Lys Fume 2012

Lys Fume by Tom Ford
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Lys Fume is a popular perfume by Tom Ford for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is floral-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It was last marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Mandarin orangeMandarin orange NutmegNutmeg Pink pepperPink pepper TurmericTurmeric
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White lilyWhite lily Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang DavanaDavana Paraguayan rumParaguayan rum
Base Notes Base Notes
Bourbon vanilla absoluteBourbon vanilla absolute LabdanumLabdanum StyraxStyrax Oak woodOak wood


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The name Lys Fume is only half correct. The lily is there, the smoke is not.  No complaint, though. This is a handsome and well composed floriental. Lily is the centerpiece but other elements that fly in and out of this perfume include other flowers, fruit, plastic, spices, India ink and resins. A soliflor this ain’t. 

It’s been compared to Donna Karen's Gold, and the comparison is appropriate. Gold is a lily floral amber that alternatingly purrs and growls. The smoky, ambery base notes start to rumble up through the topnotes almost immediately after you spray it on.  Lys Fume is less overtly louche than Gold, but is sweeter in both scent and personality. In Gold, Amber is the accompanying score to the flower, but it can feel like a Phantom of the Opera theater organ taking  over the room.  This is how Gold plays with contrasts (growl) as well as the common threads (purr) between the lily and the amber. Lys Fume has amber, but it doesn’t ride it like a parade float as Gold does. Amber serves the end goal of the composition, it doesn’t take over. It joins the other elements to give a rich, plastic-smelling feel that holds the balance of the sweetness and the spiciness just so. The base is spiced but not spicy.

Lys Fume unfolds at a leisurely pace, and the extended heart notes are similar in character to the plastic floral notes of Vierges et Toreros. The plastic sheen in Vierges suggests shrink-wrapping. Lys Fume’s plastic smells like India ink and seems to be a fortunate side effect of the wonderfully 'off' note that form the scent of ylang ylang. The composition is balanced, and notes like plastic and ink don't stand out anymore than do spices and florals.  Is this plastic note a Maisondieu family secret?  Antoine employed it to striking effect in Vierges et Toreros. Here, perfumer Shyamala Maisondieu integrates the plastic note in such a way that it could be the base note for a whole new generation of floral Oriental perfumes.  Delicate, but not at all sheer. Strong, but effortless.  

Often in perfumery, 'distinctive' is code for odd and undesirable.  Lys Fume is distinctive in that it is striking and memorable. It has just the sort of beauty that I look for in a perfume. It draws you in not merely because it's pretty, but because it has some thought to it and is equally interesting and beautiful.  The inky plastic keeps the Lily note aloft. Sillage is low, endurance is good. But Lys Fume gets its highest marks  for integrity and coherence of overall shape from top to bottom.

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Lily Bomb
Some niche perfumes are weak, seemingly dilute, with poor longevity and laughable claims to eau de parfum strength. Not so with the house of Tom Ford! There is some real dependability when it comes to the strength of the perfumes of this house. (Do you want a neroli perfume to last forever or until your next bath? Tom Ford is your man: NEROLI PORTOFINO).

Another virtue of this house's private collection is the truth in naming everywhere on display. LYS FUME offers a veritable bomb of lily up front and center. Incredibly potent with huge sillage and a funereal concentration of the dark billowy flower, this creation is going to distinguish the lily lovers from those who are mere friends. Lily foes need not apply, obviously...

The lily in LYS FUME is anchored in a rich styrax-labdanum base which eventually, in the far drydown, smells really beautiful. By then, the lily bomb has been defused and only the lingering smokiness of the extinguished wick remains behind as a floral tinge.

The opening is a bit hard to take, I do hereby aver. I was literally waiting for a bit of air to break through the hundred thousand lily petals. I won't say that it's a scrubber, but this perfume needs to be very sparingly applied to avoid suffocation of self and others.

Lily is a distinctive floral scent and obviously not as popular as rose, iris, violet, narcissus, tuberose, geranium, the list goes on and on. There are not that many big lily perfumes, which probably means that it is an acquired taste, and it is true that other lily perfumes have sometimes seemed overwhelming to me. Donna Karan GOLD is another example which must be very sparingly applied.

The search is over for those looking for a concentrated lily olfactory experience. The search for such a perfume ends here: LYS FUME.
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