges and almost revealing butts
Aaah, sensual scents. What does that actually mean? There you see again that I have unfortunately of such a thing really little idea *sigh*
And it's summer and I don't see anything else outside but the "Trio Infernale", as I would put it as a shy single: Namely breasts, legs and buttocks... *sigh* Whereby the buttocks this year still seem to be a bit more revealing than usual (yes yes, I "inspected" it carefully :D), because you see the ass approach more and more often, wow! And if someone with such short shorts also rides a bike, then that's... even more WOW!!!!! :DDD

That may well, um... stimulate the senses, but I think that's certainly not mean to sensuality here *sigh*

Anyway, here I come, as so often, to a summer scent for ladies, which is quite nice and you could have a look at it, even if it seems to me that the brand Rochas has gone down a bit in the meantime with some.

The fragrance:
Hm, blood oranges and iris are an interesting combination. For the fragrance begins above all by the blood oranges in a tangy citrus way, whereby the soon beginning iris apparently begins to calm the fragrance again from its citriness, as it gives off its powdery and clean fragrance (there is iris root in the fragrance pyramid, but it seems to me more like a normal iris), which now makes the tangy top note a little creamier. You can only smell the mango if you sniff it directly at the sprayed spot, but in the next moment it is already completely gone again. Also in the background I perceive a light, spicy-herbaceous note, which I can't define any further and also can't assign to the listed scents here.
One can also perceive a slight sweetness, but whether it comes from jasmine or pink pepper cannot be said exactly at the beginning, but I tend to the latter, because the fragrance appears slightly spicy. You will notice this a little later, when the spicy feeling rises, so that you can be sure with the pink pepper. The blood oranges later turn into orange blossoms and smell more from the background.
A little later the musk is added, which smells pleasant and clean as always. Especially with the iris (hardly smellable, but still present) the fragrance smells very clean. Together with the pure notes, the light neroli and the sweet fragrances, which are not too heavy, you have a very nice and relaxed scent for the summer. Well, almost too loose, since it doesn't last long.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is at first mediocre and is hardly noticeable from a greater distance. When going out, it could easily be displaced by more intense scents. Unfortunately, it weakens a bit too fast, so that you can hardly smell it after only a few hours.
The shelf life is unfortunately moderate, as it lasts only four to five hours. Although he's already getting pretty weak before that.

The bottle:
The bottle is cylindrical and has grooves on the glass, which move upwards in a spiral. On the upper side you can see a chrome section with the name of the fragrance. The lid is round and also has these spiral patterns, which appear more angular on the lid. The pink scent liquid radiates a beautiful pink colour from the inside of the bottle. All in all, the bottle, which is slightly classic or looks like an old-fashioned Cologne, is very beautiful.

Hm, Eau Sensuelle is a wonderful fragrance that now fits perfectly into this warm or hot season. Is he sensual? I suppose so. But I'm stupid and uneducated, so I can't say for sure whether this fragrance smells sensual in any way, because for me it actually smells rather simply beautiful, fresh, but yes, also very feminine. I'd even say elegantly. Only unfortunately with a Sillage that quickly becomes weak.

But... maybe this (the weak Sillage) is also intended? So that you have to get very close to the person wearing the fragrance in order to be able to smell the fragrance on her? Hmm.... D
But I'm sure I'd be screaming something like "stay off my back", aargh, and if I said that I was ONLY interested in the scent, she'd be offended again because I didn't seem to be interested in her... oh, what must be so complicated and so heavy? I wished that I would look like the licked pretty ones, tall and blond and argh... who you unfortunately meet too often, no matter where you go, and who seem to go down well with everyone, waaah! D
Near these beauties I feel like Yoda... whereby Yoda is not really ugly,... um, let's say Gollum from Lord of the Rings, aaargh! Or Tobias from Arrested Development :D

Well what the hell,... The fragrance is of course quite recommendable and should therefore be tested, as long as the weak shelf life does not bother you. And others at least might want to bite you with it, if they are in the immediate vicinity, because the smell smells so nice :D
However, this effect would only last for a short time, as the Sillage quickly goes down, so this scent is one of those scents, which you should fill e.g. into a small atomizer and spray every now and then


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