Autumn in Lhoka 2022

Autumn in Lhoka by Hima Jomo
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Autumn in Lhoka is a popular perfume by Hima Jomo for women and men and was released in 2022. The scent is smoky-spicy. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Cinnamon leafCinnamon leaf Black pepperBlack pepper SaffronSaffron
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Fir balsamFir balsam Bran absoluteBran absolute BarleyBarley
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Tibetian incenseTibetian incense PatchouliPatchouli Birch tarBirch tar


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The fragrance is part of the "Season collection".


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Dust, spice harvest and incense by the nourishing fire
My journey with Hima Jomo through the four seasons in the Himalayas continues. After Spring in Bome and Summer in Paro, the journey in Autumn in Lhoka takes us from Bhutan back to Tibet. Lhoka, the womb of the Tibetan nation, lies in the high Himalayas with its famous ancient monasteries. Harvesting takes place in the fall and the harvest is celebrated with festivals. A vegetation year is condensed in the earth and the crops.

I stand on warm, sunlit slopes and take in the aromas of spicy, dusty earth. Around me, the mountain farmers have spread out their harvest: Cinnamon bark, saffron threads and black peppercorns fill the air, delicate and warm. I remember stews cooking over the fire and baked spiced bread, conversations over tea in the comfort of the huts and tents.

Next door, the grain is being threshed. It lies dry on the ground, dusty and the grains bounce off the ground and fall back again. I let my hands slide into the softly yielding grains. They contain the power of the sun, the nourishing substances of the earth and the rains of spring and summer. They will be used to make food that will see people through the winter. Barley and bran will be roasted, ground and milled into bread and porridge, mixed with water, seasoned and eaten. I think of the upcoming harvest festival with its delicious food, the horse fights, the outdoor dances.

As the evening draws in, the dew wafts gently over the aroma of the fir trees. Fires are lit, fragrant woods are put in and pulled out, smoky aromas saturate the dampness of the evening with a hint of patchouli, a reminder of the sweetness and floral richness of summer. These fragrances linger for hours. I sit here for a while, a friend joins me and we warm our legs under a blanket, snuggled up together we take in the scent of each other's skin and the aromas of the harvest in each other's hair. There's still a thread of saffron in my hair here, a grain of barley in my wool there, I find a peppercorn and grind it between my fingers.

Hima Jomo, based in Grasse, uses 99% natural aromas that do not last long on the skin, but are individually expressed there. The fragrances are for all genders. In her compositions, Delphine Thierry tells of the aromas of nature and the human cultures of the Himalayas in an unobtrusive, finely composed and intimate way. The trilogy Pashm , Loon and Tchai , (wool, salt and tea), also told of this world and was worth a closer study for me.

Immersed in the scents that celebrate the vegetation year, making me feel safe and nourished, we still enjoy the warmth, dust and memories and I can look forward to winter with peace of mind. The end of my trip will take me to the icy high forest in Nepal with Winter in Manaslu. I inhale the warm, fragrant dust once again.


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Susina125Susina125 5 months ago
It reminds me of the scent of burnt wheat, a flour of ancient origins used here in Italy. Meditative and reassuring.
HolscentbarHolscentbar 9 months ago
Smoky and spicy fragrance. Patchouli floor with incense. Cute :)


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