Tenebrous Mist 2011 Perfume

Tenebrous Mist (Perfume) by Solstice Scents
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Tenebrous Mist (Perfume) is a perfume by Solstice Scents for women and men and was released in 2011. The scent is fresh-creamy. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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White amberWhite amber MuskMusk SpindriftSpindrift Bay rumBay rum SandalwoodSandalwood Wood smokeWood smoke TeaTea

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Fog over the Bernstein Bay
And then came the fog. Impenetrable as it seemed, it pushed itself across the bay, from the sea, powerful, silently it drew nearer. I saw how the calm sea sucked the algae from the green spray, breathing the breath of the ocean into the steam. I was still crouching by the cliffs, fantasizing next to a damp fire that was smouldering yawning, breathing the smoke of humid woods All green giggled carnations in the mist, as wet threads frayed on the flanks of the blowing cloud, and pearl by pearl lined up before my eyes, American amber, somewhere between edible paper wafers and honey wafers, on steamed ribbons of sweet musk. Sometimes the spice meadow made stains on my trousers. It smelled under all the smoky brown amber of grass tracks and earth. Then the fog gradually lifted. Underneath it was more distinct then the ocean, sepia sandal-cream shimmering.
"Tenebrous Mist" is far less obscure than its name suggests. The initial algae and bay aromas are soon transformed by cloves and wood smoke into spicy, woody, creamy amber notes in which the smoke remains present for a long time. The oil is mainly perceptible at close range for about five to a maximum of six hours.
Solstice Scents from Gainesville, Florida produce their EdPs and oils in small runs, some seasonal and some rotary. They are therefore subject to slight fluctuations and are only available at certain times, which can be taken from the homepage.

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