Nuit et Confidences 2017

Nuit et Confidences by Goutal
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8.1 / 10 331 Ratings
A popular perfume by Goutal for women, released in 2017. The scent is sweet-creamy. It is being marketed by Amore Pacific / 아모레퍼시픽.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Italian mandarin orangeItalian mandarin orange Italian bergamotItalian bergamot
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FrankincenseFrankincense Madagascan pepperMadagascan pepper OrchidOrchid
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Bourbon vanillaBourbon vanilla Brazilian tonka beanBrazilian tonka bean MuskMusk


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9 Reviews
Dirty sweet vanilla
Having the other two from Oiseaux de Nuit collection, I expected nothing less amazing from this one, which didn't fail me. The scent is mesmerizing but from the first spritz it reminded me of something I've worn before. It's rather dirty and sweet vanilla, just the king that I like. I figured out it was similar to Mac Velvet Teddy, which is supposed to be a dupe for Tobacco vanille. I consider it to be even more similar to this one, apart from the tobacco note. This one is slightly more subtle but with a rather good longevity. I like this dark and captivating vanilla fragrance.

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Smoky vanilla pearl on the second nose
My first niche fragrance, which I bought yesterday, will soon move in with me. (But was primarily due to the 20% at Parfumdreams and 15 € pay direct credit...^^).
And it was love at second sight. My work colleague (a very loud, extroverted personality who makes no secret of her money, and in various new acquisitions such as Louis Vuitton handbags for € 2,360 - no joke! - our open-plan office to participate loudly, but she is otherwise quite okay ^^) had this tip from her acquaintance and also bought the perfume (also for her the first niche experience).

Quote from our office: "Incense?!"
I was more on the side of "vanilla pipe tobacco with a little incense".
I smelled it super, but I didn't want to smell like that. (She's had the scent since May or so and really uses it daily. She wore it even in the midsummer of this year :-)
That was also my first niche contact. Annick Goutal... i see. Mrs. Goutal also wants - I thought - almost an arm and a leg for her fragrances ;-) (Actually there are much more expensive ones, as I found out afterwards, but never mind.)

Obviously, the scent was no longer an issue for me, but I was still curious how it smelled in my house, because my colleague had and still has it in front of my nose almost every day. I found the one on the one side beautiful and the incensey sillage on the other side repulsive at the same time. And the other day I ordered a 10ml bottle.

With me incense consistently starts in a strength (I HATE incense! Actually. Or hated?), which is already decent. But soon (about 5 minutes) the incense becomes quieter and blends with the vanilla-musk note to a wonderful fragrance. The bergamot can only be guessed at, without a list of ingredients I would not notice it at all. If the fragrance were a dessert, it would be the wafer-thin sugarless jam under the incense bisque in this airy, light smoke vanilla cream cake. :-) As the main ingredient we have a creamy white musk filling with vanilla cream topping.

The fragrance becomes softer, creamier and rounder with time and especially the next day I love to smell it on my clothes, because there is only vanilla and musk with very subtle smoke left for my nose.

The durability is unfortunately not given for me soooooo as I would like it. Good, it's easy to spray. ^^ (My colleague I smell longer, however, is certainly normal if you do not wear it yourself).

The bottling was empty and the scent never left my head.
Idiosyncratic through the incense, but afterwards one of the most beautiful vanilla-musk scents so far for me. However, I will only wear the fragrance in my free time - because of the colleague I mentioned ^^. This will make the 50ml bottle more durable even when sprayed frequently.

Portable for me after the 2018 experience with the colleague for spring (conditionally), autumn and winter (in any case), but for me nothing for the high summer, except for evenings. He's not a hugger, don't yell "Hey, HELLO!!! Here I am!" It is an everyday flatterer that gently envelops and surrounds you. For me, he wouldn't necessarily be a candidate for going out in the evening through the softness. Unless you're into that. Dinner yes, disco rather no.

(Hopefully I had ordered the Vanilla Exquise from Mrs. Goutal as a bottling - that was a complete flop on the other hand and I find it so disgusting that I can't even use the bottling myself, as I usually do, sometimes on holiday or something. But thanks to Parfumlein we have a crazy great vanilla scent test, from which certainly not only I will profit! :-) )

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If you want to dance through the night!
Annick Goutal is one of those fragrances I know well, but have tried few of them, although the brand also has quite a few men's fragrances to offer, but I have to admit that the women's fragrances have much nicer flacons :D
I mean, it's really the case that you can say: "The eye smells with you" here, because it must simply be psychological that you like a fragrance a little bit better if it's also nicely packaged instead of coming in a simple container, isn't that the case? And be honest now and don't call me a bottle victim :D
And you can admit that a scent from a bottle smells much better than if it came from a TZ, isn't it so? D

Anyway, I've come to the women's fragrance Nuit et Confidences. According to the perfumer (and owner of the brand, Camille Goutal, Annick's daughter), the fragrance will conjure images of beautiful evening dresses and sparkling champagne into your head. She herself was inspired to this fragrance by long, danced through nights. So the scent sounds like an evening scent, doesn't it? Well, you'll see if the fragrance is seductive, for example, if you imagine ladies in nice evening dresses on the dance floor...

