Le Temps des Rêves 2020

Le Temps des Rêves by Goutal
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8.1 / 10 34 Ratings
Le Temps des Rêves is a popular perfume by Goutal for women and men and was released in 2020. The scent is citrusy-green. It is being marketed by Amore Pacific / 아모레퍼시픽. Pronunciation
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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2 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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Helpful Review 13  
a dream of Grasse
A bit strange he is to me already, this new fresh fragrance from the house Annick Goutal.
Beautiful and lovely in the appeal, but strange.
My senses are divided: on the one hand, I want to give myself completely to this fragrance dream, but on the other hand, I want to find out what makes me a little strange.

The Internet and also the yesterday just arrived newsletter of Goutal, which presents fresh summer fragrances and this one right at the first place, quickly give information.
Here were not Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen, in their proven partnership, at the Dufttwerk:
One has cheated in the house Annick Goutal!
So my little nose was not mistaken after all!
Camille Goutal has teamed up for "Le Temps des Rêves" with two perfumers friends from Grasse, the city to which this fragrance is dedicated.
Annick's daughter has thus "fremdräumt" and at the same time let create a tribute to her mother, who began to live her fragrant dream in Grasse. Annick Goutal experienced her "fragrance apprentice years" here.
Mother and daughter are still deeply connected in scent.
So that's how the "lively ode to Grasse and the orange blossom" (quote: AG) came about.

Now that this irritation of my sensual perception is eliminated, I can finally devote myself completely and full of leisure to this new fragrance composition and discover them and "sniff".
Because it is lived summer under the sun of Provence, what settles on my skin: delicate and yet down to earth, balanced in itself, of natural sensuality and smiling.
Yes, "Le Temps des Rêves" is once again a smiling fragrance!

Neroli glows right from the start and makes you feel good. One of the most beautiful and important characteristics of this flower oil; it has a balancing effect; like the gentle movements of a loving hand that caresses away everything burdensome: how good it does, this tenderness in fragrance form.
Bergamot comes light-footed and slightly sparkling fragrant approaching, the spicy myrtle in her company.
Immediately, these three beauties of the South begin to chat, to laugh; you can tell that they are very comfortable with each other.
They want to go to the orange groves, where orange blossoms will add their fragile and yet so warm and strong heart to this fragrance gem.
These cheerful children of the sun are now settling in with me for good, and have even brought company with them.
The previous already touching heartiness of this fragrance dream is deepened by smooth sandalwood and thereby also extended. (And yet the only mediocre durability remains the weakness of Annick Goutal fragrances!)
A caressingly delicate musk nuance rounds off a very beautiful, summery-light and yet deeply touching fragrance watercolor in delicate colors.

"Le Temps des Rêves" is a fragrant walk through Grasse; this time not across the vast fields of flowers outside the town, but a stroll through narrow alleys (with bad cobblestones), where people and houses still know the most beautiful stories and willingly tell them further.
You sit at a small table, the first pastis of the day in front of you, and dream yourself into a fragrance impression during a lightly rippling conversation.
Again, the house of Annick Goutal has conveyed its most loving quality and told stories through an enchanting summer fragrance.
A beautiful summer story in a (no longer quite so beautiful) Flacon, which spreads comfort by means of recourse to aromatherapy and which makes the summer and its dreams come true in fragrance.

As already mentioned, can also be expected from "Le Temps des Rêves" not too long shelf life. But that is also not uncommon with this brand.
But are not also dreams only short-term guests?

"Le Temps des Rêves" makes it possible to bring these fleeting visitors, who often leave deep impressions, back to life at the touch of a button.
So here "after the dream is before the dream"!
Let's dream together a little more ...
5 Replies
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Top Review 27  
From the dream
My French teacher is standing in front of me in a "Calle me Friedrich" T-shirt, yelling with spit bubbles, " Now, finally, start the conjugation of rêver ! "
For some reason, I fell silent. It could be the fact that he's carrying a chicken under his arm, or the fact that Steve Martin is whispering dirty jokes in my ear in Bavarian.
"Je rêve,..." I begin haltingly, glancing helpfully at Shaking Stevens, who is gyrating his hips in the corner of the classroom.
" tu rêves, elle..."
"This is all taking way too long here, it's 6th period for me too ! " , the teacher drives at me, while a toga robed Roman walks down the rows.
And through the window sounds 'Cool and the Gang' with "Fresh".
Trembling with sensory overload, I glance at the door, through which a bold Frenchman has just strode, taking me in his arms and proclaiming as he goes, " What is always in the mind is almost never on the lips."
And then I wake up.

'Temps des rêves' means 'the time of dreams'. The perfumers at Goutal had when naming certainly not this kind of disturbing school dreams in mind (which haunt me from time to time still, even if the school is loooong ago....sagt it bidde no psychologist).
No, with this fragrance can's dream of pleasure walks in herb gardens.
Orange blossom, neroli and myrtle form a lovely hint of spring, a hint.
Which through musk and sandal does not lose the lightheartedness.
You want to lie down in the grass, listen to the birds and let the freckles sprout.
The short fragrance course is linear, and short, it really is with max.3 hrs, and that is also its biggest shortcoming.

A beautiful fragrance that took me the fear of herb, but I'll probably dream of others.
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