Zdravetz by Fzotic / Bruno Fazzolari
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Zdravetz is a perfume by Fzotic / Bruno Fazzolari for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is spicy-leathery. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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BergamotBergamot Bulgarian geraniumBulgarian geranium Bulgarian roseBulgarian rose CedarCedar GalbanumGalbanum GrapefruitGrapefruit LeatherLeather Passion fruitPassion fruit VanillaVanilla


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three gnomes in a trenchcoat
I am not typically someone who likes “crisp” or “fresh” scents. Those concepts and related notes conjure for me ideas of country clubs and corporate culture and sterile, blandly uninteresting environments as well as notions of conformity and impossible standards and expectations. Nope, no thanks. So when I first smell Zdravetz, it does seem like that’s what it’s going for. I believe this is supposed to be a rose scent, but I do not smell any kind of rose here. And Zdravetz is in the geranium family I believe. A sort of aromatic woody herbaceous scent, a little tannic like strong black tea. In the opening, I do smell something vaguely herbal and medicinal and a soft woody floral. But then it gets weird. Imagine fresh but you’ve never smelled what a 21st-century idea of fresh is. You’re just a garden gnome, dirt under your nails, moss behind your ears, sleeping in your earthen burrow, washing your tangled beard every morning in primrose dew. But you want to make your way in the world so you and your brothers spend every cent you have on a nice outfit and you all clean up as best you can with a grain of old-timey laundry powder you’ve been hoarding for 100 years and you interview with some start-up firms but you don’t know what it means to “fungibly innovate leveraged sources” or “synergize team building potentialities.”! And you don’t get any callbacks and you reckon the world of humans isn’t for you anyway and that’s a little depressing but you’d rather be who you’ve always been than three little gnomes standing on each other’s shoulders under a Burberry trenchcoat working on TPS reports.
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a rose is a rose...
Grapefruit and bergamot open up creamy fresh. a green-golden carpet is rolled out: clean, airy, a little tart through galbanum.
And it doesn't take long: you can spot them from a distance. A proud young rose in a wide swinging silk dress. She seems to be floating, coming closer. Keeps the curious at a distance with a cool look and opens up to the patient with the brightest smile.
No sooner has she wiped off her arm-length delicate leather gloves than her skin smells of passion fruit and very delicately of vanilla, of heaven and green meadow.
To the one who only looks, she appears modern and proud... to the one who smells her skin smell, like a child of sky, light and wild grass.

To the one who wears it on his own skin, like a bright red, dewy fresh, never fading.....quietly present and yet present.
One of the most beautiful roses you can wear on your skin...
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