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins quite sweetly with vanilla, with a dash of black pepper. Then one also smells the tonka bean, whereby it fights with the vanilla apparently at the beginning for the predominance, since one can smell sometimes the vanilla and sometimes the tonka bean better. I also smell light, fruity notes in the background, at first these smell like general, sweet fruits, only at the exact smell it should be the bergamot, because I perceive a smell which reminds me of grated lemon peel.
A little later, resinous notes are added, i.e. incense. This makes the fragrance light-smoky and gentle, just as incense is. And this may sound a bit crazy, but for a tiny moment the incense together with the pepper (which, by the way, has become slightly stronger, but not more pungent) also reminded me a little of tobacco. This impression remains rather weak at first, and one must also smell very close to the sprayed area, because in the scent cloud one continues to smell mainly vanilla and tonka bean with the incense.
So, later in the base, the fragrance is still sweetish (but not as sweet as at the beginning), so it is beautiful, naturally powdery and gentle and a little spicy by the pepper. The lemon-like bergamot says goodbye to the base, but now I perceive the tobacco somehow more intensively, strangely, but you know, sometimes you smell certain things, what others don't smell and vice versa. In any case, Nuit et Condifences is a beautiful fragrance, nothing new, but quite nice with an actually existing, seductive aura!

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is above average to good. Because you are wrapped in a nice scent cloud, which others can also smell for a while, but I don't find the scent to fill the room, body-hugging but of course not.
The shelf life is just as good, so it lasts nine or ten hours well.

The bottle:
This fragrance comes in a different bottle than the usual ladies' bottles from Goutal. This one is cylindrical and has a nice blue-black color gradient from top to bottom. The label is square and quite simple. At the neck hangs a gold plated chain, which ends in a pendant with the logo of Annick Goutal. The lid is round and transparent. A special feature is the neck. Because there is a nice, dark blue flower, which is also quite big! A beautiful bottle, even if it would have been a bit too simple without the flower.

So, I hope I didn't deter you too much with the last sentence from the description of the fragrance ("..., nothing new,..."). Of course, it is more difficult today to compose new fragrances. And of course many fragrances smell quite similar over time. This also applies to this fragrance. One smells a lot of vanilla and tonka bean, which are present in almost all autumn and winter fragrances, the fragrance is nicely soft and powdery, like so many nice women's fragrances and so on, but otherwise one does not find much new or unusual. But I think that's okay. What do you mean? Because it smells good. Very good! There is nothing synthetic or anything "strange-scented" in it, no other disturbing factors present and in addition the Sillage and the durability turned out well. For me, the fragrance is a very good companion for a great evening, whether to celebrate and dance, or for a nice date, I think you (or actually woman :D), smells with this fragrance so or so good.

The only point of criticism would be the price, because such fragrances are also a bit cheaper to have, and that also from other big fragrance houses like Guerlain, Dior and probably even from Goutal itself. Ultimately, it's just a matter of taste, of course, because a fragrance could also depend on factors such as brand, presentation, bottle, etc., but you can't do anything wrong with this fragrance here if you're looking for something beautiful with sweet and powdery notes :)

213 Reviews
Very helpful Review 4  
Another Gourmand Boozy Vanilla
Nuit et Confidences is basically a boozy vanilla on my skin. It starts with boozy, even a bit syrupy plum pudding, an aspect that also frequently appears in boozy amber such as Parfum d'Empire Ambre Russe and Hermès Ambre Narguilé, for exemple. The creamy, sweet vanillin soon surfaces, along with a subtle tobacco touch, probably a facet of tonka bean. But the boozy plum fruity aspect is still the dominant element compared to creamy vanilla.

The fragrance is fairly linear on me. The combined effect of boozy plum, creamy vanilla and a soft touch of smoky wood and tobacco, strongly reminds me of Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille and Le Couvent des Minimes Eau des Missions. Nuit et Confidences appears more fruity and more youthful than the Guerlain, while Eau des Missions has a deeper resinous undertone than the Annick Goutal offering.

Nuit et Confidences has a heavy to moderate sillage, and lasts about 8 hours on my skin.

Although technically I don't find anything alarmingly jarring to my nose in Nuit et Confidences, I can't help considering it redundant and unremarkable. Boozy vanilla/amber is such a crowded genre, that one can find anything ranging from budget friendly to high-end offering, from frilly fruity gourmand to handsome smoky tobacco. In comparison, Nuit et Confidences lacks the nuance and has a relatively strong emphasis on the fruity boozy plum, which leaves me the impression that it's engineered to exploit the gourmand trend and make a quick sale.

I would recommend it to those who is on a quest for a gourmand boozy vanilla, mostly because its price is more approachable than a few high-end options. However, style-wise, it's a completely different animal from the other Goutal fragrances before 2015. Therefore, I would not recommend it to fans of Goutal's previous releases.


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SatagoSatago 11 days ago
I appreciate the artistry, however I find this vanilla too syrupy for my taste


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