Tuscan Soul - Terra Rossa 2014 Eau de Toilette

Tuscan Soul - Terra Rossa (Eau de Toilette) by Salvatore Ferragamo
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8.5 / 10 158 Ratings
Tuscan Soul - Terra Rossa (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Salvatore Ferragamo for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is spicy-earthy. The longevity is above-average. It was last marketed by Salvatore Ferragamo Group. Pronunciation
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Rose Essential™Rose Essential™ BergamotBergamot Bitter orangeBitter orange
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PatchouliPatchouli LabdanumLabdanum CypressCypress
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AmberAmber Ambertonic®Ambertonic® Tonka beanTonka bean


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Submitted by Michael, last update on 27.03.2023.
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2 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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Top Review 27  
Landscape impression in scented form
Macchia and olive groves, gentle vineyards and ripe wheat fields richly embrace the city of Florence.
Not forgetting the vast fields of sunflowers and the woods that alternate with olive groves for shade.
Here the sunlight is merciless in summer: no breeze, hardly any shade Except for the shadows of the cypresses, drawn black like silhouettes, the guardians of this landscape.
The air vibrates under the untiring courtship of the numerous cicadas; at times they can already overexcite the nerves a little.
But as Goethe said, who was a wise man, as is well known: "Happy are the cicadas, for they have mute women!"
Not polite! No, Privy Councillor, it's really not!! But the idea that the female animals could also be heard: oh, woe!

The landscape in Tuscany lives from rich colours: brown, ochre, yellow and many shades of green enliven it.
And not to forget: "La terra rossa", the fertile red earth, which is remembered everywhere here.
What a treasure it is, how valuable it is and how valuable it has been through the centuries! After all, it was used to burn vast quantities of the red bricks from which so many towns in Tuscany were built.
Just think of Siena, the "red city", which even gave its name to a shade of colour.
There stands the tower of the Palazzo Pubblico, "like a lily, whose white stone flowers on a long red stem, a monument to feminine purity (Quote from a novel.)

With these images before my eyes and in my heart I approach Ferragamo's composition: will I be disappointed?
A fresh but not biting start of noble citrus fruits is presented; not surprisingly, if it did not bring the magic of roses with it.
Roses that, along with irises and sunflowers, wreathe Florence.
Roses that, with their noble aroma, seem to pay homage to the beautiful women of this city, such as Simonetta Vespucci.
What would their beauty be without the roses?
What would we women be without roses? The tree-like guardian of the landscape, the slender cypress, gives this enchanting entrance its slightly resinous spice; still warmed by the sun it develops.
Labdanum - no, this must not be missing: the resin of the cistus roses, which in their diversity are at home and richly to be found here. How beautifully all this harmonises with each other. What an idyll is already spreading on my skin!
But the climax of this so lively fragrance composition follows immediately: Patchouli!
Golden brown, earthy and creamy it flows along, this stream of fragrance that opens the senses and finally bewitches them.
Golden amber notes and the sweetness of the tonka bean, tastefully staged here, form an adequate accompaniment to this all-dominant fragrance.
Because it is quite clear: Patchouli is the undisputed king of this fragrance creation!
A harmonious whole is now closing in, enchanting heart and soul!

Is it possible to capture the varied and fertile landscape of Tuscany in one fragrance?
I would have denied it if I hadn't met Salvatore Ferragamo's "Terra Rossa" What an enchanting monument this grand seigneur, who loved the city of Florence so much, has conjured up here in flacons!

"Terra Rossa", one of the "Tuscan Creations" reminds one of a soft and hilly landscape in the light of the late afternoon. Everything still seems sluggish after a long siesta; stretches slowly and breathes a sigh of relief: the scorching sun has turned into a golden warmth.
"Terra Rossa", the red earth of Tuscany: so alive, so fragrant!
A fragrant vibration of the area that has produced so much beauty and culture.

Here a skilled hand with a passion for art and beauty was at work. Thus a fragrance was created, as true as the landscape that gives it its name.
This fragrance impression is a success; it was skilfully created in these wonderful, sensual earthy tones and sun-drenched with love for detail.
"Terra Rossa" is a tribute to the landscape and a wonderful discovery of scents.
She is not only enchanting and charming, she is also very affectionate. She stays faithful to me for several hours; the flow of fragrance changes slightly every now and then - becomes quieter, softer; then again heavier, more earthy:
i feel "Terra Rossa" breathing on my skin! One fragrance breathes the magic of an entire landscape - how enchanting and mystical at the same time!
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Top Review 9  
How the soul became creation
Anyone expecting a romantic text here now will be disappointed. Recently, the Tuscan Soul collection was renamed Tuscan Creations. What changes of a purely technical nature this entailed, I analyse in this commi to the fragrance Terra Rossa.

Collection name
Alt: Tuscan Soul
New: Tuscan Creations

Bottle content
Alt: 75ml
New: 100ml

Alt: Eau de Toilette
New: Eau de Parfum

Old: white, plain
New: gold coloured, high quality

Closure (lid)
Old: noble wood
New: finest leather, hand-stitched

Price range
Old: 100-140 Euro
New: 220-250 Euro

Since the head, heart and base notes of the Terra Rossa have remained the same, I advise all fans to buy the remaining bottles of the old fragrance. I was tempted by my holiday mood and then bought the much more expensive new version at Changi Airport in Singapore. Well, I'll survive werd´s

Others have already described the scent itself very beautifully. All I can say is, a jewel for patchouli lovers. The patchouli is there from the very first second and works very intensively.
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1 short view on the fragrance
PatronrPatronr 1 year ago
Slow walk at the sunny day in Pienza surrounding landscapes. Vero toscano :)
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